World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2334

Shen Xiang eats up place Elemental Spirit Dan that just refined, was built up the later rusticity to explode to spurt in his within the body, he skeleton of this rusticity introduction forehead, will gather immediately.

Is less than day, he completely builds up that rusticity in the skeleton, but the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant has not actually congealed. Can succeed?” Shen Xiang also lacked self-confidence now, must concentrate the soul of that Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant to be difficult baseless. Luckily before him, once clear has seen this Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant in own dantian, therefore he thinks or has the possibility. In the following day, he has refined ten grains of place Elemental Spirit Dan, grains of eat up , to continue to practice the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, he builds up now results was getting quicker and quicker, but the half-day time can build up one grain! Quick, he built up to melt six grains, but in his skeleton had one group of black things, the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant has not appeared! Continues to eat, I do not believe!” After Shen Xiang finished eating remaining place Elemental Spirit Dan completely builds up, still has not refined the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant. However, he had many progress, when the soul of his concise Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant what uses is Heaven Refining Technique, now has been able to see the embryonic form of soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, but also is only a very fuzzy outline. For all that but made Shen Xiang see the hope! Let him know that own effort has not been in vain, enabling him to have the power that continues to practice. Also needs Elemental Spirit Dan to be much good evidently, the soul of oneself concise this Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant is really not simple!” Shen Xiang the crazy absorption here rusticity, in pouring into World Creation God Furnace, he must refine more place Elemental Spirit Dan at this time. Now he refined the Elemental Spirit Dan speed also changes quick, this had the experience that beforehand gained in! His these time has refined 100 grains, has used more than 20 days of! He closed up already for two months here! ......

Suddenly, Shen Xiang has closed up over six months! This brat also is really, closes up is so long, completely has forgotten my tender dī dī daughter, but also is the man?” Xu Dazhong walks back and forth in Outer Sect, because Xu Youqing came to look for Shen Xiang twice, but Shen Xiang is still actually closing up below. Father, ok! He is busy cultivating, I am only something want to consult him!” Xu Youqing understands Shen Xiang actually, she also knows that Shen Xiang has the [say / way] of unusual practice, now definitely is the critical moment. But she thought that has separated for two months with Shen Xiang, in the heart thinks of strangely his, she is the first time so worries a man. Xu Dazhong nodded: Very has the desire to do better, good young fellow! Right, does Fang Zitian have to look for you? His wound was much better, Shen Xiang this fellow starts to have the discretion very much, has not made him leave behind any secret disease.” Xu Youqing shook the head: No, he to my also undying heart? But I now married woman!” Xu Dazhong sighed: I am only somewhat was worried that Zitian he very has liked your, moreover he to practice peak God Emperor, had sacrificed...... Even started somewhat to be bewitched, I feared him because this matter was attacked!” Fang Zitian after is the apprentice who Xu Dazhong leads, the strength is also good, he also helped Fang Zitian speak many words of praise, but Xu Youqing is not willing to marry Fang Zitian. Father, Fang Zitian this fellow is sick, the disposition has very big flaw! He and my together, has not always smiled to me! I know that he is your apprentice, moreover you have also spoken many words of praise for him, therefore I once tried to associate with him, but this fellow is very senseless!” Xu Youqing tenderly snorted and said. How haven't you said with me?” Xu Dazhong knits the brows: „Do you try to associate with him really? He has not told me, he said that you look cold and indifferent to him!” Xu Youqing snort|hum said immediately: Fart, I am the enthusiastic look paste the cold buttocks to him, because if not for he is your outstanding disciple, I already cursed him! This fellow was really too excessive!” Father, I do not like he main reason, is he very much looks down upon me! Thinks that I must respect him, worships him, admires him to be the same, all day is the peak God Emperor strength says oneself, I really could not endure finally, then did not see him.”

Xu Dazhong surprisedly said: Has this matter? Although Zitian arrogant a point, but he has not been dissolute before me!” Xu Youqing low snort|hum said: Fang Zitian this fellow does not like me, he wants to hold me , to promote own prestige through this, like this he can also show off before others! peak is God Emperor also what kind of? Hadn't been defeated by Shen Xiang maliciously? Shen Xiang is better than 100 times him.” „Am I better than 100 times whom?” Shen Xiang's laughter suddenly transmits, he has congealed the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, at this time his skeleton becomes very unusual, as if had the life to be ordinary, once for a while spout an active vitality. husband!” Xu Youqing sees Shen Xiang, runs hastily, sweet greasy is holding the Shen Xiang's arm, could see that she missed Shen Xiang. brat, you came out finally! However you look like the promotion are not big!” Xu Dazhong sees Shen Xiang and Xu Youqing sentimental unexpectedly is so good, felt relieved. Shen Xiang smiled, he can be said as has not promoted a little, after all he prepares for second Divine sea now. Was right, you must be careful that Fang Zitian, this child compares to bear a grudge!” Xu Dazhong serious [say / way]: I will ask him to chat, making him not come to look for your trouble!” Shen Xiang nodded, he does not fear that Fang Zitian. Walks, we go back!” Xu Youqing is holding Shen Xiang's, ran the Xu Dazhong place. After walking, Shen Xiang teleport, brings Xu Youqing to her house. Quite fierce, has not thought that your utilization to the space strength is so splendid!” Xu Youqing pleasantly surprised saying, then draws Shen Xiang to enter in the room.

„Does young woman, what matter have? Anxiously!” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile, then kisses the cheeks of Xu Youqing, Xu Youqing also leans comes excessively, is kissing with him. After small moment, Xu Youqing has licked the lip, blushes slightly, mumbles: Your this fellow, unexpectedly is cruel enough to throw down me, closes up is so long!” Hehe, I well compensate you now!” Shen Xiang holds Xu Youqing, walks into room...... After the when it's over, the Xu Youqing whole face was ruddy, looks like very tender green jade wants to drop, making Shen Xiang unable to bear on her handsome cheek has nipped one gently. What do you close up are practicing?” Xu Youqing sweet shrinking in the Shen Xiang's bosom, low voice asking. Is practicing the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, said you do not understand.” Shen Xiang said. „The soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant? I truly do not understand, but I have heard Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant!” Xu Youqing somewhat surprised saying: „Is your practice related with Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant?”