World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2330

Xu Youqing is flying at this time everywhere randomly, she also very obeys the game rule of her setting, she said that will not run this courtyard not to fly, she will fly at this time everywhere randomly, only to avoid being locked by Shen Xiang! Because she knows that Shen Xiang can see her trail. What understands?” Yue'er curious asking. This is not her main body, is only her Divine Soul! Moreover is very formidable Divine Soul, seems like exactly the same as the main body.” Shen Xiang said: Divine Soul can control with wishes fulfilled, can turn into all kinds of things along with the regard of main body, but this needs to complete in Divine sea.” She can achieve now , because she grasps secret technique, so long as Divine Soul is not far away from the main body, change that also the energy has one's wish in Divine sea likely.” Shen Xiang said: She turned into a fallen leaf now, hides in the fallen leaf pile.” Yue'er said: „Is that unexpectedly Divine Soul? I have not looked! Does that have the means to catch her?” Naturally has, stresses the Divine Soul best means that is uses Divine sea to grasp! It seems like I must make into my Divine sea her.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. He had a plan, his motionless of this time Jing Jing (quietly), simultaneously the idea the Xu Youqing trend, after Xu Youqing is turning into the fallen leaf, fluttered with the wind in a piece of thick patch of grass, then quietly turned into a grass. Xu Youqing blames the general idea at this time darkly, she also thinks that Shen Xiang will give way before difficulties finally, but has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly has that many methods, otherwise she said beforehand a time limit, such Shen Xiang cannot catch her in the time limit, even if unable to pass. This move is also she biggest depending on, therefore in front of Shen Xiang after her two tests, she is calm! She does not certainly want to marry Shen Xiang, even does not want to get married, otherwise she will not toss about that many matters to come, but she thinks very danger(ous) now, if Shen Xiang through her this third test, when the time comes she also can only brace oneself to marry Shen Xiang. Although Xu Youqing does not want, but she has the principle, keeps own promise, she never violates oneself have spoken the words! Let alone the Shen Xiang's overall condition is better, she thought that she endures.

When Xu Youqing indulges in flights of fancy, she in a flash, suddenly went to a strange place at present, this is not her small courtyard! She arrived by a sand beach, the front is the beautiful deep blue sea, ten thousand li (0.5km) blue sky is fluttering several white clouds, but in her behind is piece of beautiful sea of flowers. I held you!” Shen Xiang according to her shoulder on, happily said with a smile. I...... Changed?” Xu Youqing looked at own body, she turned into the human form unexpectedly, moreover this was not controlled by her. Where is this? Is......” Xu Youqing suddenly one startled: I in your Divine sea?” Xu Youqing looked at all around, she at this time on a beautiful island, front is vast Lan Hai, looks very enjoyably, feels the cool sea breeze to blow, makes her feel to be enchanted by. „Is this really your Divine sea?” Xu Youqing some cannot determine that like a Shen Xiang strong person, the Divine sea world unexpectedly so is so tranquil, the person unexpectedly is a person of pursue tranquil life. Shen Xiang nodded! He will certainly not tell Xu Youqing, he also has second Divine sea, from some significance, his second Divine sea is his true Divine sea. I hold your Divine Soul, this adopted your test?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: After all I have not held your main body!”

Xu Youqing hesitant, nod said: Was passes! Do you see my? Also discovered what I use is Divine Soul? This has not looked including my father!” I accidentally understand secret method, can make me practice to see the energy of any shape, therefore I can see you! From the beginning what I have not seen you to use is Divine Soul, your this Divine Soul is truly unusual, is just the same as the honorable person . Moreover the body also has the fluctuation of Godhead strength!” Shen Xiang is unable to understand how at this time Xu Youqing achieves, because he can see in Xu Youqing this Divine Soul to have the skeleton. Divine Soul cultivates fleshly body, then cultivates the skeleton in Divine Soul fleshly body, then to be equal to breaking the limits of nine Godhead? How did you afterward see?” Regarding secret method that Shen Xiang this type accidentally cultivates, Xu Youqing is also very curious, she planned, must ask Shen Xiang well, after all she now is the Shen Xiang's wife. I can know that you are changing, but you do not have the fluctuation of any energy in the change, moreover I see your energy from beginning to end am a shape! This generally only then Divine Soul can have the phenomenon that in Divine sea, therefore I looked. Your Divine Soul left Divine sea, can look like in the change that in Divine sea has one's wish, is very fierce!” Shen Xiang praised. Under the Shen Xiang's control, Xu Youqing Divine Soul also left Shen Xiang's Divine sea. Xu Youqing Divine Soul also vanish from sight, afterward not far away house opened the door, Xu Youqing walked from inside, looks like her main body and Divine Soul is exactly the same! Main body has eight skeletons, Divine Soul has five skeletons! Does not know that she can simultaneously use these skeletons, if, her strength is not weak, her Godhead also has hundred!” The Shen Xiang heart is startled, his suddenly somewhat is vigilant that this was he has run into skeleton most people, Your does suddenly fear me?” Xu Youqing catch to the Shen Xiang's facial expression, slightly frowned: You fear my curse strength? Feared that I did renege on a promise you kill? You do not need to be worried that my Xu Youqing lives up to one's words, now you through my test, I also complied to marry you, you were also my husband.”

This...... Youqing, I had several wife, I must explain with you first.” Shen Xiang has coughed two, said. No problem, I early looked!” Although Xu Youqing said that but light lightly snorted, then asked: „Are their strengths very strong?” Should you not be strong, but is not weak...... I and they separated a period of time, next time will see their times again, they should become stronger.” Shen Xiang said. Xu Youqing walks, turns circle around Shen Xiang, careful looks at Shen Xiang, said: You also on the alert me! Why?” I thought that you are I come Star Law God Territory, meets the strongest person, this is my instinct responded purely.” Shen Xiang said truthfully. Why thought so? Because of my strength of curse? But before you, sees my time is not this, what have you discovered on me?” Xu Youqing pursues asks, she compares to care about this. That seems she very big secret.