World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2316
Because Great Elder has Shen Xiang this Dan God, sporty, he also restored before this time, that is full of the dignified appearance, but in his heart is sighing with emotion, with his together many years of Dragon Emperor, has not said goodbye with him, this quietly leaves the world! Thinks one also quickly take this road, in his heart is also very helpless, although does not want, but does not have the means. However he does not fear, he is only somewhat cannot put down this Dragon Clan. formation of Longcheng was destroyed, but under Shen Xiang helps in secret, Longcheng also calculates quite stably, everybody is centralized in the Azure Dragon bund. The day was gradually black, Shen Xiang and Great Elder they were discussing in a tent. Does not have the accident, tonight Evil Spirit Clan will move! formation of Longcheng was destroyed, suddenly is unable to repair, they will definitely grasp the time surprise attack.” Shen Xiang said: They possibly from the airborne landing, when the time comes send the skilled person in the air patrol finally.” Great Elder nodded, then makes an elder issue the order. Shen Xiang also said: We cannot sit waiting for death now, since Evil Spirit Clan under Long Jinrong leadership plans destruction here, we should also attack on own initiative! However now investigates first, this is made by me.” This? Makes us go!” Great Elder hastily said that but Shen Xiang precious as gold Dan God, if had problems, cannot provide Divine Pill to Dragon Clan, they will worry. Does not need to be worried my!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You stayed here to grasp mouse that's alright, the Evil Spirit Clan fellow definitely alone came, if they launched the large-scale attack, will have very big loss. However you cannot treat it lightly, Evil Spirit Clan sends to sneak attack the assassination, should be able compares Evil Spirit of elite.” Shen Xiang obtained Azure Dragon Divine Soul, he must a bit faster here matter solution, then leave this day star, seeks other divine beast Divine Soul, therefore he planned that he goes to kill Evil Spirit Clan.

Evil Spirit Clan and Longcheng are separated by are very far, Shen Xiang guessed elite Evil Spirit that Evil Spirit Clan sends on the road, he must certainly sneak attack Evil Spirit Clan while the present. He believes that by the Dragon Clan strength, can definitely resist this wave of sneak attack, let alone Dragon Clan also has very preparation. Night, Shen Xiang teleport leaves Longcheng, moreover uses anti- strength to be let become by oneself the stealth gets up, although this is Evil Spirit Clan strength, but after he uses, Evil Spirit Clan is unable to induce obtains, before he in had tested, these Starry Sky Blood Devil are unable to discover. He enters this stars time, sees Starry Sky Blood Devil to brave continuously, but there is the Evil Spirit Clan den, he according to remembering, toward that direction unceasingly teleport. Soon, he goes to previous and Long Peijin meet place, after he uses Dao Heart Eye here, can see Starry Sky Blood Devil that braves unceasingly! Shen Xiang finds from the Azure Dragon memory that in the past constructed the Azure Dragon grave is also these Evil Spirit Clan, but these Evil Spirit Clan had been controlled by him, after constructing, these Evil Spirit Clan were also buried along with the dead with him! At this time Evil Spirit Clan causes Starry Sky Blood Devil unceasingly, to absorb the energy from outside, Starry Sky Blood Devil can the formidable energy of devour people and beasts, Starry Sky Blood Devil devour full will come back, was absorbed by Evil Spirit Clan again. Was that side, solves Evil Spirit Clan as far as possible tonight, had a look to have the means to control this day star again barrier, such good day star cannot leave uncultivated.” Shen Xiang is satisfied to this Heaven-rank Stars, just has danger(ous) Evil Spirit Clan here, if destroys completely Evil Spirit Clan, this day star on perfect. Shen Xiang, you later planned that takes root in this day star?” Yue'er asked. Um, but before then, I plan to let Stars and Moon God Clan, Dragon God Clan and cat clan first gather here completely, when the time comes Nine Heavens Sect and Hundred Flowers Village come again, united together, then coordinates me in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains strength, when the time comes coped with other day of stars to be much easier.” Shen Xiang said. God Clan that hides definitely also wants to stay on day star, Shen Xiang thought that so long as found them, reached an agreement with them, making them migrate to here comes is not very difficult.

Said again!” Yue'er said: Stars and Moon God Clan and that side the cat clan by me, should not be very difficult.” Shen Xiang nodded, teleport to the Evil Spirit Clan domain, he approached Evil Spirit Clan at this time more and more. Evil Spirit Clan in a black forest, Shen Xiang uses anti- strength becomes by oneself cannot see, his float in the air, seeing in following that black mountain forest to have many point red light, words that carefully looks, these sit Evil Spirit on tree. They look like with humanity not different, but the behavior actually ten scanning are the wild animals, now they sit like the monkey on the tree, only then these spirit wisdom very high Evil Spirit Clan, have the human same words and deeds, this is also very strong Evil Spirit, other Shen Xiang did not fear. These fellows definitely fear my World Creation God Furnace flame!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, instills into Six Paths Power toward World Creation God Furnace, World Creation God Furnace absorbs his Six Paths Power, the equipment is well-prepared. Shen Xiang has instilled into more than half double-hour, then makes World Creation God Furnace increase, controls World Creation God Furnace inside raging fire spout, sees only the World Creation God Furnace flame from airborne to flow swiftly, is similar to the grand flame waterfall! Flame suddenly, falls the ground instantaneously, spreads all around, Evil Spirit of below that black forest flies to leap up everywhere, but they actually do not run away the produce fire sea, suddenly has most Evil Spirit to submerge in sea of fire. These are only the small ants! Long Jinrong they are my true goal!” Shen Xiang starts to seek, here flame burnt down was so long, but did not have powerful Evil Spirit to run, in other words these formidable Evil Spirit not here. Shen Xiang suddenly one startled: It seems like was not only elite Evil Spirit goes to Longcheng, Long Jinrong they also! It seems like they could not wait, wants to control Dragon Clan as soon as possible!”

Starry Sky Blood Devil no longer continued born, because made the Starry Sky Blood Devil blood altar|jar here already by the Shen Xiang's flame overburning. A bit faster goes back, if Long Jinrong they planned tonight finishing, then they might turn out in full strength very much.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang teleport goes back hastily, Dragon Clan does not have Dragon Emperor to assume personal command, Long Jinrong and Evil Spirit Clan most formidable Emperor Evil Spirit attacks Dragon Clan, only then Great Elder their several are unable to deal. Shen Xiang can enter Xingyuan to be away from teleport luckily, he soon after returned to Longcheng, he appears, when sky over Azure Dragon lake, broadcasts the noisy sound on suddenly under. Below has made a mess, many dragons release most formidable strength, is fighting with Evil Spirit Clan. Really, Long Jinrong they have hit!” Shen Xiang seeks for Great Elder they, sees only Great Elder just and Long Jinrong is battling.