World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2312
Long Yingyi big angrily said: Do not think that cannot kill you here, you can be rampant, do not forget to have the conflict, I punch the mud your body, you also with dying similarly.” Long Yingyi very much wants to kill Shen Xiang now, but he knows that cannot such do, otherwise he exits is also at death's door! He believes that so long as can enter the Azure Dragon grave, implements their plans, they can obtain formidable strength finally, controls Dragon Clan and Evil Spirit Clan, kills actually again is not late. Big Brother Shen, you walk quickly! Long Yingyi definitely has evil and cruel trick.” Long Qing shouted, he had asked for advice a moment ago, Long Yingyi now to obtain the dragon scales fragment, resorts to all means. All right, I thought that now cannot kill this stinking insect somewhat not to be feeling well, he in my eyes also really and stinking insect not different, the casualness can pinch him.” Shen Xiang puts out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, starts to have the discretion, so long as controlled very cuts to kill opposite party that's alright. Can meet Long Yingyi again, Shen Xiang also wishes for earnestly, so long as hits Long Yingyi hits remnantly waste, causing Long Yingyi is unable to seek for the dragon scales fragment again, then the only quota was his. Snort, uses a broken sword, you were also too wild! A small humanity, fleshly body is similar to the mud, unexpectedly dares to clamor in front of my this Thunder Dragon! Although you can blow away that four fellows, but they to catch you, we also ordered cannot make them kill you, therefore they do not use fully, will be prevailed by you.” Long Yingyi has changed a deep purple long sword, dragon mark glittering that above carves purple lightning glow. Big Brother Shen, this is the Azure Dragon Old Ancestor purple dragon thunderclap sword, can make Sword Qi turn into very fearful purple Dragon God thunder, you must add carefully.” The Long Qing serious urging said. Shen Xiang nodded, then step by step walks toward Long Yingyi, Long Yingyi gets hold of the Purple Lightning thunderclap sword in hand secretly, he has not thought that Shen Xiang such walks unexpectedly, he also thinks that Shen Xiang meets the suddenly swift and violent merit to come, or attacks in the distant place. Makes you rampant.” Long Yingyi aims at the Shen Xiang's shoulder, a sword wields, only hears to get angry Dragon to roar with the thunder cry explosion sound, Divine Sword in Long Yingyi hand explodes lightens purple light, the strength of very fearful lightning attribute Divine Dragon attacked the past toward the Shen Xiang's shoulder. Past that instantaneous, can see that clearly is the purple anger dragon that lightning turned into, was opening the great mouth, must cut by biting the Shen Xiang's shoulder likely.

! The Shen Xiang's shoulder was hit by this Sword Qi, the ear-spitting unceasing dragon roar sound reverberation horizon, the purple flash covers Shen Xiang. Ha Ha...... Thing of acting recklessly.” Long Yingyi laughs wildly loudly, when that purple light fog has lifted goes when the time comes, his laughter suddenly anchors, the facial expression full is panic-stricken. The Shen Xiang's shoulder was hit, has a burned black hole in the place of Shen Xiang's hollow of the shoulder, is belching smoke, the clothing of his shoulder and arm had been burnt down the ash, can therefore see on the Shen Xiang hollow of the shoulder the burned black place is the skin surface. Long Yingyi hits very much accurate, hits on the hollow of the shoulder, can strike off the entire arm! However, the Shen Xiang's arm still constructs, that struck regarding Shen Xiang a moment ago has not caused any big damage, in the Long Yingyi surprised instance, a Shen Xiang arrow step arrives around him, a sword chops to his shoulder, cuts his arm shoulder-length. Your this coward, must break others' arm, must such do, but does not hide in the distant place.” Shen Xiang said with a sneer, falls in that arm of ground, turns into huge dragon claw, above also has the golden armor piece unexpectedly, on this Long Yingyi puts on very firm divine armor. Long Yingyi look blue, startled anger also fears, when he wants to run, Shen Xiang another sword chops to his other shoulder, cuts his arm. You want to discard my four limbs a moment ago, then makes into the mud my body, right.” Shen Xiang sees Long Yingyi that to be full of the frightened and desperate facial expression, his is sweeping away to a Long Yingyi both legs sword, cuts off his two legs.

You...... My father will kill you.” In the Long Yingyi heart got angry the extreme, he also can only say now in the mouth. Right? Your plans were defeated, your father also how Will kill me?” Shen Xiang he he smiles, is stepping on to Long Yingyi a foot of chest heavily, steps on broken his breastbone. Although is Dragon Body, but in front of having Shen Xiang of 16 skeletons, this strength faint Long Yingyi and bean curd anything has not distinguished. Long Yingyi that just wants to speak, was called to step on by Shen Xiang this spurts the blood! Long Qing that looks in the, was shocked thoroughly, he is the same with Long Peijin, has not thought that in Legend small and weak humanity, unexpectedly has so fearful strength, not with any Divine Power, but fleshly body steps on the Long Yingyi breastbone broken, must know on Long Yingyi also has divine armor. I think this exiting, your father definitely could not sit still, must mobilize his Evil Spirit army to make war!” Shen Xiang to a Long Yingyi body foot, is kicking the distant place maliciously. Long Yingyi could not speak, his very clear Shen Xiang's strength is fearful, if not for here cannot open kills, he had already been killed by Shen Xiang, this strength makes him feel, only then Dragon Emperor can cope. „Were Brother Long Qing, good to select?” Shen Xiang walked to hold Long Qing. Was good to be many, Big Brother Shen was really fierce!” Long Qing has exclaimed in surprise one: His father are not your match! To, this dragon scales fragment has not occupied my blood, but can also use.”

Shen Xiang receives, then puts out grain of High-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, but Long Qing is not willing to want, finally Shen Xiang hard to him, he reluctantly accepts. After Shen Xiang hits Long Yingyi is remnant, with Long Qing goes to that prairie, waits for other Long Lin and two dragons. Three days of almost must pass by, after Long Lin they come back, can find one grain, they have given Shen Xiang, understood that Long Yingyi matter, this was Long Qing said that Long Lin they believe certainly. What thing did Long Yingyi their fathers and sons send to cope with you?” Long Qing asked that this was Long Yingyi said that was not definitely false. Evil Spirit, moreover there is Evil Spirit Blood Pearl! On the same day you all go to outside the city time, Great Elder makes me stay in the Pei Jin cave, I on the road, met to ambush.” Shen Xiang said: Long Yingyi their fathers and sons and Evil Spirit Clan have the relation, but after you exit, should better not to make widely known, must tell Great Elder in secret. So as to avoid eliminated a potential informant by them.” They collude with Evil Spirit Clan unexpectedly!” Long Qing surprisedly said, he is some does not believe that but recalls that this is Long Yingyi acknowledges. Shen Xiang said: This does not have anything to be strange, moreover Long Jinrong also has very high status in Evil Spirit Clan! If Long Jinrong can take Dragon Clan, does the elder who is in the way to destroy completely Dragon Emperor, he is this stars most has the power and influence.”