World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2319
Shen Xiang enters Dragon Clan shortly, knows that Dragon Clan was stranded in this day star was too long, has come apart with entire Star Law God Territory! Evil Spirit Clan is also same, because is unable to know that for a long time the Star Law God Territory matter, causing them to be only self-centered. After Divine sea of Emperor Evil Spirit the Shen Xiang bang broken, strength completely loses, Shen Xiang from airborne descends slowly, is grasping Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. You...... Did you defeat a moment ago my? Is impossible, your impossible direct attack my Divine sea!” Emperor Evil Spirit is calling out, the sound is having the fear, he is unable to accept itself to the present by the fact that a humanity defeats, he is Evil Spirit Clan Emperor Evil Spirit, they have special restrain God Clan strength, but now he is actually ended by a small and weak humanity oppressively. What does not have not to be impossible, this world is so big, you ensure you do know about any thing? Rubbish with you, sees your Evil Spirit Clan, continued to be your Emperor Evil Spirit to go.” Nine Firmaments Divine Sword in Shen Xiang hand wields, the sword shade like the wind, one of the brushing slivers many pieces the body of Emperor Evil Spirit. Shen Xiang emits the World Creation God Furnace flame, a fire will burn down completely! Through flame that World Creation God Furnace releases, most suited burns down this dying to revolt against strength expert! The energies of these expert fleshly body implications, can make World Creation Divine Fire burn violently. Great Elder their this flock of dragons like this look that Emperor Evil Spirit was burnt livingly! Late at night, sky blood cloud also diverged, between Heaven and Earth becomes very peaceful, however the dragon on the scene felt that the pitiful yell sound when that died for a long time Emperor Evil Spirit was burnt exudes to recall in the ear, they such formidable Emperor Evil Spirit such was killed unbelievable unexpectedly. Shen Xiang truly did not think that Emperor Evil Spirit is formidable, because this also he was not four big God Clan ancient times, Emperor Evil Spirit to restrain four big God Clan lived! Moreover Evil Spirit Clan that can the ability of stealth, not have any function in front of Shen Xiang, so will collapse at the first blow. Great Elder, we go to earth core to have a look!” Shen Xiang said: Only then goes to earth core, can find to control this day star formation to be, when the time comes you can also come and go out freely!”

Great Elder nodded hastily, now he believes that Shen Xiang is their Dragon Clan that's alright, understands why Shen Xiang can obtain the approval of Azure Dragon thus to enter the Azure Dragon grave! In their opinion, Shen Xiang entered the Azure Dragon grave definitely to obtain the instruction of Azure Dragon, will therefore help their Dragon Clan. Shen Xiang has some Azure Dragon memories, therefore he only knows how to control this day star formation barrier! Also does not need to arrive at earth core, on going to earth core passage, Shen Xiang found to control this day star barrier mechanism. That is small formation, he puts out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, duplicates in that small formation Divine Mirror of Six Paths, then induces through Divine Mirror of Six Paths. How?” Great Elder asked that although has not arrived at earth core, however in this to earth core passage, he thought very burning hot. Under my control, prohibiting the space barrier to untie! But several heavy barrier protect this day star, I and other help you make two Teleportation Formation, can make you leave through the way of transmission leaves this day star.” Shen Xiang said. Multiple barrier of protection day star are also very fierce, before Shen Xiang, is unable to use space strength teleport to come, but he has relieved now has prohibited the space barrier, this can make him come and go out freely! Naturally, he also controlling the barrier method told this Great Elder. On this day star only then Dragon Clan, Dragon Clan stayed here to develop should better but, exits to also increase the experience, let alone now their Dragon Clan not convenient runs all over the place in Star Law God Territory. Great Elder, you stay here temporarily first, I will lead you to come to here outside Dragon God Clan after a period of time again! Your Dragon Clan now is very frail, moreover is short in other aspects, you should not mind that Dragon God Clan arrived here.” Shen Xiang asked.

Naturally did not mind that they best are come a bit faster!” Great Elder said that after Dragon Emperor dies, here definitely is handled by him, but he also knows own many days cannot live, then he must practice, can look break through, this can prolong the life. Good, I walk now! I come back as soon as possible.” Shen Xiang teleport, arrives at this day star barrier Outer Sect, then seeks for these Starry Sky Blood Devil, starts crazy capturing and killing with World Creation God Furnace, later star the surroundings of this day will have God Clan to come and go out, extinguishes these Starry Sky Blood Devil kills, will be safer. Used several days, Shen Xiang to capture and kill following Starry Sky Blood Devil that long team, moreover loafed in the, sought for colony Starry Sky Blood Devil, he thought that captured and killed similarly, returned to the Star Law God Territory central area. He does not have chapter of Eternal Heaven Star, there had been seized by Purple Yuan Sect, before he does not have the formidable strength, is unable to resist Purple Yuan Sect. He comes back also to go to Earth Dragon Star. He arrives at the Dragon Emperor mountain village time, Ge Long comes out to greet him personally, because they have Shen Xiang's three lotus Divine Pill, has solved many formidable Divine Dragon toxins. In the past when Brother Ge, you may know Azure Dragon died, carries off part of Divine Dragon to defend the grave?” Shen Xiang asked. I have heard, is Brother Shen interested in our Azure Dragon tomb?” Ge Long said with a smile. Naturally is not, I had found the Azure Dragon grave, moreover discovered a big secret, where has a very huge day star......” Shen Xiang the Azure Dragon graveyard in some day stars as well as matter sketchy telling Ge Long.

Although Ge Long is half human and half dragon, but he is also Dragon God Clan, and has not the small authority. What kind of? Your does Dragon God Clan have that place that the idea resettles!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: To you, that is the good place! Naturally, I hope you with other two also in God Clan goes together.” Is only my words, I am certainly glad! Can be far away from this region, now this region is not very peaceful, old fellow that dies quickly goes crazy in all directions, to prolong life, any crazy matter can do, is far away from them to be best.” Ge Long said: I also need to discuss with these Old Dragon! Naturally, I can very affirmative told you, other two big God Clan went to also No problem, then big day star, enough our three God Clan.” Where just we now do not know that two big God Clan.” Ge Long said: A while ago can also practice on, but to afterward broke to relate, was very difficult to find them.” This does not need to be worried that I will be responsible for looking for them!” Shen Xiang said: I first going to the method of that day star told you, I, along the road some arrangement Teleportation Formation......” After Ge Long remembers route that Shen Xiang said that said: Regardless of we cannot go to that day star, we will send for having a look.” Good, I look for other two big God Clan now.” Shen Xiang leaves Earth Dragon Star, enters in the endless starry sky.