World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2323
Shen Xiang sees these people, although quits work, but has not walked, knows that this definitely what happened, these people stay here to watch the fun. He walks to inquire that knew the Purple Yuan Sect new Dean daughter is contending in martial arts to live with the bride's family, after these people quit work, person who immediately has Purple Yuan Sect came out to build a martial arts contest stage. Isn't the Purple Yuan Sect Dean daughter contends in martial arts to live with the bride's family? Younger sister?” Shen Xiang looks around, has not seen the Purple Yuan Sect Dean daughter to come up. Friend, do not look, the purple Yuan Dean daughter will not come out! The one who comes out to accept the challenge is the purple Yuan Dean big disciple, does not know that this goods are any strength, nobody can win him.” A person said: Looked that knows you just arrived at Purple Yuan Heaven Star.” This purple Yuan Dean to increase own prestige, caused many patterns, now unexpectedly lifts own daughter! Although the old men have not seen, but heard that this daughter is good, there are more than 90 Godhead, is much longer, pretty.” old man said with a smile: Do not want to come to power, is no one has the qualifications to come up the challenge.” Why?” Shen Xiang asked: This does not face everybody? If not for this, he does not suspend such stage.” Naturally to all people, but is challenges has the condition, every day has three challenge quotas! Will obtain through bidding.” That old man said. „Is this also good? Do some people participate in bidding?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Naturally has, moreover carries on bidding by middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, for these days, highest is more than 50 grains! Naturally, attended this martial arts contest to live with the bride's family, is the Young Master elder brothers of these famous family aristocrats.” That old man said with a smile: If can win the Purple Yuan Sect chief big disciple, could be joined to the purple Yuan Dean daughter.” Shen Xiang touches the chin, predecessor purple Yuan Dean is he kills, weak is not he kills that old Dean, which wheel obtains this new Dean to come to power now? He thought that he is this new Dean benefactor, but this new Dean to set up the prestige, came to power to issue the chasing down command, did not hesitate to probably capture and kill him.

Now I am the Purple Yuan Sect biggest foe, if I have been the purple Yuan Dean son-in-law...... Thinks to think the belt feeling.” In the Shen Xiang heart Hehe smiles, then pushes in the crowd, moves toward that to participate in bidding the region, has many luxurious furniture in, above is suspending the food and wine. Currently also one after another has puts on very dignified handsome Young Master brother to go, if can become the parents of son or daughter-in-law with purple Yuan Dean, their influences the strength or the status, will promote many immediately. Which are you?” That region gathered round, some entrance chu people stop Shen Xiang. I am...... Which I am not, you had not stipulated probably must have sect to have the family to participate.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. We had not stipulated that but you must have the strength to participate in bidding to be good.” That guard said. This has sufficed?” Shen Xiang puts out 20 grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill. Come in!” That guard sees these 20 grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, no longer said that made Shen Xiang go in directly. Can with obtaining 20 grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill people, absolutely is not the average person. Shen Xiang sits on a very comfortable chair, took up the thing on tabletop to eat, above was suspending many delicious fruits, the fruit juice as well as the food and wine. With purple Yuan Dean that comes to power newly is really a talented person, unexpectedly use her daughter has gained many middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill!” Yue'er praised: Has a look at this all around draft animal, wishes one could to run to step on that anything big disciple immediately in the under foot, then gets married the purple Yuan Dean beloved daughter.”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Generally has the young face, strength also such! It seems like the stipulation participates must have the young appearance! Another day I will make a home remedy, the refinement can restore the young appearance Divine Pill, definitely sells! But must change these old fellow formidable fleshly body to be able some difficulties.” He also refined pill who can restore the young appearance before, but that was applicable to the strength being faint! But in this Star Law God Territory inside expert, fleshly body got older along with the time, in addition their fleshly body are formidable, to reverse not to be easy. Naturally, if can refine, these because of not being able to endure the time aged old man, will definitely have the consumption desire. „Do you want to marry this purple Yuan Dean daughter really?” Yue'er said with a smile: You had several wife!” Had not stipulated that I cannot have other wives! Person who sits here, which isn't the wife and concubines in groups?” Shen Xiang sees the Young Master brother who that crowd participated in bidding. The people are almost filled, starts to bid participates in the quota that the martial arts contest lives with the bride's family. This time first quota is 45 grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, the second 40 grains, but third was snatched by Shen Xiang, so long as 20 grains. Shen Xiang has not thought that also the meeting must be so few, but after he hears the surrounding Young Master brother discussed that immediately understood, the fellows who because front snatches that two quotas are formidable, if their wins the Purple Yuan Sect chief big disciple, then the third quota became invalid, middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill does not draw back. Therefore nobody thought that Shen Xiang gained, because he opportunity that might come to power continually does not have much, this was equal to wasting 20 grains of middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill.

After three quotas determine, then announced the rule that some ratios fight, immediately starts to carry on. Purple Yuan Sect seat of honor big disciple named Fang Zitian, this Fang Zitian many Godhead and skeletons are the secrets, only knows that he is very strong! Also is long is handsome and intelligent, people thought that purple Yuan Dean should marry him to be right the daughter, but purple Yuan Dean wants to select middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill the lane. Compared with fighting does not use weapon, moreover cannot kill people, projected on the opposite party to admit defeat that's alright! When the ratio fights, will open barrier, this barrier not only can prevent fallout of fierce combat to appear externally, meanwhile can prevent. Therefore compared with fighting not falling down stage, only then projects on to admit defeat or knock down the opposite party the opposite party. Naturally, serious point words, will be hit waste! The person who snatches the first quota, from Purple Yuan Heaven Star famous Qin Family, named Qin Xuan, is the Qin Family Patriarch eldest son, has hundred Godhead, the skeleton are also many, in brief very strong that's it. Now first compared with fighting to start, Shen Xiang also wants to have a look at that Fang Zitian strength while this, he used Penetrating Heart Devil Eye to look a moment ago, only sees Fang Zitian to have hundred Godhead, the skeleton is very fuzzy, if the opposite party uses strength of skeleton in the fight, he can look clearly. „The Purple Yuan Heaven Star strength is really strong, two young fellow hundred Godhead, do not know that their skeletons have many, I now have not been able to see clearly.” Shen Xiang at this time also very earnest looks.