World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2313

The time arrives, Shen Xiang and Long Lin they felt that a very strong suction, in a flash, then felt at present cool, at this time they hang on the water surface, they left Azure Dragon secret realm, arrives at the above Azure Dragon lake. Long Yingyi also floats in the Azure Dragon lake, Long Jinrong sees, in the heart the startled anger is incomparable, flies hastily, fishes Long Yingyi. Although Long Yingyi was reduced the four limbs by Shen Xiang, but he is very sober, he sees his father, the roar that immediately hates, is cutting the matter of his four limbs to say Shen Xiang completely. By the Azure Dragon lake gathers round many Dragon Clan elders and young outstanding dragons, they hear this angrily afterward, looks at Shen Xiang! Long Yingyi said part of facts , but how he treats Long Lin and Long Qing matter, his character does not raise. Everybody, do not listen to the words of this bastard! Before I met danger(ous), he can rescue my, but was actually worried one were implicated, oneself ran away! Was Big Brother Shen has saved me.” Long Lin angrily said: Long Yingyi, you and Long Qing fight, but also has used acute poison, how didn't you say?” Long Qing hastily walks, lu has the sleeve, although his toxin eliminated, but wound black, understood at a glance that is also participating in toxin. Shen Xiang does not need to speak, Long Lin their several are bellowing, said Long Yingyi various ignominies, is almost revealed to the public by the matter that he encroached upon including Long Peijin. Dragon Clan clan hears dumbfoundedly, they have been unbelievable, for many years image very positive this to the fathers and sons, unexpectedly is so false. You talked nonsense, in this external human hand had many Divine Pill, you definitely received his Divine Pill to slander our.” Long Jinrong angrily said, refuses stubbornly to acknowledge that he knows, if were determined to collude with Evil Spirit Clan, then his fathers and sons will be very troublesome. Great Elder, this inspection did not keep a promise, from has come newly! Because of this external human destruction rule, this is our Dragon Clan matter.” Long Jinrong shouted, a face refuses to accept. Inspection had ended, takes your dragon scales fragments.” Great Elder does not pay attention to him, he hears Long Peijin almost to be encroached by Long Yingyi, this makes him very angry.

They and Evil Spirit Clan have relationship as for Long Jinrong, because does not have the evidence, he cannot believe that can only and other Dragon Emperor close up to discuss again, in brief now the Dragon Clan elders kept Heart Eye. Shen Xiang put out ten dragon scales fragments, Long Yingyi also had three, but other did not have! It seems like Long Yingyi also exchanges the dragon scales fragment from several other dragon hands. Through inspection unexpectedly is a humanity! Why these Old Dragon clear Shen Xiang will have that many, definitely is Long Lin and Long Qing they give, a moment ago Long Lin and Long Qing said that Shen Xiang has saved them, but their these brothers are loyal, they will present as a gift to Shen Xiang are not strange. Shen Xiang through the inspection, can enter the Azure Dragon grave now!” Great Elder is pointing on the Azure Dragon lake that island blue brick hut. That enters the entrance of Azure Dragon grave unexpectedly! You open the door, if can go in smoothly, that obtains the approval of Azure Dragon.” Great Elder said that you go now. Other elders did not say anything, can Shen Xiang go, does not have any relationship with them! Long Jinrong is actually angry, because he thought should be his son is right. Wait / Etc.!” Long Jinrong saw Shen Xiang just to pass, hastily shouted. Great Elder, my son also gets so far as three dragon scales fragments, in Dragon Clan he is most! He should have the qualifications to go.” Palm of Long Jinrong according to the Long Yingyi chest, does not know that he used any method, four limbs suddenly that Long Yingyi was broken grew. Long Yingyi looks like is also at this time more energetic! Great Elder, I remember that enters the rule of Azure Dragon grave only to allow to enter a dragon, but had not said does not allow to enter humanity and dragon! Therefore I believe that the dragon and humanity can simultaneously go in!” Long Jinrong said: This has not destroyed the clan regulations.”

Great Elder knit the brows, nodded: Good, truly has not destroyed clan regulations, can try! Can go, looked at your good fortunes!” Great Elder became famous to speak, so long as does not destroy the clan regulations, he will comply. Long Jinrong relaxed, has patted the shoulder of Long Yingyi, said: You go advanced, you are Dragon Clan, certainly compared with humanity first, go!” Shen Xiang noted Long Jinrong to give Long Yingyi any thing a moment ago, in that thing definitely was loaded with Evil Spirit Clan, this was must make Long Yingyi lead into the Azure Dragon grave Evil Spirit Clan. So long as Long Yingyi can go, their plans can still implement, when the time comes he can on-board control the forces of nature in this day. Long Yingyi stared Shen Xiang one maliciously, flying of haughty in the island Azure Dragon lakes, in his heart also secretly is then excited, so long as he enters this Azure Dragon grave, he and his father can obtain formidable strength quickly, thinks of this, he wants to laugh, when the time comes he can suffer dead Shen Xiang and Long Lin their several. Long Lin and Long Qing clear understanding Long Yingyi manner, knows that he enters the consequence of Azure Dragon grave, they are very angry at this time, but Shen Xiang actually gives them sound transmission, making them calm down! At this time everybody looks on island Long Yingyi, Long Yingyi moves toward the blue brick build the hut, opens the wooden door of hut, only sees azure light glittering. So long as passes through azure light, can enter the Azure Dragon grave!” Great Elder loud voice said. Long Yingyi is quite excited at this time, his took a deep breath, then steps into that sliding door slightly, has not thought that he just bumped into that azure light, was flown away by a very formidable strength ball! „......” Long Yingyi called out pitifully, in the mouth spurted the blood to fly, flew the ashore directly.

„Is this possible? But my son can't the strength strongest Saint grandson, why obtain the approval of Azure Dragon?” Long Jinrong hastily walks, is holding Long Yingyi, loudly shouted. In the past was flown by such ball, thinks!” An elder sighed: I was also shot to fly in the past, why as, me also wants to know!” Long Lin they laugh immediately, this Long Yingyi is unable to enter the Azure Dragon grave unexpectedly, before also displayed that self-confidently. Shen Xiang, to you!” Great Elder said: You and other must be careful, if cannot obtain the approval of Azure Dragon, you will also be shot to fly, will receive the heavy wound.” Shen Xiang nodded, then before flying in the blue brick hut lakes, everybody's vision centralized on him, he has been for many years first one enters the humanity of Azure Dragon grave, many dragons think that he is impossible to enter successfully! Is like this outstanding young dragon unable to go in including Long Yingyi, let alone is a humanity. In the Shen Xiang heart is also very disturbed, if he is unable to go, then he must try to find another way to enter the Azure Dragon grave, after he has completed the defense, steps into that to say glittering the azure light gate. Long Peijin is anxious at this time, she hopes that Shen Xiang can go in the Azure Dragon grave, so long as can go, will obtain many advantage, she has regarded as Shen Xiang is her only friend! The Shen Xiang's foot strided in that azure light, azure light that he moved, but he has not actually looked like beforehand Long Yingyi to be shot to open!