World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2336
Shen Xiang beforehand inquired when Xu Dazhong four big God Clan matters, knew that four big God Clan are only the branches, if stronger four big God Clan runs over, that this Star Law God Territory lived it up. It seems like Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains now is important!” Shen Xiang planned to seize Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but if has the conflict, perhaps will affect that seal, this makes him have to drop the plan of actually. Wu Zhi they also decided now that first continued to develop, waits to find the opportunity to take Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains again, had such a seal, naturally wanted them to grasp is good. After meeting, Shen Xiang immediately rushes to a Blue Clouds City hotel to look for Ge Long. Ge Long is very high in the Dragon God Clan status, can decide many matters! Brother Shen, waited till you finally!” After Ge Long opens the door, sees is Shen Xiang, draws hastily him. What matter is so anxious? Unexpectedly made you wait for three months!” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. Is that Great Heaven Star, there has the serious matter!” Saying that Ge Long looks distressed: „After Dragon God Clan migrates to there, presents a very fearful fellow, he got up the entire Dragon God Clan seal, so long as is the dragon is surrounded by him, I am Dragon people, therefore ran!” Unexpectedly has this matter!” Shen Xiang knits the brows: „Really anxious? I have the matter to arrange here, if not anxious, I arranged to have a look with you again in the past!” Was not very anxious, but Dragon God Clan is stranded in a place now is very comfortable!” Ge Long said: Is Long Peijin little girl tells me, only then you can save them! Has saying that Brother Shen your charm is really not small.” The Shen Xiang hollow laugh several, initially are he suggested that Dragon God Clan moves, now above has the problem, he naturally must help. He returns to the mountain village, greeted with Xu Youqing, then went to alchemy, Dai Donggong also reported the speed that the disciple has promoted with him a moment ago, the whole the rapidness, especially skeleton! But in the half year, skeleton Divine Pill also used similarly, therefore he needs to refine some now. He has refined for more than ten days, causes one slightly to hand over with comment and instructions to Dai Donggong, then looks for Xu Youqing.

Youqing, here is also familiar with!” Shen Xiang asked that he just came back and started to be busy alchemy, he thought some shame to Xu Youqing, therefore finished immediately comes. Is very good, has Feng Wu to accompany me, you do not need to be worried my!” Xu Youqing is also these more than ten days knows that Shen Xiang unexpectedly is unusual heaven defying Dan God, refines skeleton Divine Pill to be relaxed, therefore she understood that Shen Xiang cannot accompany her, she has not blamed Shen Xiang. She thinks that before the [say / way] of Shen Xiang practice is unique, has the peak God Emperor strength, but has not thought that Shen Xiang is very fearful Dan God, a person can supply skeleton Divine Pill that many people need, but can also refine King-Grade Divine Pill! This is Feng Wu tells Xu Youqing! Really sorry, treats coldly you!” Shen Xiang kisses her forehead, sighed: I must run after a period of time a place, your does if wanted enter Hidden Jade Ring and I goes together?” Um, I and you go together!” Xu Youqing is holding Shen Xiang, lightly snorted and said: You unexpectedly are Dan God, your unexpectedly has not told me!” I...... Forgot!” Shen Xiang he he smiles. Really fierce...... husband, are your other women also familiar with you frequently not side them?” Xu Youqing asked low voice. Um, I frequently not side them, moreover is several hundred over a thousand years!” Shen Xiang said: After a period of time I receive them, you will not be when the time comes stuffy with their together!” Good!” Xu Youqing stands on tiptoes to start slightly, is kissing the Shen Xiang's mouth, kissed is kissing was arriving on the bed...... After several sexual intercourse, they have slept soundly in the happiness, next day wakes up, Shen Xiang makes Xu Youqing enter Hidden Jade Ring, then looks for Ge Long. Ge Long comes that Great Heaven Star frequently, therefore he was also familiar, bringing Shen Xiang to transmit.

Brother Ge, is that fellow the person or beast? unexpectedly can surround entire Dragon God Clan!” Shen Xiang said that Dragon God Clan is not weak, these peak God Emperor may be more formidable than humanity, but the quantity has been short, therefore cannot hit peak God Emperor that Star Law God Territory joins up. Does not know, I see is a person, he emits very formidable barrier conveniently.” Ge Long said: This barrier is also very special, probably is specially founds for our Dragon God Clan, but seals up the dragon, humanity will not be affected, can pass and out with ease.” Three days, Shen Xiang arrived at that Great Heaven Star with Ge Long, goes to the Dragon God Clan surrounded place. Shen Xiang also met with many Old Dragon, Dragon Clan Patriarch as well as several Dragon Clan peak God Emperor elders, do not dare to look down on Shen Xiang, because in them the Black Dragon flower poisonously is Shen Xiang unties, moreover Shen Xiang also cuts Emperor Evil Spirit who killing lets their unusual ache, obtains the approval of Azure Dragon, they are regarded as Shen Xiang peer the same regard. „The flame of that fellow is fearful, and has strength of the Great Dao, should grasps the strength of Law of Flame.” Dragon God Clan long said that this is very kind old man. Can be here earth core divine beast?” Shen Xiang knits the brows: Use flame is so fierce, should have earth core divine beast!” We are not clear, in brief we do not have the opportunity and he fight, was stranded by him here, hasn't he spoken with us!” Dragon God Clan long sighed: His strength is fearful, I thought that we met one to exceed the fellow of boundary of peak God Emperor.” Although Dragon God Clan was stranded in barrier, but they have usually not received anything to affect, but thinks quite depressed, meanwhile worried that was worried one will be massacred. He emits this barrier, again has not appeared, how regardless of we called how to roar, he did not appear.” Dragon God Clan long said. Xu Youqing on road, listened to Yue'er to say many Great Heaven Star above matter, knew that matter of Shen Xiang exploration, she also was very happy, so long as with the Shen Xiang related matter, she liked listening, heard all the way with great interest, this can allow her to understand Shen Xiang. Now she hears this barrier matter in Hidden Jade Ring, her suddenly is somewhat curious, said to Shen Xiang: „Can husband, make me have a look at that barrier! If can break barrier, perhaps that fellow will appear.” Xu Youqing has to curse strength, is skilled to barrier anything's comparison, here is not Star Law God Territory, Shen Xiang does not need to be worried that Xu Youqing and his together matter was discovered that therefore he also feels relieved makes Xu Youqing come out.

After Xu Youqing comes out, immediately makes Dragon God Clan long lead her to go to the barrier edge. Knew that this female is the Shen Xiang's wife, moreover must look at barrier, they think that Xu Youqing can break barrier, therefore is also respectful to Xu Youqing. Xu Youqing spreads out the jade palm, releases one group of pale white Qi mist, then closes one's eyes, lets this group of white Qi mist floats near barrier. Shen Xiang, is she your White Dragon wife?” Long Peijin suddenly to Shen Xiang sound transmission, because she sees white strength that Xu Youqing uses, moreover looks like Xu Youqing is also very fierce. „It is not, she is humanity! My that white Female Dragon wife is not gentle.” Shen Xiang responded with a smile. Soon, Xu Youqing that group of white Qi mist turned into the purple on suddenly, moreover exploded! What's the matter?” Shen Xiang hastily walks, protects Xu Youqing. All right, I am having a look at this barrier energy storage am anything! Has not thought that unexpectedly is the strength of curse, moreover purple profound curse strength, this is very fearful curse strength . Moreover the range so is big, cursed that many formidable Divine Dragon!” Xu Youqing said: Therefore under him ends this curse, own loss is also very serious, these days is resting, has not appeared.”