World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2335
The matter of Xu Youqing to practice is quite curious, she cultivates is also having the spirit of exploration, therefore she also knows many matters, this was she long ago everywhere sought for ancient book to read to accumulate, because she knows that the [say / way] of own practice was unique, therefore she wants to look to look to be similar her situation, then used for reference. „The Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant matter are not probably many, where do you hear?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Legend Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant is very fearful, the meaning of town place, not only blows the earth, blows Hell! Four divine beast many people who we compare the knowledge have seen, but earth core divine beast common type Fire Qilin is also very common! But only Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant little has appeared, many people have not witnessed.” Xu Youqing said that at this time a Shen Xiang's hand is rubbing in her front, making her spit one gently. I heard that Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant can also transformation become Fire Qilin, this what's the matter?” Shen Xiang asked that his second Divine sea was this situation, before his Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant transformation has become Fire Qilin, but Fire Qilin has hidden in the space now, and many Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant. Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant transformation Qilin is not simple, that is called Heavenly Qilin, is called town heavenly beast, or Heaven Suppressing Qilin! Also has in Star Law God Territory probably, but is very rare, it is said the strength is fearful, surmounts existence of peak God Emperor.” Xu Youqing sits to set out, wore the clothes. Azure Dragon was also such and Shen Xiang said that Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant transformation Fire Qilin managed the day position, in other words, Xu Youqing says unusual was reasonable. I have seen the record from ancient book, said Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, if transformation becomes Heaven Suppressing Qilin, then has sensed Heavenly Dao, becomes Heavenly Dao divine beast, guards Heavenly Dao!” Xu Youqing said: However Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant in reality is guarding Hell of world, therefore usually little sees. However generally speaking, Heavenly Qilin and Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant simultaneously exist, moreover can merge into one organic whole.” Shen Xiang nodded: Some actually these also that many stories!” Xu Youqing said with a smile tenderly: I according to you said that I practice the second Divine sea a little feature now, because this method is feasible!” You so were no wonder happy!” Shen Xiang comes her building, kisses her. Youqing, walks with me, I may not give up you!” Shen Xiang hugs her in the bosom, said.

Um, I do not want to leave you!” Xu Youqing has approved Shen Xiang, even has had the sentiment to Shen Xiang, she compares Shen Xiang not to give up. Shen Xiang and Xu Youqing wear the clothes, looks for Xu Dazhong. ...... Takes away Eternal Heaven Star? I worried that she there exposed, Eternal Heaven Star two old fellow will dread to me, if my daughter appears there, when the time comes can definitely ask me to dispute.” Xu Dazhong said. Father-in-law, you do not need to be worried that Youqing will not be discovered by them!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Good, you may probably be careful!” The Xu Dazhong nod complied. Right father-in-law, you know that extinguishes kills the Undead God Clan matter?” Shen Xiang also wants to understand the clear this matter. Naturally knows, but this matter I have not participated, this is not the good matter, is the fellow who that crowd soon dies does! This group of bastards, but also thinks really four big God Clan are easy target, if later four big God Clan take revenge, perhaps I must hide to be good.” Mentioned this matter, Xu Dazhong was angry. Oh? four big are God Clan very strong?” Shen Xiang has not thought that Xu Dazhong thinks unexpectedly. Naturally strong, the truth told you, before Star Law God Territory has not appeared, these God Clan existed, did you say? Very remote matter, these God Clan are not quite clear, but I know that these God Clan have many branches, Star Law God Territory is branch, before being very early, was sent here to be stationed, should have is the mission.” Xu Dazhong said.

Shen Xiang has remembered under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains immediately that seal, only then four big God Clan collaborate to reinforce, is this four big God Clan missions? After Xu Dazhong reaches an agreement, Shen Xiang brings Xu Youqing to leave, he makes Xu Youqing enter his Hidden Jade Ring, inside has Yue'er to accompany her, she will not be definitely lonely. Cat is the same with Shen Xiang, likes the attractive female, seeing the beautiful woman she to be intimate with, in addition she installs cute the skill, quick has made Xu Youqing like. Shen Xiang left for a half year, finally returned to the Blue Clouds City mountain village, Wu Zhi also comes back! Before Wu Zhi leaves, is looks for the Undead God Clan elder, now looked like he had found, and belt came back the important news. After Shen Xiang comes back, but also knows Ge Long unexpectedly also in looking for him, moreover waited for three months, now the hotel in city is waiting for him. After returning to the mountain village, Shen Xiang also makes Xu Youqing come out, moreover makes Feng Wu lead her to come out to walk in all directions, just started Xu Youqing also to think that Feng Wu is the Shen Xiang's wife, therefore also shouted that Feng Wu for elder sister, this lets Shen Xiang and Feng Wu does not know whether to laugh or cry. Feng Wu has not thought that Shen Xiang went to Purple Yuan Sect, unexpectedly married the purple Yuan Dean daughter! Shen Xiang comes back, immediately looks for Wu Zhi and Dai Donggong, afterward Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian also came, their several together meets. Makes that cat come out!” Wu Zhi said that Yue'er also comes out from Hidden Jade Ring.

Saw my paternal grandmother?” Yue'er hastily asked that regarding the Yue'er matter, Dai Donggong also understood much, this was Wu Zhi tells him. Saw, she now is very good, she may come after a period of time to here, but also is only possible.” Wu Zhi said: This is she gives you, if you want to see her, how on this has to look for her means.” Wu Zhi gives a Yue'er bead, Yue'er nodded, will receive in own storage equipment. Elder Wu, the matter of that seal how?” Shen Xiang asked. About that seal...... Very troublesome, because the Undead God Clan quantity were too few, possibly is not when the time comes able to complete to reinforce the seal! Now the elder she has been trying to find solution, it is said that must call a group of people from other places.” Wu Zhi said. „Is our only a branch?” Huang Jintian was saying, puts out Heaven's Divination God Record, flipped above, knits the brows: My this Heaven's Divination God Record is unexpectedly incomplete, front has also been short! I know today!” We should have the ancestor, now can only wait for the elder she to succeed.” Wu Zhi said: Elder told us, must protect that seal, because that seal was very frail.” Dai Donggong said: Then knows that what under the seal has?” Wu Zhi shook the head: Elder her agree did not say that she only said that if the seal is not, Star Law God Territory will turn into Hell.”