World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2332
Shen Xiang puts down the teacup, said: I only think of a mentality, but can become I do not know!” Shen Xiang has very rich experience above the practice, now he has second Divine sea, moreover he cultivates is the double skeletons, therefore he can think of many things. What mentality?” Xu Youqing hastily asked that in the look filled urgently. „Do you have to try to practice Divine sea in your unique Divine Soul? If cultivates, you have two Divine sea, two Divine sea both are your, when the time comes you only need to fuse together, the skeleton of your Divine Soul can also absorb the strength of Divine sea to give you this main body to use.” Shen Xiang said. I have thought that but this feasible? Second Divine sea, this matter is very mysterious!” Xu Youqing said: I never have to attempt, this was too difficult.” „It is not difficult, you want all mind strongly on your Divine Soul, wholeheartedly cultivates with Divine Soul, like you in the past such, can definitely practice second Divine sea to come, your Divine Soul has independent second Divine sea, you can continue to practice Godhead.” Shen Xiang said: Practices second Divine sea, this breaks through the peak God Emperor only way.” Xu Youqing at present one bright, asked in a low voice: „Were you practice second Divine sea to come? Or did you understand? My father has not said the second Divine sea matter with me, moreover he was stranded in peak God Emperor is also very long.” Shen Xiang does not have the direct reaction she, but said with a smile: Practices second Divine sea to need certain chance, has the chance like you! How as for must practice second Divine sea, I do not know now, but I have the time also to study diligently the study.” Afterward Shen Xiang and Xu Youqing are discussing second Divine sea, he inquired how many Xu Youqing use Divine Soul to practice the matter of skeleton, this has given him many inspirations, because has succeeded on Xu Youqing, he thought that can attempt. They discussed very much invest, unknowingly on the night, Shen Xiang arrived at the entrance, looks at the sky the full moon, now he remembers himself to come here goal, he must practice the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant! Where do you want to go to?” Seeing Shen Xiang must go out of the entrance, Xu Youqing hastily goes forward to hold on him. I must look for your father!” Shen Xiang said that he wants to look for Xu Dazhong to chat, lets his here rusticity richest place practice.

„Do you of greater part of the night ask him to do? Is I marries you, is not he...... Since I were your new bride, you should not make anything......” Xu Youqing to blush to the new bride, said in a soft voice. This...... I forgot.” Shen Xiang has turned around, Hehe said with a smile. Snort, since I complied to marry you, I naturally complete gave itself you.” Xu Youqing spat tenderly. Walks, we bathe first!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, then grasps Xu Youqing, at this time he also becomes very anxious. Xu Youqing did not plan to walk quickly this step, but after she and Shen Xiang have contacted, discovering Shen Xiang imagine stronger to be bigger than her, was the quite rare dependence, let alone she thought that she will give Shen Xiang's sooner or later, might as well was simpler, moreover in her heart also a little anticipated that feeling...... Next morning, Shen Xiang looks that the back to Xu Youqing that he is sleeping soundly, he kisses the fragrant shoulder of Xu Youqing, when was tasting last night sexual intercourse being enchanted by. Didn't hold the big marriage?” Shen Xiang sees Xu Youqing to wake up, kisses her cheeks, asked. Does not use, I do not like that liveliness, like this was OK!” The Xu Youqing double cheek blushes, kisses the Shen Xiang's cheeks: „Don't you have the matter to look for my father? Goes quickly!” Shen Xiang hastily gets up to wear the clothes, he has not thought that such fused has conquered Xu Youqing this wonderful female, was looking at the Xu Youqing that perfect non- flaw luster of the skin, his some have not been able to believe that Xu Youqing was so easy from him. Last night had not looked to suffice!” Xu Youqing is charmingly angry to wear the clothes, then said with a smile: What's wrong, you also thought that I will harm you?” Is only some cannot believe.” Shen Xiang said with a smile.

Is busy quickly your! I am your, but also feared that I did run inadequately?” Xu Youqing said with a smile lightly: Must come to be too easy, makes you not have the conquering feeling?” Naturally is not!” Shen Xiang kisses the Xu Youqing cherry lips, happily said with a smile: My beautiful pretty little girl, I thought that this extremely in illusion, the female like you, so was unexpectedly easy to follow me.” You did not have the confidence to yourself! Can't you see oneself merit? But I the process think decide with your, otherwise I already ran, you also take me not to have the means.” Xu Youqing helps Shen Xiang reorganize the clothes. Really is a virtuous good wife.” Shen Xiang traces her face, said with a smile. Was right, do your how many wives have me to be good to you so? When the time comes can they bully me?” Xu Youqing asked that on the face full was the worried look. Do not bully their that's alright! They are very good to speak, although they do not have your this strength, but they have outstanding in other aspects, for example alchemy refiner, fierce!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: They will come after a period of time, when the time comes needs you to lead them to be familiar with here!” Xu Youqing nodded, although she grasps the strength of fearful curse, but she is very gentle good, but occasionally some mischievous children. Shen Xiang leaves the Xu Youqing house, had found Xu Dazhong, this fellow was singing that coarse song very early in the morning, if he were not Dean, depended on the singing sound that this type was similar to shrieks and howls wildly, was already battered to death by the innumerable smelly shoes. „Are you also living? Through inspecting?” Xu Dazhong sees Shen Xiang, immediately runs over, pats in the Shen Xiang upper body: Miracle, miracle! You stayed a evening in her damned place, unexpectedly the trifling thing does not have!” Shen Xiang shrugs, said: Father-in-law Sir, you also underestimated me!” Xu Dazhong has gawked staring, then wrinkled the nose, he smelled oneself daughter's body to be fragrant from Shen Xiang, was more surprised.

Good brat, your nuptial chamber?” Xu Dazhong whole face astonished asking. Shen Xiang smiles not to speak, facial expression that you understand! Xu Dazhong has raised up the thumb to him: Good son-in-law!” Father-in-law Sir, I was your son-in-law, moreover were you as Purple Yuan Sect Dean, you meaning meaning, to gift anything!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. I gave you treasure daughter, were you what kind of? I did not ask that you wanted the gift to be good!” Xu Dazhong ill-humored saying. Xu Dazhong entrains into Shen Xiang a secret room, asked: What do you have to plan in Eternal Heaven Star? We reached an agreement to unite before, you must tell me, otherwise when the time comes we conflict.” After Shen Xiang and this Xu Dazhong contact, thought that the manner is good, their father and daughter are very interesting, moreover now was his father-in-law, naturally was trustworthy.