World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2320
Yue'er, must look for cat clan and Stars and Moon God Clan, this is not difficult to you!” Shen Xiang asked that he flew at this time in the starry sky. The moon/month clan had not replied that is thinking anything. „It is not difficult, but I thought that you collect other Divine Soul to be quite good first, Stars and Moon God Clan and cat clan hides now well, definitely will not have danger(ous), I worried actually they were found in the migration.” Yue'er said: If you are more formidable, when the time comes can guarantee that you migrated.” Shen Xiang respects the suggestion of Yue'er, then he toward Wu Zhi to the material that he provides, flies to a direction, seeks other divine beast Divine Soul. Has used over six months time, he finally found Black Tortoise Divine Soul, the place that Black Tortoise tomb is very safe, does not have the Dragon Clan guarding like Azure Dragon, does not have Evil Spirit Clan to stare. Black Tortoise Divine Soul has not realized, Shen Xiang is very relaxed integrates the forehead in a skeleton! Two skeletons that his forehead just congealed are important, he must integrate with his Divine Soul of second Divine sea these beast likely correspondences, altogether needs five! But another skeleton is integrates living of fire attribute to kill Divine Soul, as earth core of real world. After fusing Black Tortoise Divine Soul, Shen Xiang returned to Earth Dragon Star, Ge Long also here, he told a Shen Xiang good news, Dragon God Clan Old Dragon agrees to migrate to that day star! Ge Long continues to be responsible for collecting the resources here, escorts to that day star, now Dragon God Clan migrated the past quietly, Ge Long has also gone, has seen inside that Great Elder, that Great Elder also makes Ge Long pass on message, making Shen Xiang go frequently. Shen Xiang now is quite busy, therefore he does not have the time to pass to have a look! After he went to Earth Dragon Star, returns to Eternal Heaven Star, returns to the Blue Clouds City mountain village, after closing up refines skeleton Divine Pill of various qualities have given Dai Donggong, embarks to seek for four divine beast Divine Soul.

Now he also lacks White Tiger and Vermilion Bird Divine Soul, as well as between that Divine Elephant! Seeks for White Tiger and Vermilion Bird tomb is quite smooth, makes Shen Xiang quite accidental, because before him, to enter the Azure Dragon grave, but has consumed a lot of time! He also heard that Evil Spirit Clan eats the corpse of formidable beasts specially, he thinks that White Tiger Vermilion Bird their tomb will have Evil Spirit Clan. Star Law God Territory four divine beast really died! These tomb are the Evil Spirit Clan constructions, Azure Dragon dies late, moreover in the past also Azure Dragon helped other three divine beast construct tomb, therefore after Azure Dragon dies, directs on Evil Spirit Clan day star, makes Dragon Clan resist Evil Spirit Clan again.” Shen Xiang in Vermilion Bird that jet black tomb, fused Vermilion Bird Divine Soul. This is also four divine beast final, he is also short of middle that mysterious Divine Elephant now! In order to fuse White Tiger and Vermilion Bird, he searches high and low, exhausts over six months time, regarding him is also quite relaxed. Where finally that Divine Elephant can Divine Soul go to look? If Qilin divine beast, that is easier.” Shen Xiang stands on a dead star, is looking in that Godhead four Divine Soul, he is trying to communicate with the consciousness of Azure Dragon. After several double-hour, Shen Xiang heard the Azure Dragon sound finally, before Azure Dragon had also told him, after integrating, the deep sleep of his association president time. Senior, four divine beast Divine Soul I collected! Where however Divine Elephant can Divine Soul go to look? Also, you said before Qilin beast likely also in my second Divine sea, where hides?” Shen Xiang asked. Long ago he cultivates, middle Divine Elephant turned into Fire Qilin, but now in second Divine sea is Divine Elephant, that Qilin actually does not know the trace. Your second Divine sea in afterward gradually had been neglected by you, at that time you changed the practice way! Also you separated second Divine sea at that time, second Divine sea still follows you! Afterward, your second Divine sea also self- practice, but the speed was slow.” Azure Dragon said that after he Shen Xiang integrates the forehead the skeleton, he also understands on Shen Xiang practice.

In the Shen Xiang heart exclaimed in surprise secretly that he does not know unexpectedly this matter, lets he most surprised matter, his second Divine sea has own consciousness unexpectedly. Your second Divine sea Qilin that when self- practice, that Divine Elephant transformation becomes goes to the day position, but before you, Divine Elephant that sees, is new birth Divine Elephant! Wields the status, the town the earth, can maintain the stability of earth! But four divine beast wields four directions.” Azure Dragon said. Then after this new birth Divine Elephant, can turn into Qilin?” Shen Xiang asked. Cannot! Divine Elephant is equal to the spirit of earth, so long as you absorb the air/Qi of earth, then breeds Dao God alike Divine Soul, does not need to seek!” Azure Dragon said: You only need seek for Qilin Divine Soul that's alright now.” Shen Xiang returns to Eternal Heaven Star, he must obtain Qilin Divine Soul, the easiest way is to return to world of Nine Heaven seeks for Huo Lin, making Huo Lin give him directly together, this definitely is not the issue, but he comes one to require very long time. Elder Wu, does this Star Law God Territory where have Qilin Divine Soul?” Shen Xiang asked that Wu Zhi also knows that Shen Xiang's practice, seeing Shen Xiang to start to inquire the Qilin Divine Soul whereabouts, he knows Shen Xiang collected four divine beast. earth core!” Wu Zhi said: earth core is easiest to breed Qilin to come!” Now Shen Xiang also somewhat understands why wields the earth Divine Elephant to turn into Qilin, this and earth core breeds the Qilin somewhat ingenious connection. Here earth core divine beast is very definitely formidable!” Shen Xiang asked.

Naturally, that is the fellow who peak God Emperor does not dare to provoke casually, but I am detailed you to have the means!” Wu Zhi said with a smile, now he did not feel that to many astonishing matters that Shen Xiang makes felt strange. Shen Xiang thinks that he decides to practice Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant Divine Soul first, because he thought Qilin, since is town divine beast breeds, then can definitely restrain Qilin, if he cultivates, later will fuse Qilin Divine Soul quite to be easy. Elder Wu, I need to absorb enough rusticity to practice Divine Soul, where does this practice quite well?” Shen Xiang also asked that now he has not been looking for Qilin Divine Soul anxiously. Wu Zhi has pondered half sound, said: You ask Elder Dai, he stayed these many years in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, most knew about Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains.” Shen Xiang understands immediately that in Eternal Heaven Star, wants absorption rusticity let alone, only then went to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains! Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains will establish above, definitely has big relationship with that huge Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains. Shen Xiang looks for Dai Donggong, Dai Donggong is teaching to the disciple, Shen Xiang after outside that main hall waited for the small moment, he also teaches. Inside said!” Dai Donggong leads into a secret room Shen Xiang.