World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2325

Chapter 2325 hot day ice place Fang Zitian sees Shen Xiang, only then more than 90 Godhead, he thinks actually relaxed many, he only hits every day three, can gain to many middle-grade skeleton Divine Pill, he thought this satisfying, he also knows today, person who participates definitely not like former that many, because his strength almost wanted exposed to come out. Shen Xiang is staring at the eye of Fang Zitian, looked with his eyes skeleton special strength that can see in Fang Zitian Divine sea to have places of the purple snow and ice, the ground is the snow and ice, but the sky is steaming combustion purple flame, fire Yun Tengwu. Hot day ice place, this fellow cultivates Ice-Fire Divine Power, moreover through Purple Yuan Sect cultivation technique, making in Divine Power contain strange and formidable purple strength.” In the Shen Xiang heart is secretly surprised, this Fang Zitian strength is not weak. Fang Zitian is also the new seat of honor big disciple, his Master just became new Purple Yuan Sect Dean, he also immediately challenged that seat of honor big disciple, he easily defeated the chief big disciple very much, struggles that position. Before he also has not become the chief big disciple, he is also known, but these Young Master elder brothers do not know that he hides that deeply, unexpectedly has peak God Emperor cultivation base. Shen Xiang present Godhead only then 95, have been short compared with the opposite party, but his skeleton actually 16, therefore he thought that he will definitely not compare the opposite party to be weak! His skeleton be more than seven opposite party, he never has unarmed and peak God Emperor has hit, therefore he not clear this time and peak God Emperor disparity. Therefore this is one has a look at oneself strength the good opportunity! Starts!” Middle-aged shouted under stage. Shen Xiang already stored up Divine Power, from the beginning he immediately rush over, he has not used space power, but is use strange Earth Shrinking Step! Fighting the stage was not bigger, uses Earth Shrinking Step also to compare favorably with teleport, the people saw this fearful speed, cannot help but was surprised, before they also think that Shen Xiang must lose from the beginning, has not thought that the Shen Xiang's strength was not weak.

Fang Zitian is planned makes Shen Xiang attack first, oneself meet to incur, but he sees Shen Xiang this speed, in the heart also cannot help but secretly exclaims in surprise that oneself also hastily moves, he felt that Shen Xiang has brought the threat to him. This very much in a short time occurred, therefore seems like two people also moves! But unexpectedly that gets rid of first is Fang Zitian, sees only his palm Purple Qi to be steaming, the palm emits one group of purple multi-colored sunlight, after exploding dodged one next, appears in front of Shen Xiang. Is the ice! Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation!” Shen Xiang felt that cold air raids, fleshly body also in the quickest time revolution Heaven Body divine art, displays Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation, was sparkled by own body flame, becomes burning hot incomparable. That group of purple cold air that Fang Zitian releases have not hit Shen Xiang, although Shen Xiang has displayed Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation, but he also treadons Earth Shrinking Step, can avoid as far as possible avoids! Although Shen Xiang has avoided, but arm was scratched to touch by that group of purple light groups, he has displayed Intense Sun Heaven Imitiation, but that Purple Qi passed over gently and swiftly, still felt that the bone to inter the body the ice is cold. powerful is big, this fellow became peak God Emperor absolutely is not a day or two, became peak God Emperor is very long.” In the Shen Xiang heart in great surprise, opposite party ice cold Divine Power simultaneously transforms through within the body Godhead also skeleton, Divine Power wells up from Divine sea, smooth rapid turns into this fearful ice cold strength, explained that Fang Zitian Divine sea inside strength is pure. After entering to peak God Emperor Realm, is hard to promote, only then deputes to finish unceasingly Divine sea inside strength! The strength of Divine sea is pure, after being transformed, is formidable! Shen Xiang good and bad also has much with the experience that expert fights, therefore he also calculates that quite understood. unexpectedly shunted!” Fang Zitian has not thought that the Shen Xiang's response is so sensitive, only then knows beforehand he will attack to avoid, this as if only then the keen intuition and accurate judgment can achieve.

The people are also very surprised, Fang Zitian suddenly attacked a moment ago, no one has expected, but Shen Xiang actually expected, thrilling avoidance! In fact, suddenly attacked a moment ago is also the Fang Zitian suddenly decision, therefore his getting rid appears very suddenly . Moreover the attack angle is also very strange, but can still hit accurately, but was avoided by Shen Xiang. The group of purple light fog that Fang Zitian hits fall after the ground, but turned into purple fog, has not erupted very big fluctuation, this is because Fang Zitian saw after a moment ago Shen Xiang avoids, hastily strength receives, can see his very rare and precious Divine Power. Somewhat thorny! Bumps into an old fox!” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, the under foot treads, suddenly arrives at the Fang Zitian rear area, he uses Earth Shrinking Step time is similar to teleport is ordinary, but this time was quicker than before. Half suddenly, Shen Xiang dodges to Fang Zitian, simultaneously strikes a fist, fist energy is similar to dragon roar whooshes generally! The people only see Shen Xiang dodges to Fang Zitian behind at the same time suddenly, one group of flame suddenly from the Shen Xiang's fist spout, that imposing manner is similar to the stars of sky falls down, the formidable pressure with burning hot strength by compared with fighting barrier of stage sends out, astounding. Because of Shen Xiang obviously only then more than 90 Godhead, strength that but shows at this time so is terrorist, letting the person has to suspect that he has on the skeleton! This situation is not impossible, but is few, even has not recorded! Generally cultivates to hundred Godhead, can practice nine skeletons, but compared does not say cannot. The people thought that if Shen Xiang has nine skeletons, then his strength and Fang Zitian are not the phase difference are too far! To late stage, the Godhead disparity is only several words that is not the important matter, but the skeleton differs one, that is day and the place. Shen Xiang uses instantaneously on the bang that Meteor God Energy hits on Fang Zitian, although Fang Zitian is unable to avoid, but his body voluntarily has actually made the defense!

Bang! Fang Zitian was hit by Shen Xiang's fist energy, body blows out purple light glow, the innumerable purple ice crystals fly to the four directions, in a moment ago that instantaneous, the body of Fang Zitian coagulates the ice, he wants to resist the Shen Xiang's attack through this. After purple light explodes flashes through, purple ice crystal splashes down the entire ratio to fight the stage is, but an arm of Fang Zitian disappears unexpectedly! The Fang Zitian complexion is somewhat ugly, Shen Xiang's fist energy happen to struck a moment ago on his shoulder, but he coagulates the ice his body, after the arm is attacked violently, explodes instantaneously! A moment ago the Wei Gongqing heart calls out in alarm secretly with Fang Zitian has battled Qin Xuan and, Fang Zitian of peak God Emperor strength, ate this type to owe unexpectedly greatly, unexpectedly wiped out an arm by a peon. Shen Xiang looks at Fang Zitian with Dao Heart Eye, he discovered that the Fang Zitian shoulder locates suddenly to present one group of purple things. „After is......” Shen Xiang sees, the double fist is uneven, makes two Meteor God Energy, such as Dragon Ruhu howls.