World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2326
Shen Xiang's two Meteor God Energy on the past, have struck instantaneously , on Fang Zitian, only heard Fang Zitian to explode has roared, afterward purple light inspired greatly, Shen Xiang is blown retreat by the purple astral wind that suddenly erupted. „The powerful fellow, he must go all out!” In the Shen Xiang heart is surprised, at this time he also the preparation that should better attack fully. Do not want to win me!” Fang Zitian purple light sparkles, he a moment ago that broken arm unexpectedly rebirth, this was also Shen Xiang a moment ago saw with Dao Heart Eye. Fang Zitian has the strength of this fearful regeneration unexpectedly, all people exclaim in surprise again and again, this is Fang Zitian true strength. Fang Zitian that whole body purple light sparkles, body puts on purple war armor likely, looks like very formidable, moreover his face darken, looks like very angry, because never has people to compel this situation him. Fang Zitian knows, if he today lost, the purple Yuan Dean daughter must marry others! That was he has a liking for very much long time ago, he cannot make others rob. Very fierce!” Shen Xiang laughed: unexpectedly can block my two fists, but also a matter does not have!” Snort, fiercer also in behind!” Fang Zitian sneered, eyes suddenly emits two purple light to hit on the Shen Xiang's chest. This fellow unexpectedly also understands such move!” Shen Xiang heart startled, but these two scalding hot purple light also penetrated his chest. The after spot of his heart was penetrated, Fang Zitian laughs wildly, is winking both eyes, projects purple light glow unceasingly, penetrates the Shen Xiang's head, abdomen and both legs, both arms...... The people look dumbfoundedly, this Fang Zitian move was really the moon, unexpectedly released so fearful penetration strength from eyes! The people thought that Shen Xiang is very pitiful, had boundless prospects, but the body was penetrated the hornet's nest at this time, skeleton definitely completely ruined.

Did not say does not permit murder? This fellow caused a hole others heads, did not fear that kills others?” „, Like this that fearful fellow, the head will not be divided one side, can live in the same old way! You look at this Yun Fei, the eyeball also in the extension.” This fellow is not the eyes skeleton, but is the cultivation technique of use like Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, although looks like fearful, but wants to penetrate my body not to be easy truly.” Shen Xiang looked all of a sudden, this Fang Zitian was also quite fierce, hid this fierce move, specifically was used unexpectedly. Everyone saw the Shen Xiang's body to be penetrated by purple light a moment ago, but now looks like Shen Xiang actually nothing. This is because Shen Xiang had displayed Cloud Mist Heaven Imitation a moment ago, is similar to by own body the fog is the same, even if made into the hornet's nest, will not have anything to damage. You...... You are all right!” Fang Zitian was looks, immediately was panic-stricken, he can see Shen Xiang to use some Divine Ability, changed the structure of body, was used to resist this attack. Heaven Body divine art is one of the four big taboo divine art, where naturally will not miss arrives at! Shen Xiang hole has repaired quickly, the fog that diverges so long as comes back that's alright. I am certainly all right!” Shen Xiang said that eyes suddenly lightens red light, the innumerable silk thread general thin Xiao Hong light explodes to shoot, penetrates the body of Fang Zitian. Fang Zitian called out pitifully, the silk thread that Shen Xiang eyes released a moment ago broke on him all meridians, the skeleton five main internal organs (entrails) is penetrated pours into strength to push to explode.

Is waiting to me!” Fang Zitian purple light sparkles, he in use a moment ago ability of that regeneration, but Shen Xiang will not give him the opportunity. Shen Xiang also feels regarding Fang Zitian technique of the regeneration very shocking, the body of Fang Zitian loses so seriously, the regeneration also requires time! Shen Xiang teleport past time, Fang Zitian is still urging the strength of repair body round of regeneration, he also knows that Shen Xiang came, but he was actually not worried, because he knows himself, so long as supported that's alright, he now in the strength of condense massive regeneration, so long as were not killed, he can regenerate rapidly. I must have a look at you to have many regeneration strength but actually!” Shen Xiang laughed, two palms pat crazily, this was Transforming Bone Devil Palm, the flash has patted Fang Zitian on. Fang Zitian is weak immediately in the ground, his bone did not have completely! Sees in Fang Zitian of ground, the audiences persons head skin to tingle with numbness, unexpectedly has this strange cultivation technique, can cancel person inside skeleton directly! This time is the Fang Zitian weakest time, he also almost must defeat! However because the rule cannot kill people, therefore he thought himself, so long as does not admit defeat, Shen Xiang cannot take him to be what kind, so long as he stored up releases in the strength of regeneration, he can recover once more. Will not give you opportunity!” Shen Xiang indifferently said, is then staring at Fang Zitian eyes, uses eyes inside skeleton to store up strength, infiltrates in Fang Zitian Divine sea. This attack is invisible, nobody can see, this is very fearful Divine sea attack! Because Shen Xiang eyes has the reason of skeleton, can store up very strange strength, so long as when others are most lax, he can attack others' Divine sea with this strength. Ah! Fang Zitian called out pitifully, fainted.

Shen Xiang is not what kind of him, but attacks his Divine sea inside Divine Soul, making his Divine Soul lose the consciousness temporarily, such came Fang Zitian to faint. He had been knocked down by me, I won!” old man that Shen Xiang manages to compete with that said. Many Purple Yuan Sect old man get on stage, how they make also make do not awake Fang Zitian, Fang Zitian faints, but has not died, Shen Xiang is not contrary. Do not shout that even if he wakes, I can also again make him fall face down.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Your won't Purple Yuan Sect go back on word? I win this fellow, marries me the Purple Yuan Sect Dean daughter quickly.” Purple Yuan Sect has gone back on word, does not have what means that now looked that Purple Yuan Sect Dean can care about own prestige, if his face is thick-skinned, depending on his strength, expels Shen Xiang directly, how him. But his prestige definitely will be greatly affected, because before , but many Young Master elder brothers used many skeleton Divine Pill to participate in the challenge. If they know that they won could not marry the purple Yuan Dean daughter, in the heart will not be definitely happy. Purple Yuan Sect thinks this martial arts contest lives with the bride's family is absolutely safe, because the Fang Zitian strength is very formidable, is not only peak God Emperor, some body also fierce methods, even if were some old fellow came, may not be victorious he. But now, had actually been defeated by Shen Xiang, before this accident them, has not thought! This...... Young Master arrives in our Purple Yuan Sect to rest first, we will arrange! We have also informed Dean, he will come quickly to handle this matter.” These old man were also scared, this accident should not appear.