World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2322

This mysterious seal seal this what? Shen Xiang they do not know, what we definitely know is that thing very danger(ous) of seal, if puts definitely changes serious, will otherwise not make four big God Clan safeguard specially. My Master said what in this seal is passage, if so, that this passage definitely will run any fierce thing.” Dai Donggong said: This thing, if runs, will create the destruction to this Star Law God Territory.” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Undead God Clan like this, but can also reinforce the seal?” Wu Zhi shook the head: I do not know that it seems like I must look for our Undead God Clan elder found was good, only then they know this matter.” Um, you go! These days in the mountain village matter gives me.” Dai Donggong said: Dean, you , to absorb the rusticity practice, here is perhaps inappropriate you! Elder Wu, you should know that which also has the place to be quite good to absorb the rusticity.” Each day star best absorption place, for example Eternal Heaven Star is Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but Purple Yuan Heaven Star in Purple Yuan Sect, was occupied by the major influences.” Wu Zhi said: Dean, you, if wants a bit faster to absorb, that only then went to Purple Yuan Heaven Star, this Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains now is not good!” Under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains has a such fearful seal, Shen Xiang does not certainly dare to act unreasonably here! Goes to Purple Yuan Sect? Strolls also well, has a look to have the opportunity to understand Purple Yuan Sect much, this perhaps is we archenemy who quarried a mountain to set up sends to present on that day.” Shen Xiang said that he is ready now, only needs him to practice certain strength, their here peak God Emperor have several times, he wanted high-sounding talk some. Some Dai Donggong there many skeleton Divine Pill, have not needed now, Shen Xiang does not need to refine temporarily, can feel at ease goes to Purple Yuan Heaven Star practice. Good, I will come back as soon as possible! Elder Dai, you must teach disciple, do not let them stir up trouble everywhere, all want the low key! If Jing Ze and Teng Yong have free time, asking them to leave everywhere, can look purchase some precious divine medicine.” Shen Xiang said.

Good, you could rest assured that I will handle here.” Dai Donggong nodded. ...... After Shen Xiang and they return to Blue Clouds City together, transmits through Blue Clouds City Teleportation Formation to being away from Purple Yuan Heaven Star. Enters expense that Purple Yuan Heaven Star also needs to pay to enter, needs to purchase jade token, Shen Xiang before asked that Wu Zhi and Dai Donggong wanted some divine yuan stone, has purchased jade token. Purple Yuan Heaven Star live it up a lot compared with Eternal Heaven Star, Shen Xiang arrives at a named Purple Yuan Heaven City city, this inside person overall strength compared with the great strength of Eternal Heaven Star, moreover is also very crowded, from this can see that Purple Yuan Heaven Star be more powerful than Eternal Heaven Star. Although here pills was controlled by Purple Yuan Sect equally, but Purple Yuan Sect actually frequently sells various quite commonly used Divine Pill! Because Purple Yuan Heaven Star person are many, therefore here skeleton Divine Pill will frequently have the sell. Wu Zhi has also told him, will obtain provision of skeleton Divine Pill with the medium small influence of Purple Yuan Sect alliance, moreover price convenient, like the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dan God institute, always has not been thinking very much gains many. Purple Yuan Sect near this Purple Yuan Heaven City, you goes out from another city gate, can see one big piece by the hills that the purple fog winds around, in that was Purple Yuan Sect.” Yue'er said. Shen Xiang after this Purple Yuan Heaven City strolled period of time, goes to the purple Yuan mountain range, when walks, is at noon, the after purple fog absorption intense sunlight of purple Yuan mountain range, turns into the purple gold color, appears is very beautiful mysterious, making the person look again and again acclaims. These purple fog cities are that mountain release, these mountains should absorb special and formidable strength, releases again through formation that Great Dao naturally forms, will turn into this! The purple Yuan mountain range is also a practice treasure trove, but the entire mountain scene [lineage/vein] were wrested away by Purple Yuan Sect, Heaven and Earth Treasure that it is said in also has discover.” Yue'er said.

„Does inside have the treasure really?” Shen Xiang hears this, immediately two shine, says with a smile: This time looks like I not only need practice the soul of town divine beast, must treasure hunt.” I also heard that before this is me, hears when Star Law God Territory, now passed these many years, in doesn't have.” Yue'er happily said with a smile: You could not find did not say that I deceive you.” Shen Xiang several teleport, arrive at purple Yuan mountain range outside barrier, the trim giant mountain range is covered with formidable barrier by Purple Yuan Sect, preventing the miscellaneous personnel to enter. This Purple Yuan Sect also very fierce! This formation can prohibit the space unexpectedly, I cannot teleport go.” Shen Xiang outside that invisible barrier, looks at the float in the air tzeyun, he must enter the purple Yuan mountain range with other methods. Purple Yuan Sect is quite stern, this barrier is also stable, can see that Purple Yuan Sect background is very abundant, can have the grandmaster who arranges this strong large formation method. These influences are very formidable, otherwise is unable to destroy completely Undead God Clan.” Yue'er said: Do not despise this Purple Yuan Sect, if entire Dragon God Clan and Purple Yuan Sect hit, who wins who loses is uncertain! Although I am not humanity, but has saying that humanity cultivates late stage, will be more formidable than our these God Clan beasts.” „A human birth was small and weak! But our God Clan and a beasts birth had the formidable strength, when the promote step was also quite relaxed! But humanity breaks through each time, every time promotes strength compared with us make many time of efforts! Therefore to the late stage peak God Emperor rank, the strength that humanity showed very fearful.” Human practice the roughness of course, therefore makes humanity very formidable, in addition the quantity of humanity, the expert quantity are also many, are not so few like these God Clan and beasts.

Yue'er also after Shen Xiang together understands this truth, humanity to be formidable, any method has, but fiercest was alchemy! God Clan has formidable strength since birth, the practice speed is rapid, therefore does not need in this aspect. Humanity is different, therefore was compelled to go to alchemy! To late stage, God Clan will be quite worn out, but humanity that walks step by step, actually becomes very fearful. But humanity that goes crazy was more fearful, for example these seek Eternal Life undying peak God Emperor, destroyed completely Undead God Clan. Shen Xiang does not need teleport to enter the purple Yuan mountain range, can only go from the front door, he arrives at the purple Yuan mountain range the front door, has spacious plaza before the front door, many people are setting up a stall here sell the thing, but the Purple Yuan Sect person also chooses some here specially the disciple who is responsible for making the odd jobs. What Shen Xiang just wants to pass to pick to leak, which knows him, when walks, actually saw the people who these set up a stall in abundance to quit work? What's the matter? I come this, on my face has written the god of plague two characters?” The Shen Xiang forced smile said.