World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2311

Made Shen Xiang shocking was not only this, this blood-colored great bee unexpectedly was unable to get rid, his teleport several times, but these blood-colored great bees can still follow close on coming, can only explain that the blood-colored great bee also had shuttle space strength.

I thought that this was the space ghost bee, had acute poison, were you all right?” Yue'er startled sound track: Kills them quickly, these fellow reproduction speeds quick......” Yue'er just said that Shen Xiang sees because of the space ghost bee that puncturing his one died, the body to explode unexpectedly, explodes instantaneous presents more than ten blood-colored round beads, after the round bead breaks to pieces, inside emits more than ten blood-colored great bees. His mother......” Shen Xiang sees this, in the heart to exclaim in surprise that the reproductive capacity of this space ghost bee, simultaneously he also a moment ago was displaying Heaven Imitation Divine Ability Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation, turned into the burning hot raging fire by own body. Little thing, do not want to grow up!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, making World Creation God Furnace increase, the fire hole to that more than ten just the birth space ghost bee, was patting to the divine furnace bottom palm, World Creation God Furnace spouts the bubbling spring fearful flame immediately, covers the front that crowd the space ghost bee that is just about to attack. Those who let him not think, that crowd of space ghost bee births had space utilization strength unexpectedly, teleport to him behind, brought the acute poison tail needle to puncture fiercely with that speed also very quick. A Shen Xiang stand up sword detachment, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword turns into several, the sword shade blots out the sky, covers the space ghost bee that behind that crowd flies, will deduct many blood-colored fragments. Also wants to reproduce?” Shen Xiang controls World Creation God Furnace spout the produce fire flame, submerges the fragment of that swarm of space ghost bees, fires the ashes. Died all of a sudden over a hundred! Here has several thousand!” Yue'er said: Quickly with using space domain, so long as your space domain suffices, they are unable to use space power to avoid you.” Shen Xiang releases space domain immediately, covers completely these space ghost bees, then absorbs the World Creation God Furnace flame to enter within the body, jump arrives airborne, is making a Cloudy Fire Spirit palm to the earth!

Shen Xiang and World Creation God Furnace fuse, the formidable flame that World Creation God Furnace releases is unable to injure to arrive at him, enters his within the body is similar to is his blood like that. The Cloudy Fire Spirit palm that the World Creation God Furnace flame turns into hits, is spraying compared with the fierce positive also stronger fierce ray, seemed burnt including the space collapses general! The Cloudy Fire Spirit palm depresses, space ghost bee flies to leap up everywhere, bumps into the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm turns into the smog instantaneously! Huge fire palms bumps into the ground time, therefore the space ghost bee was extinguished completely kills, but the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm is burning down the earth, leaves behind one deeply not to see huge being in charge of bottom in the ground. „Are this fellow many in Outer Sect? If no a method, meets such one crowd of things, has at death's door one.” Shen Xiang has delivered the one breath, he looked on the arm that black blood hole, he emits one group of flame to pour into from World Creation God Furnace, burns down to build up wound acute poison completely. Is only the small wound!” Shen Xiang shook the arm, now also thought that was a little sore, and is not affected much. Also only then you can cope with ease, if in Outer Sect, peak God Emperor meets a troop to be so thorny! strange beast list of this space ghost bee in Star Law God Territory is among the best, probably arranges third.” Yue'er said: „But how afterward actually did not know, suddenly did not have, it seems like it was seized by Azure Dragon completely! Azure Dragon is also one of the Star Law God Territory protection divine beast, he handles this matter not to be strange.” The Shen Xiang forced smile said: It seems like in view of my, to test me, puts out such fearful thing unexpectedly! I thought where definitely has a very formidable fellow to hide watches this inspection, and also temporarily makes the change.” Shen Xiang's suspected that the Tyrannical principle, does not see looks like some people in the operation! Hasn't continued?” Yue'er asked: Thing that then meets, should be getting more and more fierce!” Naturally must continue, I must have a look also to have any fierce thing but actually, has to plant to put completely, I extinguish up him.” Shen Xiang has not thought to fear.

At this time his altogether six dragon scales fragments, were quite many, but finished also some lot of time from the inspection, to guarantee absolutely safe, naturally the more better. After he uses Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to seek for the direction, immediately teleport in the past. In Azure Dragon secret realm, he uses space power teleport not to have what resistance, the speed that therefore he moves is quick, soon after he approached the dragon scales fragment. Is the Long Lin brothers, probably is called Long Qing!” Shen Xiang recognizes that Long Lin brothers, that tall figure, the whole face beard, is in addition good to identify. Long Yingyi, are they doing?” Yue'er asked. In competing for the dragon scales fragment, now dragon scales fragment in the Long Qing hand!” Shen Xiang lies in the thick patch of grass, Jing Jing (quietly) looks. Long Qing grips tightly the dragon scales fragment, in hand is raising the great blade, angrily said: Long Yingyi, you really with such that Lin the brother said that really gave the despicable shameless fellow, was cheated these many years by you, you had to plant massacre me, otherwise I was living exiting, do not count on can on any auspicious day.” Long Qing raises the arm of blade to have the shining blood to stay behind, that is quite powerful dragon blood! You do not need to be worried for me, if I can enter the Azure Dragon grave, these matters that you said for me nothing.” Long Yingyi said with a smile cloudy: Great Elder had only said does not allow to kill, but had not said does not permit the severe wound, in your hand that dragon scales fragment was my.” Long Yingyi turns into a shadow, flashes before, Shen Xiang also sees clearly his movement, his unexpectedly must cut off the arm of Long Qing.

Shen Xiang room transfers immediately, moves Long Qing. „Do Brother Long Qing, you injure not heavily?” Shen Xiang looked at his giant arm, above already split open, and has dark purple one piece. On the sword of bastard poisonous.” Long Qing angrily said: His unexpectedly uses this shady move!” Shen Xiang puts out disintoxicating Divine Pill, pinching will become the powder will sprinkle on the arm of Long Qing, will put then out two grains of disintoxicating Divine Pill to give Long Qing. Is your this humanity! Long Lin has not died, is he rescues your! Snort, your really a little strength, it seems like on the same day......” Long Yingyi discovered one said inadvertently, hastily heals. Long Qing is not a fool, listened to anything to come from the Long Yingyi words, Long Yingyi unexpectedly in secret to Shen Xiang fight. Shen Xiang sees the Long Qing situation to stabilize, then moves toward Long Yingyi, said with a smile: That four small waste is you send, you also underestimated me! Has saying that you are quite good to that four grains of Evil Spirit Blood Pearl that I send, how should I probably thank you?” Four Evil Spirit that in the Long Yingyi heart a anger, they send out may be the skilled people, unexpectedly was regarded as the small waste by Shen Xiang, what makes his angry is, they gave Shen Xiang to send to four grains of Evil Spirit Blood Pearl unexpectedly.