World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2327

Shen Xiang was led into Purple Yuan Sect, at this time he also started to investigate in this, he comes here goal, but to practice the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, marries the purple Yuan Dean daughter is only he knew by chance that then did while convenient. Fang Zitian was defeated, and disastrous defeat! This matter spreads over entire Purple Yuan Heaven Star quickly, now the people were guessing that purple Yuan Dean can marry a peon the daughter. Shen Xiang with a laugh drinks tea in a Purple Yuan Sect hall, at this time is having two beautiful female disciple to take care him. Dean came!” Female suddenly whispered, reminded Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang also induces to a formidable aura, purple Yuan Dean named Xu Dazhong that this comes to power newly, he hears this matter to be also surprised, afterward he saw remaining unconscious Fang Zitian, discovered that Fang Zitian Divine sea comes under very ingenious attack, but causes him to faint, but does not cause the too big damage. This wise Divine sea attack, before Xu Dazhong, has not met! Fang Zitian fleshly body injures him too not to be worried that he knows Fang Zitian has strength of the fearful regeneration, so long as restores to realize, quick can recover. After having seen Fang Zitian, Xu Dazhong looks for own daughter, told his daughter this matter...... Then looked for Shen Xiang. Dean is good!” Shen Xiang stands, grinning saying. Hello, hello! Good, although your Godhead has not arrived at hundred, but so was fierce, has boundless prospects, has boundless prospects!” Xu Dazhong is middle-aged person appearance, this also makes Shen Xiang feel somewhat accidentally, he also thinks that this fierce Big Shot is the hair is gray. Therefore he thinks immediately that this Xu Dazhong should be second-generation peak God Emperor, therefore will be quite young, the in other words this Xu Dazhong strength possibly is inferior to beforehand that purple Yuan Dean! Previous purple Yuan Dean shouted Dai Donggong time is to shout little rascal, but was also killed by Shen Xiang, therefore Shen Xiang will have this feeling.

Little brother, has a matter I to be very awkward!” Xu Dazhong has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, this Xu Dazhong is much longer, looks like does not have what deterrent force, instead is somewhat genial, sees likely is not Dean. Is your daughter does not want to marry me?” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Almost...... However, but my Xu Dazhong cannot go back on word, even if she does not want to marry, I will also marry her your.” Xu Dazhong said with a smile. The Shen Xiang brow jumps, this Xu Dazhong said that making him feel that daughter is not quite perhaps good, possibly has the flaws of other aspects. Ha Ha......” Xu Dazhong he he saying with a smile: „Do young people, what you fear? Was worried that my daughter is a monster?” You comply with straightforward, I somewhat was also worried!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, this Xu Dazhong was so good to speak, making Shen Xiang quite accidental. You do not need to fear! You know that Fang Zitian that brat is also good, he very much likes the daughter.” Xu Dazhong lowers the sound saying: Just you won him, the daughter was your.” Shen Xiang touches the chin, said: Always felt that your this father is not reasonable, how can you make these transactions with your daughter?” Xu Dazhong sighed: Then is not my meaning! Actually is daughter's meaning, she makes Fang Zitian challenge Star Law God Territory various group of heroes, if he can the perfection, marry Fang Zitian, if who complies with Fang Zitian, she marries who! I while convenient fish.” What does that also wait for? Called quickly your daughter, she was my!” Shen Xiang laughed.

But she reneges on a promise now! Or this, you and others several 20 years, I regenerate a daughter to give you, like this I do not calculate that went back on word.” The Xu Dazhong words made Shen Xiang be shocked. Shen Xiang has gawked half sound, said: No, I want now this! Didn't have other means?” Xu Dazhong shakes the head to sigh: Did not have, which my knows that she initially said that but I and Fang Zitian have taken seriously, I by his Toukeng! The little brother, you promises me, or I try hard, lives two to you, I ensure they are my daughter! My does not think that my prestige is destroyed in a moment!” „The woman who Fang Zitian this person has a liking for is not definitely simple, I must decide her.” Shen Xiang does not do any makes concessions. Xu Dazhong thinks that said: Means have! You also said a moment ago, woman who Fang Zitian has a liking, naturally is not the ordinary woman! Fang Zitian is my one trains, therefore my this daughter is not weak, if you can win her, perhaps she with you! I go to chat with her again.” Xu Dazhong said that hurriedly ran, Shen Xiang speechless sighing, sits down to continue to drink tea, he has not thought purple Yuan Dean unexpectedly that rarely seen that this comes to power newly. Feeds, do do not forget you to come to here are do! You really iron core the daughter who must take away that fellow?” Yue'er happily said with a smile. This, I have certainly spent two ten Godhead, but also open and aboveboard has defeated Fang Zitian! Therefore the Xu Dazhong daughter was my! Even if the Purple Yuan Sect crew cut, I must carry off her! This is matter of principle!” Shen Xiang drank tea, the patience was waiting. After half double-hour, Xu Dazhong came, saying that he smiles: My daughter complied, she said that wants through her three tests, complies to marry you! Naturally, if you cannot pass, I will have two daughters to you. Your good son-in-law to be rarely seen like this, I thought that you were much better compared with Fang Zitian!” That is natural, I may be more graceful than him, does his compare favorably with I?” Saying with a smile that Shen Xiang smelly is not concerned about face: Leads me to look for your daughter quickly.”

Purple Yuan Sect is very big, plants the full purple flower everywhere, very attractive, Shen Xiang followed behind to walk long journey in Xu Dazhong, arrived at a dwelling entrance. My daughter in inside, you have gone in! I with you.” Xu Dazhong said that must walk, but actually held on his latter collar by Shen Xiang. Why don't you go in me?” Shen Xiang asked. I am worried about her to your test, when you pass through the gate started! Is you must marry her, you naturally want to face her test, I do not join in the fun.” Xu Dazhong said with a smile. Hello, you fear your daughter probably very much!” Shen Xiang said: I know nothing about your daughter, my wish makes me your son-in-law, your good and bad must help me,” She is one...... She inherent on control very fearful and mysterious strength, this is called the curse strength! For example she said that you will die, you will die! She said that you is a turtle, you turn into the turtle, in addition, she also understood that some strange formation, enters her these formation, will be very bad luck, I stepped into formation before, then turns into a dog, changed one month changed turn into a human.” Xu Dazhong mentioned this matter to come, in the look was full of the fear: Therefore I thought that you accept my another suggestion, when my a period of time, I live two to you normally.” Shen Xiang hears Xu Dazhong to describe oneself daughter's ability, he is also curious, this ability is also very fearful, and is very mystical! „, I wanted her!” Shen Xiang walks to push the door immediately, but Xu Dazhong ran does not have the shade.