World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2333

Before Xu Dazhong, has said that has several factions in this Purple Yuan Sect, he can become Dean, is quite strong because of his overall strength! But this cannot guarantee he can calm and steady sits, even if he can in this position calm and steady sits, but entire Purple Yuan Sect is not he decides completely. Shen Xiang is also very clear, like Purple Yuan Sect this influence, the matter that the interior manipulates strategically also has, but will not be obvious, is dark. Now Xu Dazhong can win over Shen Xiang, he also was very certainly happy that this after all was his family member, was trustworthy. Our current plans first expand, trains several peak God Emperor, then secret does Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains! Right, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is occupied by your Purple Yuan Sect now.” Shen Xiang said: Father-in-law Sir, when the time comes you may probably coordinate to select me, lets Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, I will definitely give you many advantage.” Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is not I manages, had been occupied by two factions, this is a pork! I can sit Dean this position to be good, if I swallow Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains again, definitely will cause the popular anger, I have no recourse to give up Eternal Heaven Star.” Xu Dazhong helpless saying, although he is careless, but his very much has the brain. Gives other cliques Eternal Heaven Star, actually this is the benefit exchange, like this he can calm and steady sits the Dean position. This is not wonderful, other Eternal Heaven Star and day of stars are different, this Eternal Heaven Star has very big potential, they passed in that side develop in secret similarly, can perhaps instead kill, compelling you to abdicate.” Shen Xiang said: Reason that now you can calm discussion, that be because of everybody's strength quite.” I am certainly clear! My overall strength is quite strong, but they are similar, therefore I was isolated, you have not to know that I do not think from the beginning, when Dean, becomes the advantage that Dean gains is many, but this also means that these fellows have scruples me, simultaneously I must sacrifice more interests to make them calm and steady in later, otherwise they will join up to cope with me.” Shen Xiang is very clear is isolated the later situation, but the opposite party actually secretly unites, Xu Dazhong has fallen into passively, can only brace oneself to make Dean, because is improper, he will also be isolated, might as well came up to reap profit said again. Father-in-law Sir, then your meaning is...... The Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that side can I get rid at will?” Shen Xiang asked.

Um, you come casually, but your exposed, have not been able to make them know that you are my son-in-law, otherwise I cannot mix here.” Xu Dazhong has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: You, if constrains them in Eternal Heaven Star, can share for me! Goes to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains these fellows to kill my, they secretly are developing now.” Some of your Purple Yuan Sect altogether how many factions?” Shen Xiang asked. In addition my words, altogether seven factions, two quite strong went to Eternal Heaven Star, two are the people with no mind of his own, two also in Purple Yuan Villa...... there in Purple Yuan Heaven Star other half, is the Purple Yuan Sect influence, Purple Yuan Heaven Star another 50% medium small influence had won over by them, they develop also quickly.” Xu Dazhong said. Shen Xiang has not thought that so will be interesting, Purple Yuan Sect unexpectedly is also in a state of disunity, he also thinks that before Eternal Heaven Star is this! But has saying that even if Purple Yuan Sect so, but is still very formidable, the head of each faction is very strong. Such settled, I help you handle the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains fellow, when the time comes Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains gives me!” Shen Xiang said: Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is quite for me important.” Under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains has a mysterious and fearful seal, Shen Xiang must defend, otherwise there is any a fierce thing to run, entire Star Law God Territory will be world of Nine Heaven will even have the trouble. Right did the father-in-law Sir, in Purple Yuan Sect have the rusticity very rich place?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally has, how?” Xu Dazhong asked. Is you governs?” Shen Xiang also asked.

Yes, can you practice?” Xu Dazhong said with a smile: Absorption rusticity has anything to be good to practice, although these rusticity are very useful, but is used to practice is not good, I have tried, anything has not used!” Lets my going in dull a period of time, I want to try!” Shen Xiang said that he did not determine now can through absorbing that rusticity cultivates the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant. Comes with me!” Xu Dazhong were not many says anything, Shen Xiang was his good son-in-law, moreover can add on him to be busy, he naturally must treat well. Shen Xiang arrives at to deeply a following staircase with Xu Dazhong, after arriving following, enters a giant stone chamber. These rusticity after the earth releases, changes the air/Qi of become god spirit, continuously, this is also the foundation that our Purple Yuan Sect formation maintains.” Xu Dazhong said: Here is the rusticity richest place, is we places a base to be, therefore here has made a stone chamber, you here practice.” Can release the so rich rusticity, definitely also has any thing under the conversion of energy of earth core, Shen Xiang also thinks that he cannot act unreasonably in this Purple Yuan Sect. After Xu Dazhong leaves, making Shen Xiang keep here to practice, he feels relieved very much to Shen Xiang. This fellow also good, asks next time he does know the Undead God Clan matter! Like this also such young peak God Emperor, should not participate in that matter.” Yue'er said. Um, certainly asks!” Shen Xiang starts to absorb the rusticity practice.

Has practiced after for quite a while, he discovered that truly does not have what effect, with is the same, rusticity direct absorption anything that Xu Dazhong said that has not used. I do not believe!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, he planned that refines these rusticity, after using Heaven Refining Technique refines, will let the quality increases much, here rusticity that many, he thought that can be used to refine crystal Divine Pill. Shen Xiang uses Heaven Refining Technique inside method, inhales in the massive rusticity World Creation God Furnace completely, the continuous absorption one all day, has congealed big group viscous liquid to stop until World Creation God Furnace. These things is tame than divine medicine, refines should not any difficulty!” Shen Xiang after the flame will build up a period of time, removes inside impurity, then uses the collision law, enhances the quality after the collision. These techniques he was skilled, moreover when he has not learned to refine King-Grade Divine Pill grasps, therefore refines pill this rusticity, does not have the difficulty regarding him. Has refined one all day, he has put out grain of black pill pellet from pill furnace. Is crystal Divine Pill, how can be the black?” Shen Xiang knits the brows: This should be King-Grade Divine Pill! Um, is called Elemental Spirit Dan!”