World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2329
Xu Youqing sees Shen Xiang and own father suddenly appears, moreover exchanges flattery and favors, immediately understands Shen Xiang is drags forcefully his father, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly will arrive is so quick, but leaves the less than half double-hour. Father!” Xu Youqing sees own father to arrive, stands to send regards. Girl, do you make him lead me to do? Your father was old, could not withstand to toss about, again do not feel embarrassed me.” The Xu Dazhong forced smile said. Xu Youqing looked at Shen Xiang one, the eyes belt has smiled, has hit a meaningful glance to Shen Xiang. allow Senior, my real name called Shen Xiang actually, I was not Yun Fei.” Shen Xiang earnest saying. What? Shen Xiang? Before is Dai Donggong together us, fellow who Dean blows away?” Xu Dazhong surprisedly said: Your this young bastard, I kills you now!” Although Xu Dazhong said that but he does not have fight! Because he sees Shen Xiang to be calm. Why don't you run?” Xu Dazhong asked. Because I want to ask you, how you know before I kill you, Dean?” Shen Xiang thought that this matter is quite secret, Purple Yuan Sect should not know that they only know at most that is Dai Donggong does. „The life bead of fellow is quite special, before he, some images appear in his life Zhu at the point of death, I saw, then goes to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains to inquire that knows is you.” Xu Dazhong earnest replied. I have killed that fellow, aren't you now Dean? Although your former Dean look like very old, but can also support a period of time, his undying words, can you have today?” Shen Xiang said.

Good, his undying words, is not one's turn me to come to power.” Xu Dazhong nodded. I am not really clear, Purple Yuan Sect such big sect, how are you blending Dean?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: You look like may not have the Dean appearance.” That is you did not know about me that will despise my! In Purple Yuan Sect, the faction has several, but I am strongest, although these fellows are peak God Emperor of older generation, but the overall strength is actually inferior to me, they had self-knowledge, has not snatched with me, therefore I came up.” Saying of Xu Dazhong very haughty. Father...... A moment ago do not kill him?” The Xu Youqing reminder said. Right!” Xu Dazhong was saying, has the sleeve on lu, then also said: „Does this fellow look like does not go bad? I am quite satisfied to him, is my son-in-law to be also good! Although is person who I must kill!” I said the uncle, you can mix this status, the sunlight will not be definitely short shallowly, before I can you, Dean kills, moreover draws Dai Donggong to enter the fire, how do you think my potential?” Shen Xiang has patted his shoulder, asked. This was a little fierce, Dai Donggong this fellow I understood that depending on his smelly temperament, is very difficult to join other influences, let alone makes him give up Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains the position of Dean, betrays Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, does against with sect that Master founds! Looked like seems like cursed was the same!” Xu Dazhong said. This was my skill!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Uncle, you take advantage now also not with I have the bitter hatred the time, again do not keep thinking about me! We conflict not to be good, the cooperation is the [say / way] of development, didn't you say a moment ago? Your this Purple Yuan Sect has several factions . Moreover the heads of these factions are peak God Emperor of older generation, they independent combat unable to make you, if they united in secret, you thought that you can cope with them?” Xu Youqing is auditing, in heart approves the Shen Xiang's method darkly, unexpectedly must win over her father! She thinks also to think that Shen Xiang is very fierce, can defeat Fang Zitian this megalomania, moreover wins over Dai Donggong, oneself definitely has very excellent place. If such person offended, must a bit faster eradicate, otherwise no end of trouble for the future, if has not offended, do not provoke. You need an ally! If I married your daughter, I am you best ally!” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Sounds well! I put your horse!” After Xu Dazhong wants to understand, grins to laugh, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Continues to try hard, through the test, my this tender dī dī daughter was your.” I walked, you continue!” Xu Dazhong walks quickly, after oneself go out of the courtyard, is still still shaken, previous time he has cast the shadow in this courtyard. „The second test passed.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Next?” Last was difficult, you must catch me!” Xu Youqing said. Simple!” Shen Xiang walked, just wants to hold the Xu Youqing women's clothing, has not actually thought actually got nothing for one's effort, Xu Youqing also turned into fog to diverge. Youqing, you where? You do not appear, how do I grasp?” Shen Xiang shouted, this Xu Youqing has so fierce Divine Ability unexpectedly, to hold her not to be truly easy. This is the test, you want to overcome the difficulties, you do not need to be worried that I in this courtyard, will not run around.” Xu Youqing said with a smile lightly, her light and lively sound reverberation in Shen Xiang's ear bank, but he is actually not able to distinguish the position that Xu Youqing was. Shen Xiang uses Dao Heart Eye immediately, he thought that this Xu Youqing definitely grasped any fierce cultivation technique, will otherwise not make her have curse strength as well as this Divine Ability. She should not know that I have Dao Heart Eye!” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, because he saw Xu Youqing, at this time she is in the flowering shrubs in courtyard. After seeing Xu Youqing, Shen Xiang displays anti- strength immediately, suddenly vanish from sight!

After he comes back, first time uses anti- strength, he also wants to have a look in this Star Law God Territory, there is a person to see through him! After Shen Xiang displays anti- strength, wanders Xu Youqing that in the flowering shrubs looks like the alarmed bird, suddenly rapid flying leaps up, she has not expected Shen Xiang to understand Divine Ability that unexpectedly this letting own vanish from sight, this and her ability some first are. Does not know that she can see me!” After Shen Xiang with Dao Heart Eye catch to Xu Youqing, immediately pursues. Xu Youqing hovering in midair, is seeking for the Shen Xiang's trace likely, she cannot see Shen Xiang, moreover she is using her various abilities to investigate the position that Shen Xiang is. Space prohibits!” Shen Xiang uses space power, prohibiting that scrap space that Xu Youqing is, Xu Youqing also to induce, is proceeding along no particular course everywhere. When Shen Xiang thinks goes well, actually the discovery turns into transparent Qi mist Xu Youqing unexpectedly to penetrate his space to prohibit, to run! In Xu Youqing heart dark startled, Shen Xiang's space strength her expected that results in stronger to be bigger. I understood!” Shen Xiang suddenly has thought of anything, he thought that he quick must hold Xu Youqing, because he has seen through the method of Xu Youqing use.