World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2324

Compared with fighting from the beginning, the double fist of Qin Xuan on overflow golden Divine Power, but Fang Zitian actually uses the extremely quick speed, arrives in front of Qin Xuan instantaneously, makes a palm fast, Qin Xuan also rumbles a fist, strikes on the palm of Fang Zitian. Bang! Their from the beginning to striking, erupts to shake very much strongly, even though there is barrier, the obvious tremors can still pass on. Qin Xuan lost!” Shen Xiang in saw Fang Zitian and some azure profound skeleton many a moment ago. You so are why definite, now looks like is also only both have equal share.” Yue'er said. Qin Xuan leaves the arm of fist, inside bone breaks to pieces completely, now his arm also active, that is supporting with Divine Power! Qin Xuan is also very strong, has eight skeletons! But that Fang Zitian nine skeletons, were peak God Emperor.” Shen Xiang said to Yue'er. What? Has not thought that I leave in Star Law God Territory these years, develops so rapidly, fellow these many of this young face.” Yue'er exclaims: It seems like this is purple Yuan Dean causes this anything to contend in martial arts to live with the bride's family intentionally two to swindle middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, does not know that his daughter is anything feels.” His daughter and Fang Zitian grow up together, their relationship is also good, after having the possibility, very much marries this Fang Zitian. This purple Yuan Dean is really cloudy.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Then you do have confidence to win Fang Zitian? If won, they can renege on a promise?” Yue'er asked. Does not know that in brief I won, the purple Yuan Dean daughter was my woman, words that she reneged on a promise, I pass/test her.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. On the stage has battled, has fought several hundred moves, an arm of Qin Xuan, although was hit waste, but he actually supports with Divine Power is so long, was very good, this made Shen Xiang understand that the Purple Yuan Heaven Star medium small influence had the strong strength, a Patriarch son so was fierce, Patriarch definitely was peak God Emperor.

I lost!” Qin Xuan suddenly said that he is sweating profusely, the body has many skeletons to break broken, the five main internal organs (entrails) in within the body by certainly wound, but he is supporting by hard and stubborn effort, has not spat blood has not yelled, therefore other talented people do not know the situation. But Shen Xiang actually knows that his Dao Heart Eye can see many things! Fang Zitian wound does not have, moreover a moment ago he and Qin Xuan hit, was warms up! Although he is only more than Qin Xuan a skeleton, but strength actually. Qin Xuan as if knows that Fang Zitian is peak God Emperor, therefore decisively admits defeat, words that otherwise hits again, perhaps he must lose ugly. Now was one's turn second to come to power, this person was the child of quite strong sect Dean, named Wei Gongqing, was hundred Godhead, was long the soft and fair skin, looked like is very refined, but somewhat was timid, because he displayed at this time insufficiently self-confidently. After all before him, how personally sees Qin Xuan to lose, but he thought that one and Qin Xuan strength is similar, Qin Xuan is loses, the opposite party has not put out the true strength. After Qin Xuan steps down the stage, has eaten several grains of Divine Pill, at this time he has not left here, he also sits below is watching the fight, on the one hand he must digest the Divine Pill efficacy therapy, simultaneously he also wants to have a look at the Wei Gongqing strength to be what kind. From the beginning, Fang Zitian has the opportunity to get rid first, but he has not actually moved, but is waited for that Wei Gongqing attacks! Wei Gongqing has gawked staring, attacks on own initiative! He attacks, Shen Xiang also had a scare, Wei Gongqing looks like shrinks, but he gets rid was swift and violent, does not have a little appearance, this made in many person hearts criticize, before actually Wei Gongqing, was the attires. Wei Gongqing gets rid, the whole person changed, becomes very calm, that pair of eyes becomes is very sharp, he melts many shadows, is gust such blows likely to Fang Zitian, in his hand overflows the intermittent air/Qi rainbow, is similar to Sword Qi emits, making people think that his whole person turned into a sword. Snort!” Fang Zitian is somewhat angry, possibly is because before , Wei Gongqing disguises weakly, to make him angry very much.

Wei Gongqing also just approached Fang Zitian, was shaken to fly by Divine Power Qi Energy of Fang Zitian that palm, hits on barrier, spouts a big blood. Admits defeat!” Wei Gongqing shouted, but Fang Zitian hits a palm once more, seeing Wei Gongqing to shout admits defeat, he takes back the palm strength hastily, that palm vigor must hit shortly on Wei Gongqing, but suddenly was actually withdrawn, This minute controls the strength the skill, many people under stage acclaims again and again, at this time they somewhat guessed correctly that this Fang Zitian strength, after all today to fighting Fang Zitian Wei Gongqing and Qin Xuan is quite strong. Fang Zitian compared with their many, had a possibility, Fang Zitian was peak God Emperor! Wei Gongqing took a deep breath, on the face full is frightened, if he were hit a palm a moment ago again, he must certainly therapy very long a period of time. Wei Gongqing and Fang Zitian to the war, lost quickly compared with beforehand Qin Xuan, his dingy ran, has not walked immediately, his wound may be much heavier than Qin Xuan, suddenly cannot go back, he swallowed several grains therapy hastily Divine Pill, this can make him go back looks like will be more energetic. Was one's turn Shen Xiang, here, Shen Xiang earliest knew the Fang Zitian strength strongly, but he walked. Shen Xiang arrived here time, has not hidden oneself Godhead cultivation base, because on him that 90 five Godhead in many person eyes are not anything, in Purple Yuan Heaven Star, hundred Godhead may be many. Therefore the people can feel on Shen Xiang that 90 to consider thoroughly the aura fluctuation of Godhead, knows that he has more than 90 Godhead! But a moment ago Wei Gongqing and Qin Xuan went to battle, their Godhead aura fluctuation also exposed, is over a hundred! Two hundred Godhead cannot hit Qin Xuan, Shen Xiang this 90 five Godhead do not think! The people only thought Shen Xiang, since bids the quota with middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, even if loses must come up to try, otherwise goes back to transfer to the Sir not well.

Naturally, Shen Xiang is a peon, but participated to strive for the quota a moment ago, somewhat is some fame, they have not heard Shen Xiang only. Who are you?” Fang Zitian asked that because the following these Young Master elder brothers he knew that only this Shen Xiang looked unfamiliar. I come from Nine Heavens Sect Yun Fei!” Shen Xiang said that the expression is light. Nine Heavens Sect? Where?” Fang Zitian asked that in his opinion, can put out two ten middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill influences not to be definitely simple. On very remote Earth-rank Stars, the present is only small sect.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You had not heard is also very normal.” Shen Xiang at this time also some pressures, because in fight he cannot use Nine Firmaments Divine Sword and World Creation God Furnace, this will weaken significantly his strength! He through this different thing, with ease harvested many expert lives before.