World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2317
Shen Xiang locks dozens elite Evil Spirit, these Evil Spirit use anti- strength time, although these dragons have formidable strength, must cope actually very to have a headache. In order to reduce the Dragon Clan casualties, Shen Xiang hastily gets rid, his took a deep breath, uses Divine sea inside space Godhead to absorb Six Paths Power, enabling oneself to release formidable space power, controls the space. After Six Paths Power transforms space power, Shen Xiang to the front fist is rumbling, makes very fearful Meteor God Energy, this Meteor God Energy was divided into dozens by him, under the guidance of space strength, surmounts the space, the bang to that dozens Evil Spirit elites who he locks. Only under hears to remember a series of deafening sounds, these Evil Spirit were been loose by this strong Meteor God Energy bang, the body explodes dead. After firing off, Shen Xiang teleport vanished, goes to that side Long Peijin, at this time Long Peijin just and Long Lin they deal with Long Yingyi that goes crazy together. Long Yingyi kept thinking about Long Peijin to be very long, but cannot go well slowly, but now golden opportunity! Long Peijin just cultivated two skeletons, is not the Long Yingyi match, but there is Long Lin they to assist, she had not gone well by Long Yingyi. Long Jinrong fully and Great Elder fight, the Great Elder strength is truly strong, causing Long Jinrong has to collaborate with a Evil Spirit Clan elder, otherwise he definitely will be cut to kill by Dragon Clan Great Elder. What's the matter? Our suddenly died more than 60 elites.” Evil Spirit Clan elder startled sound track: Makes Emperor Evil Spirit get rid quickly, Dragon Clan Dragon Emperor appeared.” Long Jinrong said with a sneer: Dragon Emperor will never appear, because he died, this I am very clear! Gets rid evidently in secret, should be that is called Shen Xiang's humanity, some of his truly ways. So long as we looked for that's alright him, this has not needed Emperor Evil Spirit to get rid.”

Great Elder heart startled, this Long Jinrong knew Dragon Emperor dead unexpectedly, this was also he just knew! Long Jinrong knows that this matter, explained in them also has the traitor within, moreover is an elder. Great Elder, you must be careful that was sneak attacked! The elder is a traitor within, waited for you to pay attention surely.” Shen Xiang also in paying attention to Great Elder here situation, after he hears the Long Jinrong words, immediately gives Great Elder sound transmission. Long Lin, you draw back, gives me!” Shen Xiang suddenly appears, empty-handed a palm, hits on long sword that in Long Yingyi chops, breaks the long sword bang. Long Yingyi sees Shen Xiang, remembers itself to be discarded the matter of four limbs by Shen Xiang, immediately is angry, but he is also very clear, oneself are not the Shen Xiang's match. Father, Shen Xiang here!” Long Yingyi shouts, has disappeared, he used anti- strength to make his stealth get up. Do not think that I cannot see you!” Shen Xiang is sneering, Long Yingyi circles to Long Peijin unexpectedly behind, wants to sneak attack Long Peijin, Shen Xiang teleport in the past, is patting to a head palm of Long Yingyi, the bang disperses in Long Yingyi Divine sea anti- strength. Long Yingyi reveals the body immediately. This time I will not forgive your this bastard!” Shen Xiang is pinching the head of Long Yingyi, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse at the same time, another hand is pinching the fist, hitting maliciously on the breastbone of Long Yingyi, hits the pitiful yell Long Yingyi again and again. so that's how it is, I know that who the traitor within was!” Shen Xiang told Great Elder the name of that traitor within elder hastily, making Great Elder guard. That traitor within also mixes now in chaotic fighting, disguises to fight with Evil Spirit.

Long Jinrong got rid of Great Elder with great difficulty, finally has caught up, he sees Shen Xiang to hold the head of Long Yingyi in the distant place, the instance that he just saw, Shen Xiang that braves the flame the palm, is going to a Long Yingyi head palm bang, turns into huge fire palms to cover Long Yingyi! The instance that fire palms covers, Long Yingyi was also fired the ashes by the intense flame! Shen Xiang Long Jinrong roars, is similar to the lightning clashes generally, the Divine Sword dance in hand gets up, makes to roar such as Sword Qi of dragon, glittering intermittent red light, the cover of blotting out the sky to Shen Xiang. After releasing this wild Sword Qi, Long Jinrong suddenly vanish from sight, has also used anti- strength! But he actually does not know that Shen Xiang has Dao Heart Eye, can look through his motion with ease. After Long Jinrong vanishes, circles from the upper air to him behind, prepares to sneak attack him, but he has not actually thought of Shen Xiang unexpectedly also suddenly vanish from sight! This lets in his heart in great surprise, this is he very familiar anti- strength, he also used a lot of time to learn in the past. But Shen Xiang just entered this day star a few days, unexpectedly, moreover grasps is adept! Long Jinrong also had fought many battles, sees instance that Shen Xiang vanishes, although in the heart shocks incomparably, but he actually makes very rapid response, moves aside hastily! Old Turtle, accompanies your son!” Shen Xiang teleport arrives at side Long Jinrong, displays Deicide Sword Art, making his time speed up, causes a sword that he chops to be quick is unable to dodge. Long Jinrong cleft in two by a Shen Xiang sword, the body turns into two huge red Dragon Qu, struggles in the ground tuck dive, he had not died. He has not thought that Shen Xiang's strength unexpectedly is so fearful, surpasses him. Shen Xiang locks the dragon heart of Long Jinrong, eyes spout two fiery red rays, penetrates Dragon Xin at the same time, penetrates Long Jinrong Divine sea!

Makes my ashes!” Shen Xiang takes away that two giant dragon bodies with World Creation God Furnace. Long Jinrong had been destroyed completely, in addition, has dozens Evil Spirit elites to be killed by Shen Xiang, at this time the Evil Spirit surprise attack army becomes very small and weak! But Great Elder also successful cuts to kill the Evil Spirit elder of opposite party, he now not to that traitor within fight. Sees not to beat, the Evil Spirit Clan elder ordered to retreat, when they retreated, actually the discovery body cannot move, but they have used anti- strength to hide, will not be seen. They by my anchorage, put out your things to see through them, a bit faster extinguishes kills this crowd of Evil Spirit.” Shen Xiang shouted, his anchorage several hundred Evil Spirit elites are also very well strenuous. Dragon Clan dragon one small crystal, gathers this small crystal at present, can see Evil Spirit that hides, this is the Dragon Emperor refinement. At this time they take in abundance, sees these Evil Spirit by the anchorage in same place, they will take up Divine Weapon, rush over cutting will kill. Quick, this coming Evil Spirit, only then minority some can run away, other was cut to kill completely, including some elders! This time, Dragon Clan wins, but the dragon that died also has several! Several hundred Evil Spirit elites, strength is not weak, it seems like they mainly our strength quite strong assassination, then control entire Dragon Clan, just their plan fails.” Great Elder is sneering, he arrives at an elder behind, his receives suddenly changes the turn into dragon claw, fierce pricks the front of that elder, holds that heart.