World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2314

Seeing Shen Xiang can go, lies down the Long Yingyi anger in Long Jinrong bosom severe wound must spout a blood, in the heart hates the wind blood, humanity can go, but this dragon actually cannot!

Not is only he does not think clearly, the elders on the scene are not clear, humanity can obtain the approval of Azure Dragon unexpectedly! Shen Xiang entered the Azure Dragon grave, Long Jinrong sees own plan fail, hastily holds Long Yingyi to leave, makes another plan, he is not willingly! After Shen Xiang enters that sliding door, in sees is a very spacious palace, is putting a azure sarcophagus on the middle, above is carving many lifelike dragons, these dragons have the different stances and facial expressions. „Is this Azure Dragon sarcophagus? Buries by the human form?” Shen Xiang walked, traces the azure sarcophagus, suddenly felt that the sarcophagus is vibrating, frightens fiercely his hand shrinks. The sarcophagus is vibrating, the coffin covers moves out of the way unexpectedly! After the coffin lid opens, Shen Xiang looks immediately to the sarcophagus, only in sees full is the azure mist, sending out light glow that flicked. „Is this Azure Dragon grave?” Shen Xiang looked at all around, he does not know that this inspection enters the Azure Dragon grave to have any significance. Good, this is my grave!” Shen Xiang suddenly heard the sound to spread to his ear, had a scare. Sees only sarcophagus inside azure mist suddenly to surge, turns into Qi mist Azure Dragon, a correct use red eye looks at Shen Xiang. Senior...... didn't you die?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said, he has not thought that unexpectedly can see Star Law God Territory Azure Dragon, Yue'er saying that such old thing died thoroughly. fleshly body died, Divine Soul also soon withers away, although I am Heavenly Dao divine beast, but I actually cannot Eternal Life, I complete in the Star Law God Territory mission, the strength of Heavenly Dao diverges gradually.” The Azure Dragon sound fills moved: I know that you come here goal, I have also tested you.”

The Shen Xiang corner of the eye jumps, he when Azure Dragon secret realm, unexpectedly is this Azure Dragon is operating various tests. Senior, your test awfully, the space ghost bee came out.” Shen Xiang curls the lip saying: „Do you achieve? Such quickly causes these giant beasts and space ghost bees copes with me.” So-called Azure Dragon secret realm is my Divine sea, I surpass to my Divine sea control freely.” Azure Dragon said: In you seeks for my goal, is thinks devour my Divine Soul, right!” This...... I think that devour your does not have consciousness Divine Soul, you currently have the consciousness, therefore I did not plan to do.” Shen Xiang said that he also thought Azure Dragon dead, after fleshly body withering away, the consciousness of Divine Soul also followed vanishes. Relax, your devour I, I do not have the opinion, can have such home to return, I was quite satisfied.” Azure Dragon said. Shen Xiang is one startled, asking of doubts: You know my goal? Why are you willing by my devour? Although you only remaining this Divine Soul, but your formidable strength I can induce obtain.” Is your second Divine sea inside Azure Dragon in summoning me, you possibly do not know that you bred Azure Dragon to come, in addition, in your Divine sea also had other three beasts, right!” Azure Dragon said. Shen Xiang truly does not know that he only knows his second Divine sea hideaway was very long, continuously with whom he! He has not thought that his second Divine sea is so fierce, can make this Azure Dragon Divine Soul subdue. Senior, it seems like do you very much know about second Divine sea? Haven't you cultivated?” Shen Xiang asked. I, if can practice, I will not die, can practice second Divine sea is very difficult matter, but you actually probably very much long time ago cultivated.” Azure Dragon said: Parasitism in your second Divine sea, my consciousness will not wither away.” I did not know about my second Divine sea matter that I remembered before, in Divine Elephant my second Divine sea inside turned into Fire Qilin, but some time ago I had seen my second Divine sea, Fire Qilin changed Divine Elephant!” Shen Xiang asked that this made him be puzzling.

Azure Dragon has not spoken, he is silent. Shen Xiang asked: Senior, do you know what's the matter?” Azure Dragon said: I know, but is not very definite! I can only tell you, Divine Elephant is unusual, but evolution Qilin still in your second Divine sea, but you did not know about your second Divine sea, therefore you have not seen.” Your a bit faster devour I!” Azure Dragon said: Long Jinrong this bastard united Evil Spirit Clan, prepares to mount a large-scale attack Dragon Clan.” Ah? Shen Xiang one startled, said: How can be able devour you?” How you usually are Divine Soul devour, how devour I.” Azure Dragon said that he has set firm resolve, because enters Shen Xiang's second Divine sea, can prolong his life. This Azure Dragon Divine Soul urged several Shen Xiang devour he, Shen Xiang embarrassed devour he, does not display Engulfing Devil Art at this time immediately, absorbs Azure Dragon this Divine Soul, integrates his forehead in which skeleton, he wants in this skeleton to integrate Divine Soul of four beasts. powerful big Divine Soul!” Shen Xiang feels is very to the end painful: How this fellow cultivates, is only Divine Soul so is together fearful!” Shen Xiang when integrating Azure Dragon Divine Soul, from this Azure Dragon memory knew that has the matter about Dragon Clan much! Those who make him quite surprised is, that Evil Spirit Clan unexpectedly is also God Clan! But Evil Spirit Clan is very evil God Clan, their existences, to gobble up other God Clan corpses and Divine Soul, making them more formidable. Evil Spirit Clan knows Azure Dragon that formidable Divine Soul also, so long as devour this Divine Soul, their strengths will become stronger, can break through this stars barrier!

barrier of this stars was also Azure Dragon in the past with the formidable strength arrangement, Shen Xiang has to exclaim in surprise that Azure Dragon past strength, worthily was existence of peak, what was helpless, he is unable to defeat the time eventually, in the end must die. Now Azure Dragon is living in another way, he does not think such complete dissipation in between Heaven and Earth, although he becomes Shen Xiang's strength, but he actually is still Azure Dragon, but is living in another way. Fuses Azure Dragon Divine Soul to use a lot of time, after Shen Xiang completes, passed for more than ten days! He goes out of the blue brick hut, outside is very quiet, he also thinks how will occur to fight. Shen Xiang, you came out!” Long Peijin suddenly flies, the body full is fiery red dragon armor, a appearance of fight. How? Had an accident?” Shen Xiang asked hastily. Long Jinrong and Long Yingyi emit large quantities of Evil Spirit Clan, these Evil Spirit Clan hide in the city at this time, we are seeking to hunt and kill them!” Long Peijin said. terrible, they were diverting your attention, their goals are to destroy barrier of this city!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Looks for Great Elder quickly......” He just said that Long Peijin fierce looks to the sky, long sighed: Late, barrier of Longcheng was destroyed!”