World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2309
Shen Xiang has not thought that Long Yingyi will obtain many dragon scales with such way unexpectedly, that Saint grandson flies the above of this great tree, has tree hole above, he very bold ran. actually in tree hole.” Shen Xiang just wants to depend on the past, actually induction to all at once the fluctuation of breath, in his heart in great surprise, that giant frog that because this met with him a moment ago is the same. Sees only that Saint grandson suddenly to run swiftly, in the instance that he runs, this big tree turned into a giant black python unexpectedly. Changed!” In the Shen Xiang heart is calling out in alarm, thinks very inconceivable, but a moment ago he on this tree punctured several swords, moreover he can affirm that is a tree, but actually in an instant turns into the giant black python now. The black python sweeps the tail, sweeps completely all around trees, in the mouth is emitting unexpectedly also black Qi mist, understood at a glance that has acute poison. Yi brother saves me.” That Saint grandson by poisonous python that long snake apricot cling, stubbornly forces together tightly, but the Yi brother in his mouth already ran did not know the outcome, the big tree aura changes, Long Yingyi uses the quickest speed to run off, understood at a glance that he is prepared. Shen Xiang teleport in the past, in a twinkling, the black python must the instance that the tongue shrinks, Shen Xiang return to Nine Firmaments Divine Sword hastily shortly, chops the snake apricot, then holds that Saint grandson, continual teleport shunts. Now the Shen Xiang's main purpose is to seek for the dragon scales fragment, therefore he is also disinclined with these giant beast entanglements. That Saint grandson was scared . Moreover the complexion becomes dark, he knows certainly that is Shen Xiang rescues him, he looked at all around, here is a piece of plain, he relaxed immediately, then pours in the ground. Thank you, humanity!” Although this Saint grandson was been much more poisonous, but actually does not forget to feel grateful Shen Xiang. Eats up!” Shen Xiang puts out grain of disintoxicating Divine Pill, although the toxin of that black python is acute poison, but does not have the Black Dragon flower so to be poisonously fearful, in addition this Saint grandson is a dragon, so long as there is a Detoxification Dan help, in addition his strength, can compel poisonously, does not need three lotus Divine Pill also to untie.

Quick, this Saint grandson's complexion becomes ruddy. Really is deeply grateful! That Long Yingyi was too hateful, really has misread him.” Reason that this Saint grandson complies to exchange the dragon scales fragment with Long Yingyi, is because before , Long Yingyi has the good reputation, but the Long Yingyi good image to disintegrate in his heart now. Slight effort, my Shen Xiang, although is humanity, but the friend of my beasts also has many, the dragon of understanding also has! In the Outer Sect world, I have a dragon am a wife.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I am Long Lin, if Brother Shen does not shut out, I also want to be your friend.” Long Lin grins to say with a smile, he is one looks like very simple and honest young fellow. Naturally does not shut out!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Later we were the friends.” Long Lin had recognized that Shen Xiang was savior, although was humanity, but so was friendly, he truly had not expected before, in his heart felt grateful Great Elder secretly, if not for Great Elder made Shen Xiang come, perhaps he already was eaten by that snake. Long Yingyi is really not the thing, usually in installs that well, at crucial moments unexpectedly is such morality moral character! It seems like before us, was cheated by him.” Long Lin angry saying: I am certainly good to tell other dragons.” Long Lin, you should know the Pei Jin matter! Pei Jin said that her mother initially was persecuted to death by the Long Yingyi fathers and sons, moreover Long Yingyi has almost also encroached upon Pei Jin.” Shen Xiang said. If before , you told me, I definitely did not believe that moreover can fight with you! But now I believe that no wonder Long Peijin that hates this to the fathers and sons, is because since this to fathers and sons continuously affectedly virtuous, guiding us to become estranged Long Peijin.” Long Lin said: I must apologize to her am good.” Shen Xiang has not thought that Long Peijin was repelled by other dragons, actually they are also related with Long Yingyi!

Long Lin, did you attain that dragon scales fragment?” Shen Xiang asked. Has attained, I take, felt that very strong strange beast baleful aura, then the big tree turned into the python.” Long Lin recalls that has a lingering fear. I already arrived by that tree, I also punctured several swords to that tree, but does not have what response!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: I had also entered a hill before, I attain the dragon scales fragment in inside, that hill turns into a very giant frog.” This possibly is formation that transfers and so on, transfers strange beast! That python is not the big tree changes, the frog is not mountain Bian.” Long Lin slightly is also surprised: Brother Shen, has not thought that you can also induce to the dragon scales fragment unexpectedly, moreover is much quicker than me, if you move quickly, perhaps obtained two.” Long Lin, I was hear your sound to hide, I know that you must exchange Evil Spirit Blood Pearl with the dragon scales fragment and Long Yingyi.” Shen Xiang said. Brother Shen, do you really need the dragon scales fragment? I deliver you!” Long Lin takes immediately that azure dragon scales fragment, gives Shen Xiang. You were not worried that my this humanity does enter the Azure Dragon grave to act unreasonably?” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he has not received. What has to be good to be worried? Didn't Great Elder say? If you can enter the Azure Dragon grave, that is also the meaning of Azure Dragon Old Ancestor, our Dragon Clan has many outstanding dragons to obtain the qualifications, but hasn't gone in finally?” Long Lin said with a smile. Shen Xiang received the dragon scales fragment, he truly very much wants to enter in the Azure Dragon grave to have a look, to have the thing that oneself seek. I will not take something for free your, this gives you, is you exchanges.” Shen Xiang hands over grain of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, this thing he has refined much, does not lack, but receives to Long Lin is precious.

This is...... Skeleton Divine Pill? Evidently High-Grade!” Long Lin is surprised to yell: Brother Shen, this was too precious, I do not want! My life is you rescues, you give you dragon scales fragment also should.” Shen Xiang fills in his clothes directly, said with a smile: This for me is not too precious, considers a small gift to give to you! Do not forget me humanity that came from outside, my body has.” Thank you, Big Brother Shen!” Long Lin grins to say with a smile, then receives carefully High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill. Big brother, in the Saint grandson has several I quite good buddies, I have a look to be able with them to contact on, I make them give you dragon scales fragment.” Long Lin said. Should better a bit faster, Long Yingyi perhaps looked for them.” Shen Xiang said that this does not take the trouble to obtain the dragon scales fragment to be also good, but can trade with High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill. Long Lin head suddenly emits two dragon horn, sees only his dragon horn to shiver, after a while, he said: Fortunately, they had not been found by Long Yingyi, I told them the matter that Long Yingyi saw somebody in danger and did nothing, they will come quickly to converge with me.”