World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2321
Shen Xiang gave Dai Donggong sound transmission a moment ago, must ask about his Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains matter, because he wants to enter in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains to practice quietly. Dai Donggong knew that Shen Xiang inquired this matter, the complexion immediately becomes dignified, then leads into Shen Xiang the secret room. „Is Elder Dai, in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains hiding what huge secret?” Shen Xiang asked with a smile, he cracked a joke, which knows that Dai Donggong nodded. With unexpectedly real, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains unexpectedly has the big secret! What is that?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask, sees the Dai Donggong facial expression, knows that matter is not definitely simple. This matter only passes to Dean! Our Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is different from Sect of other day of stars, we have our mission! But to my this, had been made into this by me.” Dai Donggong long sighed: Under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, there is mysterious passage, got up by the seal! Am I of whose seal do not know that in brief I have asked my Master, he has not told me.” Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains this sect is not your Master foundation? Who besides him can also? Right, is that seal formidable?” Shen Xiang asked. That seal is very strong, absolutely is not self- Master talent, although I am not Formation Grandmaster, but I can actually look!” Dai Donggong said: I thought is actually Undead God Clan does, I had asked Elder Wu before, but he does not know this matter!” „Did if wanted call to say this matter Elder Wu together?” Shen Xiang asked that under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains unexpectedly passage, moreover was prohibited by the formidable seal, thinks to think fearful. Dai Donggong nodded, then puts out the pass on message jade symbol to subpoena to Wu Zhi, Wu Zhi has caught quickly up, enters in the secret room. What matter, is so anxious?” Wu Zhi comes, then asked.

Has about Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains under......” Dai Donggong matter brief telling is Wu Zhi. Unexpectedly has such matter? Undead God Clan most matters I am clear, do not have the reason not to know such important matter!” Wu Zhi surprisedly said. Yue'er suddenly gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: I before also very small time, probably listened to my grandfather and my paternal grandmother had said a seal anything, said how long could not maintain, added that anything took four clans jointly to reinforce the seal once more.” Is the seals under four big God Clan cloths?” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. Does not know that must see that seal to determine.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang told his saying Yue'er, Wu Zhi and Dai Donggong were also very surprised, if four big God Clan union seals, then the affirmation was hiding very big secret. I know my Master passes on position to me the time, had urged my several times, must pay attention to that barrier, if discovered that has anything not to be right, looked for Undead God Clan...... he to add, if Star Law God Territory some day faced with extinguishing, started from Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains.” Dai Donggong also said. I am Undead God Clan, am I unqualified know?” The Wu Zhi forced smile said: It seems like can only ask my Undead God Clan elder to be good.” Elder Dai, do you have to discover that what that seal does have not to be right?” Shen Xiang asked. No, before I leave Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, I have gone one time, has not discovered anything exceptionally, is as before! Only then I can enter under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains the place of that mysterious seal, my every other a period of time also will have a look.” Dai Donggong said: Tonight I lead you to have a look!”

Shen Xiang wants to go to under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains to practice, has not thought that unexpectedly draws out such matter. The Undead God Clan remaining elders also only then the Yue'er paternal grandmother, this elder definitely know that has the matter about that seal. When night, Shen Xiang uses space power, opens space passage, they arrives around Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains with Dai Donggong. Dai Donggong is bringing Shen Xiang and Wu Zhi, walks in very secret tunnel, this is to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, also only then Dean knows. He leaves Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains time, has not passed on the position, therefore these secrets also only then he knows. Purple Yuan Sect sent a fellow, now has held the post of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean, moreover brought a number of Purple Yuan Sect disciple to place in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains!” Dai Donggong said with a smile: „The Purple Yuan Sect disciple is not a vegetarian, they think that Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains was wrested away by Purple Yuan Sect, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains must listen their, they may now compared with the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard inside fellow also horizontal.” These Inner Disciple had receives!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. The passage end is sliding door, Dai Donggong said: Here is also barrier part, my Master has said that even if he is also hard! Dean, you give a try, can go.” Shen Xiang nodded, traces that sliding door, then displays space power, wanting teleport to go, but actually meets very strong strength to prevent. Really fierce, the space was prohibited stubbornly!” Shen Xiang looked with Dao Heart Eye, cannot help but took a deep breath, front unexpectedly over a hundred barrier, overlapping, arranges is also very ingenious profound, understood at a glance that has been able to complete with a lot of time. Dai Donggong puts out a colorful round bead, raps with the round bead gently on Stone Gate, the rap position is each time different from the number of times, he used the time of small moment to complete.

Goes in is also very complex, even if there is your this bead, does not know that raps the Stone Gate step, cannot open.” Shen Xiang said. Um, now can go in!” Dai Donggong pushes gently, Stone Gate opened, this opening way is also very mysterious. After entering inside, Dai Donggong hastily closes, said: Now we in the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains base, front are large formation of seal.” Here is a very spacious underground world, more than ten plaza are so huge, but has the high half a Zhang huge circular platform in the middle, above reappears various color light glow, that is this seal above spirit pattern sends out. Approaches to look that is skilled in formation Wu Zhi to call out in alarm immediately: unexpectedly is this seal, was too fearful!” Elder Wu? What seal is this? Do you know?” Dai Donggong asked hastily. I ancient book in my clan have seen the simple description, with this almost!” Wu Zhi said: This seal is not our four clans arranges, but is the earth core Spiritual God arrangement!” earth core Spiritual God! Shen Xiang is not strange to this earth core Spiritual God, everywhere trains the earth core divine beast fellow, is very mysterious and aloof existence. This seal no small matter, under definitely seal any fierce thing! Perhaps four big God Clan missions are to protect this seal, fixed time reinforcement this seal, does not make strength of seal weaken.” Wu Zhi sighs with sadness: But now our Undead God Clan clan are not many, regarding this type of formidable seal, needs to use strength of entire clan.”