World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2318

Your this traitor within, colludes with Long Jinrong, do not think that I do not know!” Great Elder hears Shen Xiang sound transmission time, started to pay attention to this traitor within, this traitor within elder truly disguised to fight a moment ago, looked like very relaxed, moreover had many dragons to fall into to struggle hard in his side, he did not help. Therefore, Great Elder is more definite this is a traitor within! Great Elder you...... Quite ruthless!” That traitor within elder raises head to laugh: Dragon Emperor died, although Evil Spirit Clan sneak attack failure, but their good and bad also has Emperor Evil Spirit, Dragon Clan only then pledges allegiance to Evil Spirit Clan to avoid exterminating the clan, you will die.” The Dragon Clan dragon knew Dragon Emperor dead, cannot believe that but they saw Great Elder this time facial expression to bring sorrowfully, they believed! Great Elder, is this real?” Long Lin hastily has stepped onto, asked. Real, but everybody does not need to be sad! Dragon Emperor he is life essence exhausts dead, he did many have sufficed for our Dragon Clan, for these years, he worked wholeheartedly for us, causing oneself not to have time practice to pass away! We cannot disappoint him to all these that I pay, we want cheer up to get up, even if dies, cannot pledge allegiance to Evil Spirit Clan, cannot be such rebel.” The Great Elder sound was shocking, says fervently, the words finished, his palm killed that traitor within elder bang. During entire Dragon Clan falls into to be silent at this time, although they are sorrowful, but they have not actually displayed, because they must say like Great Elder, cannot be therefore negative, wants cheer up to get up. „The Evil Spirit Clan den had been destroyed by me, Evil Spirit Clan now to we biggest threat was that Emperor Evil Spirit! This gives me, I will try to extinguish him kill, now you must do was finds the way to find passage to earth core! Has a control entire day star barrier key position there.” Shen Xiang said to Great Elder. „Can you cope with Emperor Evil Spirit really? That is Evil Devil that Dragon Emperor dreads.” Great Elder is startled to ask, Evil Spirit Clan strength has very big injury to these God Clan, therefore they will fear. But Shen Xiang is different, on him has Evil Spirit Clan strength, moreover he also has Nine Firmaments Divine Sword and World Creation God Furnace, he thought that he can fight with Emperor Evil Spirit.

Did not need to look for me, has not thought that a you external humanity, had such ability unexpectedly, if you pledged allegiance to with me, helped me to subdue Dragon Clan, another day we wanted male tyrant entire Star Law God Territory are not the issues.” In the sky broadcasts the sound suddenly. The jet black sky, at this time becomes red, Emperor Evil Spirit came! Emperor Evil Spirit arrival, with endless fear, airborne red baleful aura high and low fluctuating, as if innumerable Evil Spirit gatherings. If before , has Dragon Emperor, Dragon Clan will decide however will not fear, but Dragon Emperor died, moreover now Evil Spirit Clan almost exterminates the clan! Emperor Evil Spirit brings to come, bringing evil killing intent to come angrily, at this time each dragon thought that the shoulder is pressing a mountain, pressure very of Emperor Evil Spirit, making these formidable dragons deeply feel to dread. „To make me pledge allegiance to you, wishful thinking!” Shen Xiang is taking Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, flies to rush directly, below that flock of dragons have to admire him, facing this fearful Emperor Evil Spirit, has the courage to fly to unexpectedly on. Emperor Evil Spirit appeared, is a big middle age of full blushing mark, he sees Shen Xiang to clash, immediately vanish from sight, airborne red dodging is struck by lightning to hit afterward, shells on Shen Xiang's. Shen Xiang was hit by the red lightning, after that always impact maliciously, pounds to fall on the ground. Quick dispersing!” Great Elder shouted. Here is the Azure Dragon lake, if hits, the Azure Dragon grave will also ruin, what they do not know, in Azure Dragon grave Azure Dragon already no longer.

Although Shen Xiang by red lightning several types, but he just crashed the ground, actually immediately flies, Emperor Evil Spirit has used himself anti- strength to hide. Also thinks fiercely! Also is Dragon Clan fears you, my Shen Xiang did not fear! By the seal in this damned place, for many years could not definitely be obtained to promote, Venerable with the black stone god evidently almost.” Shen Xiang float in the air, uses Dao Heart Eye, Emperor Evil Spirit who saw that stealth. That the blood-colored lightning that from airborne dropped is Emperor Evil Spirit released a moment ago, Shen Xiang through the intensity of that lightning, can judge the strength of Emperor Evil Spirit. Emperor Evil Spirit in heart also secret surprised, he and Dragon Clan Dragon Emperor has hit several times, Dragon Emperor and he does not know one's place, moreover he also exceeds Dragon Emperor two, therefore he thinks that he is in day star is most formidable! If not for he worried that Dragon Emperor perishes together with him, he already took Dragon Clan! Now Dragon Emperor died, in addition has Long Jinrong this planted agent, Emperor Evil Spirit does not have what worry, immediately decides to attack Dragon Clan. But he has not thought that meets suddenly to have Shen Xiang this uncertainties, not only burns down his Evil Spirit Clan den, but also kills Long Jinrong already some efficient assistants, Evil Spirit Clan on this day star, only then he existed. But he is quite optimistic, because Dragon Emperor died, on this day the star he is most formidable, although Evil Spirit Clan was extinguished almost, so long as he can enslave Dragon Clan, later his Evil Spirit Clan will expand once more. After that struck a moment ago, Emperor Evil Spirit was not optimistic, the Shen Xiang's strength is above his imagination! Emperor Evil Spirit is the same with Dragon Clan, thinks that humanity is very small and weak, therefore he does not place in humanity the eye, he also thinks that Shen Xiang is quite outstanding humanity, but also is insufficient defeats him, after all he has won star most formidable Dragon Emperor of this day. Shen Xiang has seen all of a sudden through the idea of Emperor Evil Spirit, in his heart thinks funny, this Emperor Evil Spirit was stranded in here many years, is similar to sits the well view day, does not know that the great strength of Star Law God Territory, did not say other God Clan, even if Big Shot of Star Law God Territory these big influences, that crowd of peak God Emperor, enough this Emperor Evil Spirit eats a pot. When Emperor Evil Spirit prepares to attack once more, Shen Xiang suddenly disappears, a aura did not have!

Shen Xiang has used anti- strength, moreover hides in the space crack, although Emperor Evil Spirit has the rich fight experience, but that is also only and Dragon Clan hits, he has not hit with Shen Xiang such humanity. Weak chicken!” Shen Xiang appears suddenly, both eyes project two golden light, infiltrates in both eyes of Emperor Evil Spirit, enters Divine sea of Emperor Evil Spirit, wild Meteor God Energy, by the skeleton of Shen Xiang both eyes, emerges Divine sea of Emperor Evil Spirit through that two golden light. Emperor Evil Spirit „” rave, his Divine sea had been stranded, is unable to use the anti- strength stealth again, at this time appears the body, falls is calling out in the ground. On your such fellow, but also wants to make me pledge allegiance to you!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Also thinks that Xiong dominates Star Law God Territory, in Star Law God Territory, is more formidable than many humanity to be everywhere me, your why Xiong dominates Star Law God Territory, depends on you to play the missing small trick?” The Shen Xiang's words not only make Emperor Evil Spirit surprised, entire Dragon Clan surprised incomparable! Shen Xiang tyrannical Emperor Evil Spirit, can determine that the Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, but Shen Xiang said that Star Law God Territory formidable humanity is everywhere. This has subverted their cognition to humanity completely! If humanity has 1-2 looks like Shen Xiang to be so formidable, they can also accept, but there is a troop...... They are unable to imagine.