World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2331

Shen Xiang through three inspections of Xu Youqing, Xu Youqing also indicated a moment ago can keep the promise, is his wife, but they do not have what sentiment now, but also has a gap, between both sides deficient understood. Therefore after Shen Xiang sees Xu Youqing is hiding very formidable strength, secret on the alert, Xu Youqing is also sensitive, can feel clearly Shen Xiang is guarding against her. Can say really?” Shen Xiang smiled, retreat two steps. I now am your wife, kills husband matter I to be possible unable to do.” Xu Youqing lightly snorted: Among us lacks the trust, needs to communicate well!” Good, I saw in a moment ago your Divine Soul also has the skeleton, the difference of quantity and your body of this skeleton!” Shen Xiang said: The skeleton quantity that in other words, you have now, has gone far beyond nine skeleton limits. Therefore I some fears, this purely is the instinct responded that I now and you are not ripe.” Shen Xiang also really is a little worried about this Xu Youqing, because does not want to marry him, then falls the homicide, therefore he will guard. Really so, has not thought that you are so fierce, can look including this.” Xu Youqing said with a smile lightly: You do not think that my skeleton surmounts nine Godhead, was formidable, therefore you worried that I will massacre you to break an engagement?” Shen Xiang nodded: I truly think!” Xu Youqing suddenly holds on Shen Xiang's, said with a smile tenderly: I , to kill you, the means are many! Moreover that barbaric murder way is not I excels, truly speaking, I see the blood and deceased person very much repugnantly, if I kill you, definitely will let your dying quietly.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: My young woman, you also are really fearful!” Although he said that but he gently has grasped the white hands of Xu Youqing, is feeling that type soft creamy.

Xu Youqing charmingly angry, then draws Shen Xiang to enter in the room. Shen Xiang is quite accidental, this Xu Youqing does not dislike him unexpectedly, probably was very easy to accept has married his matter, he thinks that thought one were also very good, settled on by Xu Youqing nothing. When his narcissism, Yue'er suddenly said: In this is very fearful!” Shen Xiang used Dao Heart Eye to look immediately, discovered that all around was full of a silver-white energy, floated in all directions, moreover. Is the strength of that curse?” In the Shen Xiang heart is startled. Xu Youqing makes Shen Xiang sit down, then puts out some drinking of eating to him, seeing some Shen Xiang non- natures, Xu Youqing to ask with a smile: What thing did you see?” Here is full of a strange energy probably, what is that?” Shen Xiang said that he did not determine that is Xu Youqing the strength of curse. Xu Youqing stretches out the jade palm, lifts to Shen Xiang in front, said: Looked carefully!” Shen Xiang looks at her palm, sees only one group of silver-white rays to well up from her palm, felt time that the ray shines, why Shen Xiang does not know, suddenly thought that some discomfort of not being able saying that unknowingly, his unexpectedly has stood, he realized after oneself uncontrolled, body instinct strength of production resistance, making him sit.

When he sits, white ray also vanish from sight of Xu Youqing palm. A moment ago how?” Shen Xiang recovers, the whole face is surprised. You were cursed by me a moment ago! You are really fierce, can break my curse!” Xu Youqing said with a smile, in the look full was the appreciation: That was the puppet cursed a moment ago, so long as you touched the puppet curse strength, you will be controlled by me! If the strength bad person, oneself are unable to discover! But after I withdraw the strength of curse, he also thinks one had a dream, will not discover.” However you just started, has discovered that can therefore break my curse strength!” Shen Xiang said: Then, in your this room is this type curses strength?” Xu Youqing hee happily said with a smile: This is only I to protect oneself one method, you do not need to worry that I will not injure you, let alone uses the strength of curse for your this powerful person, I will also lose am very serious.” Shen Xiang has felt relieved, this Xu Youqing looks like, although gentle delicate, but that mischievousness in her bone, Shen Xiang can feel, therefore he some worries. This strength is you cultivates? I had also been cursed before, that curse is not big to my injury, but makes me very bothersome, is called anything to trace the incantation, is can momentarily know my position to the fellow who I exert the curse.” Shen Xiang said: Heard that fellow makes himself harm greatly with this curse.” That is natural, he has not cursed strength, he needs to carry on to offer sacrifices to obtain to curse strength, under incantation to you! He should or be other things offers sacrifices with oneself cultivation base! I can cultivating the strength of curse inborn, therefore I do not need to offer sacrifices.” Xu Youqing said: I will usually not abuse, if with some fierce curses, I needs to damage life essence...... even is consumes Godhead or the skeleton is good.”

Good weird strength!” Shen Xiang exclaims: Then your Divine Soul inside skeleton what's the matter? Can that you help you obtain formidable strength?” Xu Youqing shook the head: I am missing unable the skeleton of Divine Soul and fleshly body am connected, cannot be connected, means that strength cannot share, cannot achieve the superposition effect! Curse cultivation technique that I understand, in the practice, making my accident cultivate refined into such Divine Soul, moreover Divine Soul is equal outside my body the incarnation, can directly use my hundred Godhead! Behind I discovered that this Divine Soul can also practice the skeleton alone!” I have made many effort, is unable fuses fleshly body and Divine Soul inside skeleton, if can achieve, my present strength should surmount the peak.” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ponder, the big of every possible strange thing world, Xu Youqing has itself to practice the way unusually, this can make her take an out of the ordinary path, although can make her very strong, but also similarly made her become very lonely, because this path, only then she walked, encountered any difficulty, needed itself to solve. Shen Xiang has big feelings, because he is also taking a unusual path. Xu Youqing sees Shen Xiang to ponder, has not disturbed him, she could see that Shen Xiang is the same with oneself, is trying to find out an out of the ordinary path. Shen Xiang's Godhead has not arrived at 100, but can actually defeat Fang Zitian this peak God Emperor, definitely cultivates any fearful strength. After the moment, Shen Xiang drank tea, Xu Youqing then in a soft voice inquired: What view do you have? If I can melt the skeleton union of fleshly body and Divine Soul, my strength can surmount peak God Emperor.”