World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2337
Dragon God Clan Old Dragon had also heard cursed strength, they understood immediately, the opposite party cursed their these dragons, therefore looked like Ge Long this dragon person not to be affected. However, what background the mysterious person of strength of that use so formidable curse is, why can cope with their these dragons? Must know that guarded Dragon Clan of Azure Dragon grave to come here very much long time ago, but the enemy also had Evil Spirit Clan, has not come across this matter. Dragon God Clan migrates to here shortly after meets, but these days, does not have other people to enter this Great Heaven Star, because covers the Great Heaven Star formation switch to grasp in the Dragon God Clan hand, other people must come not to be easy. in other words, the strength of this use curse surrounds the Dragon God Clan fellow, is in this Great Heaven Star, moreover hid is very long in this. young miss, do you have means to untie this curse?” Dragon God Clan long asked: Was this Great Heaven Star had the master, but regained consciousness these days, perhaps was we disturbs them, therefore he will punish us!” This Dragon God Clan long is quite genial, does not have that aggression of Divine Dragon, no wonder they are poisoned, these Old Dragon possibly were the life of standing aloof from the world, therefore the vigilance was weaken, at the meeting the Black Dragon flower was poisonous. „It is not clear, I must give a try first!” Xu Youqing shook the head, now she cannot be definite. Sees only her to close eyes, spreads out palm, the palm releases white Qi mist, this wisp of Qi mist fluttered, sends out many silk thread white gassed threads, touches on that visible barrier. Shen Xiang only knows Xu Youqing to understand that under are various unusual curse, but actually does not know that she also understood unties the curse. Dragon God Clan long sees strength that Xu Youqing releases at this time, in a low voice surprisedly said: This probably is the strength of curse, this is very unusual strength! Generally uses the strength of curse, needs to carry on to offer sacrifices to obtain! But if has Heavenly Dao Divine Ability, loudly cursed the technique, the strength of use curse was easy, the strength of Divine sea can transform.” Heavenly Dao Divine Ability?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask: What is this? Right, your Dragon God Clan is also Heavenly Dao God Clan, but your dragon Heavenly Dao divine beast, do you have this Divine Ability?”

Has, but is no one can have! For example I have, therefore I now am Patriarch, Azure Dragon also has Heavenly Dao Divine Ability, therefore he becomes one of the four directions divine beast.” Dragon God Clan long said. Shen Xiang has thought Yue'er this cat, on her also has that talent ability, is fierce, should also be Heavenly Dao Divine Ability. Soon , the earth trembles slightly, Xu Youqing shouted the one breath gently, on the face full is the sweat, looks like very exhausted. Broke!” Xu Youqing smiles: Has not thought that unexpectedly can succeed, this curse also is really fierce.” No one knows that Xu Youqing has made anything, but actually knows that she is fearful, unexpectedly can untie this to surround the curse of entire Dragon God Clan. Was laborious you, well rest!” Shen Xiang allows her to enter in Hidden Jade Ring. The curse has broken, the person who initially under cursed definitely also knows that should he appear not long, who when the time comes can ravel he is, why must how cope with Dragon God Clan. Xu Youqing just entered Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang feels a very scalding hot aura, sees only the Dragon God Clan long suddenly complexion big change, said solemnly: Came, prepares to go to battle!” Shen Xiang is also gripping tightly the fist, put out Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, the curse has broken, below cursed immediately came, obviously the opposite party was also surprised and curious, how wants to come to see the formidable curse is by solve. Yue'er, knows that what background this fellow is?” Shen Xiang inquired Yue'er hastily, having a look at Yue'er can distinguish through the aura of opposite party.

Does not know, flame strength that but he uses is quite familiar, you did not think that looks like with Huo Lin this brat very much?” Yue'er said: „If there is not guessed that wrong, this fellow possibly is Qilin, perhaps is here earth core divine beast!” This Great Heaven Star is so huge, is more than the Star Law God Territory day star , will be very certainly strong here earth core divine beast! However before Shen Xiang , when fuses the Azure Dragon memory, actually never knows that here has earth core divine beast! Although the aura of opposite party has transmitted, but has not appeared, Shen Xiang they are waiting for intensely. Shen Xiang also takes advantage to go to and Godhead inside Azure Dragon Divine Soul communication these days, but the opposite party does not have any response, before Azure Dragon, has said that sometimes he meets the deep sleep very deadly, is very difficult to awaken him. Really a little likely is the Huo Lin aura, is this fellow really Fire Qilin?” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart. Senior, do you have with Fire Qilin have contacted? I felt that this aura a little likely is the Qilin aura!” Shen Xiang said. This...... Truly a little, but before me, and earth core divine beast of day star is familiar, the fellow is Qilin, my aura to the Qilin is quite familiar! Now this fellow is only a little Qilin aura, but actually not completely is.” Dragon God Clan long said. Shen Xiang also Yue'er also thinks a little Qilin aura, only a little, if has strong Qilin aura, then they can affirm! What background is this fellow?” Shen Xiang looks dignified, looks direction that aura is used for unceasingly, he is feeling this aura, in the heart secret panic-stricken, because of the strength unceasing enhancement of opposite party, is releasing the fearful pressure unceasingly.

Snort!” Sky suddenly hears a low and deep stuffy pshaw, Shen Xiang's knees suddenly one curved, has almost knelt, but long as well as several Dragon God Clan elders is complete the knees to kneel in their Dragon God Clan, Long Peijin, Long Lin and Long Qing their these juniors, are the whole body lie in the ground are struggling. This fearful pressure suddenly, lets the Shen Xiang within the body vitality tuck dive, almost spits blood, but dies Old Dragon that in his side supports, the corners of the mouth in abundance overflow the blood. Now also only then Shen Xiang can stand! This fellow...... It seems like surmounts the boundary of peak God Emperor, finally ran into such fellow!” Shen Xiang is looking at a sky middle age guy, he is wearing the black armor, the red cloak is fluttering, his both hands hold the chest, float in the air, that handsome and full is on the dignified face is bringing anger, he is staring at Shen Xiang at this moment. Shen Xiang, how you do anger this fellow?” In the Shen Xiang's mind suddenly broadcasts the Azure Dragon sound, Azure Dragon of deep sleep is also awakened at this time. He cursed Dragon God Clan, I have broken his curse, turned into this!” Shen Xiang said: Senior, you know that who this is? So is why fearful!”