World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2338

Azure Dragon said a moment ago that knows he affirmed to know, his sound was bringing a horridness. Understanding, he is Heavenly Dao Divine Dragon and Heavenly Dao Qilin union lives, this Great Heaven Star earth core divine beast is Heavenly Qilin, is female. Because Heavenly Dao Divine Dragon accidentally arrived here, falls in love with Heavenly Qilin! However, they such did have actually angered earth core Spiritual God.” Azure Dragon said. In the Shen Xiang heart shocks incomparably, very rare Heavenly Qilin unexpectedly is this day star earth core divine beast! Afterward?” Shen Xiang asked. Afterward they in pairs were infiltrated Heavenly Dao Hell, but before again, they give birth to one, is this fellow!” Azure Dragon said: He must subject to a penalty, but actually does not know that he is why safe and sound, I also think that he has hidden, has not thought of him continuously on this day star.” He strong?” Shen Xiang also asked. Is very strong, has surpassed my cognition.” Azure Dragon said: Deals carefully!” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, was saying to sky Dragon Qilin: Senior, does not know where we have affronted you? Let you so be angry!” You are the Heavenly Dao running dogs, depends on this me to extinguish kills you, but I always do not like taking a life, but the plan imprisons you for a lifetime, who would have thought you actually dare to revolt against me, eradicates my curse.” The voice of this middle-aged guy is ice-cold. Because knows that the origin of opposite party, Shen Xiang understands immediately this Dragon Qilin words, his parents were infiltrated Heavenly Dao Hell! Heavenly Dao is anything, Shen Xiang does not know that Azure Dragon also knows a general idea, earth core Spiritual God, it is estimated that is also and Heavenly Dao has big relationship. Senior, you misunderstood!” Shen Xiang said that this Dragon Qilin this time pressure still does not reduce, other Little Dragon were pressed very uncomfortably. You are not Heavenly Dao God Clan, are you only humanity?” Dragon Qilin knows certainly that Shen Xiang is not simple, otherwise was impossible to stand, these Old Dragon near Shen Xiang may be peak God Emperor, but also can only kneel now.

Senior, has the words saying that you do not imagine Heavenly Dao to be so impervious!” Shen Xiang said that he also supports is being very uncomfortable, this Dragon Qilin is truly fearful. Snort!” Dragon Qilin receives own strength, that crowd of Divine Dragon were comfortable immediately. This is my place, you roll out to me!” Dragon Qilin has swept that flock of dragons, coldly said: Otherwise I have killed you!” This Dragon Qilin heart does not go bad, otherwise he already opened has killed, he had also said before do not like taking a life! Our has Dragon God Clan offended Senior?” Dragon God Clan long sighed. This does not have actually, but you are Heavenly Dao live, but Heavenly Dao is my foe.” Dragon Qilin said. Who is Heavenly Dao?” Shen Xiang said: Perhaps this flock of dragons have not seen, if said that is Heavenly Dao lives, then the world myriad things, who isn't Heavenly Dao lives?” Good, I am also Heavenly Dao live, but Heavenly Dao defeated/carrying I, I then must extinguish him!” Dragon Qilin said. You should not use Heavenly Dao to grant your strength to cope with us, you want here, strength that you use has complicated relationship with Heavenly Dao.” Shen Xiang said that he just said that Dragon Qilin on seizes his throat. The good Shen Xiang's neck is very hard, had not been pinched all of a sudden! I rubbish with you, do you walk do not walk? Did not walk me to slaughter!” Dragon Qilin said Shen Xiang, angrily said. You should think carefully that your parents subject to a penalty, why can you also live? Moreover can have so fearful strength, if Heavenly Dao looks like not being able to withstand that you think, ice-cold heartless, bloodata-titlehirsty, then you should already die.” Shen Xiang said that he did not fear now, knows to say oneself simply.

You...... Who are you? Unexpectedly knows these matters, are you also the Heavenly Dao running dog?” Dragon Qilin has let loose Shen Xiang, in the heart is somewhat surprised, Shen Xiang is quite truly special, itself is quite formidable, moreover knows that many matters. Shen Xiang also thought the matter that Dragon Qilin his parents encounter is somewhat strange, because he has experienced many this mysterious matters, therefore he can establish contacts many fragments. Azure Dragon said a moment ago, the Dragon Qilin parents were infiltrated Heavenly Dao Hell, but to his knowledge, will turn into Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant in Hell inside Qilin, can blow Hell! Attains the news that perhaps Azure Dragon obtains to contain errors, Heavenly Qilin is Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, because afterward Hell was steady, therefore withdrew Heavenly Qilin, became earth core divine beast in this Great Heaven Star. Afterward Hell had the accident, therefore Heavenly Qilin will be arranged Hell, but at that time Heavenly Qilin already and day Divine Dragon on good, therefore they together went, will make this Dragon Qilin make earth core divine beast here , does not know that who told him, his parents were infiltrated Hell by Heavenly Dao, in brief he definitely obtained the misinformation. Shen Xiang suspected, informed sources that Azure Dragon obtains, should be the same with Heavenly Qilin! I, and asked you, who was tells you, had your parents been infiltrated Hell by Heavenly Dao?” Shen Xiang direct examination. In brief I know that whom does not need to tell me!” This Dragon Qilin replied before , has stopped slightly a point, could see that he also pondered at that time. Azure Dragon told Shen Xiang at this time: This matter is a mysterious old man tells me, initially was also he tells here to have a day star, the seal on this day star formation was he teaches for my!” Shen Xiang understood immediately, that old man is the key! Snort, if they are not the Heavenly Dao running dogs, why they can my seal here? Imprisons my life? I before by seal in earth core, if not for the strength of seal is feeble, I am unable to come out.” Dragon Qilin angrily said. Prohibits feebly? Before Shen Xiang them , went to earth core, but they have not touched anything to prohibit! Was......” Shen Xiang has thought of Evil Spirit Clan, Evil Spirit Clan beforehand existence, provided some strength to come seal Dragon Qilin, Dragon Qilin definitely by seal many years, moreover in earth core, for many years, the strength has become very fearful.

Is old man runs up to earth core, told you all these?” Shen Xiang asked. Dragon Qilin does not speak, he is thinking that Shen Xiang did know? First, seal your large formation is not under the Dragon God Clan cloth, what only then seal day star is, but this also to protect the day star was not discovered that now momentarily can untie.” Shen Xiang said: Reason that you can break the seal to come out, that is because before us, extinguished kills one to be called the Evil Spirit Clan tribal group, this tribal group has transported some mysterious strength to this day star.” Shen Xiang has cleared quickly off this matter! Azure Dragon initially was called to come to here by old man, this old man definitely knows that Azure Dragon was dying, therefore makes Azure Dragon die here, how simultaneously he also teaches Azure Dragon to control Evil Spirit Clan to help him construct tomb. But this old man has not expected Azure Dragon to call one flock of dragons to guard his tomb, moreover Azure Dragon dependence very formidable strength supports own Divine Soul, for many years is not considered as that true dying. Here Evil Spirit Clan definitely is that old man calls, that mysterious old man thinks that Azure Dragon dies here, Evil Spirit Clan can the devour Azure Dragon corpse soul become formidable, such Evil Spirit Clan that comes him to rear in a pen can become very formidable, can control in later by his seal Dragon Qilin here! Dragon Qilin was small in the past, definitely by this old man seal, moreover was being inculcated the negative thought by this old man from infancy to maturity, causing Dragon Qilin to hate Heavenly Dao! Waits for Dragon Qilin formidable to certain time, mysterious old man will rescue Dragon Qilin, then and Dragon Qilin resists Heavenly Dao together, in other words, this mysterious old man and Heavenly Dao have very deep hatred!