World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2339

Shen Xiang more wants more to think fearful, because he associates to peak God Emperor that Star Law God Territory these soon die, they know that Undead God Clan can be used to increase life essence? Definitely some people in secret inform! Such one, Undead God Clan was extinguished, then the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains following seal can't reinforce? The plan of that mysterious old man is very smooth, can see that Heavenly Dao is incapable of preventing, these definitely what happened! Afterward, Shen Xiang said own speculation, he cannot attend to related to the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains following secret now, now the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator must break the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains following seal in secret, moreover all are quite smooth! Heard Shen Xiang saying that in Hidden Jade Ring inside Yue'er and Xu Youqing was very shocking, Undead God Clan exterminated the clan, unexpectedly also had such behindata-titlehe-scenes plotting! Now you understood! Here seal is that mysterious old man teaches the Azure Dragon arrangement, that old man appearance I also described, should with exactly the same that you saw.” Shen Xiang said: Evil Spirit Clan is he places here, Evil Spirit Clan strength can reinforce to your seal, if not for we destroy completely Evil Spirit Clan, you cannot come out now.” Dragon Qilin is not silly, he entirely does not believe the Shen Xiang's words, but he is also full of the suspicion to that old man now! This matter I will clarify, my this looks for that old man to ask that understands!” Dragon Qilin said that then dodges disappears. The Shen Xiang facial expression is dignified immediately, said: That mysterious old man unexpectedly also here, but evidently is also only wisp of Divine sense, otherwise he already killed us.” Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains following seal...... Without Undead God Clan, our four clans cannot join up to reinforce, when we reinforced before, many formidable elders, but is difficult, the Undead God Clan entire extermination of the clan, oh......” Dragon God Clan long said that this matter also only then he and several firm Old Dragon knows. You in the Star Law God Territory mission are to guard that seal?” Shen Xiang asked. Yes, now we do not know when that seal becomes less crowded, once becomes less crowded, our four big God Clan can induce obtains.” Dragon God Clan long said: Should be Undead God Clan Patriarch that seal most understands, but he died.” Undead God Clan important elder also , is also the Yue'er paternal grandmother, but she understood are not many, knows only secret Patriarch was actually grasped to build up.

suddenly, Shen Xiang shouted: „The fellow came!” Dragon Qilin really came, moreover is not comes, but also is bringing old man, this old man wears the grey robe, hair somewhat yellow, the whole face is the wrinkle, is short and thin, this with the Azure Dragon description is the same! Sees this old man, Shen Xiang is vigilant, with is the same, this that he suspects is only wisp of Divine Soul, but is not weak, is only wisp of Divine Soul, makes his here exist these many years, a layout such big plan. Who are you? Is that fellow sends? I have not seen such formidable humanity for a long time!” This old man looks at Shen Xiang for a long time, said. „It is not, I have experienced many matters, therefore has seen through your schemes and tricks!” Shen Xiang said. Ren Xin, has killed this humanity!” old man said: He is Heavenly Dao sends, if you want to see your parents, only then breaks the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains following seal to enter Heavenly Dao Hell, that is the only means that but depending on your strength, enters in Heavenly Dao Hell the foot to bring your parents.” At present this humanity, as well as this flock of dragons must protect that seal, you only then have killed them, can save your parents.” This Dragon Qilin unexpectedly named Ren Xin, does not know that is his parents takes to him. Heavenly Qilin is Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, your mother returns to Hell also to suppress Hell, if you turn on the seal, perhaps will affect her! Whether your parents were infiltrated Heavenly Dao Hell, is only this old man's statement of only one of the parties, he cannot produce any evidence to come, you don't his idea.” Shen Xiang said that he has stimulated to movement World Creation God Furnace secretly. Ren Xin is looking at Shen Xiang, at this time Shen Xiang is also in sight him, why also does not know, Ren Xin suddenly feels a very kind aura from Shen Xiang. In the Shen Xiang heart moves, hastily stimulates to movement the soul of his skeleton inside Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, releases an intermittent weak aura, through the skeleton of his eyes, transmits in Ren Xin Divine sea.

Why also does not know, Shen Xiang suddenly thought that is uncontrolled, the soul of his skeleton inside Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant cried loud and long unceasingly, naturally this also only then he and Ren Xin this Dragon Qilin can hear. Ren Xin fist suddenly gathers full flame, after that old man sees, the corners of the mouth go up slightly, because Ren Xin wanted fight. Shen Xiang also called Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, grasped the palm of sword hilt to sweat, the Ren Xin strength was very strong, he naturally was not a match. Ren Xin, extinguished him!” The old man look full is haughty, shouted. Ren Xin fierce fights with the fists, the bang on this mysterious old man, rumbles a piece of disintegrating slag the lower part of this old man! Shen Xiang they have been shocked, the goal of this Dragon Qilin attack unexpectedly is not Shen Xiang, but is this old man. Why Ren Xin...... you......” old man have not said that Ren Xin presses firmly between the fingers his head. Because you have deceived my these many years, dies! You could rest assured that I will certainly kill your den, destroys completely your true body.” Ren Xin resembled suddenly to know many matters, his sneered, vigorously grasped, this old man head crumb. Shen Xiang relaxed, he guessed that perhaps his soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant had the induction with the Ren Xin Heavenly Qilin mother a moment ago, Heavenly Qilin has transmitted the truth through this to own son, therefore Ren Xin will have the so big transformation. „Was Senior, your mother tells you many matters?” Shen Xiang asked. Ren Xin nodded, has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder: Many thanks you, otherwise I will certainly be organized by this old thing!”

Can say with me matter that you know?” Shen Xiang asked. Dragon God Clan they have also felt relieved, the misunderstanding eliminated, they can also continue to stay here. Heavenly Dao died, Heavenly Dao Hell chaos, but only exit / to speak of Heavenly Dao Hell to here under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains!” Ren Xin looks dignified. What under Heavenly Dao Hell has?” Shen Xiang has sighed deeply, perhaps that seal could not defend. My mother has not told me, he makes me be far away from Star Law God Territory, is staying here!” Ren Xin shook the head. Heavenly Dao did unexpectedly die? But why hadn't we been affected?” Shen Xiang said. Received to affect, for many years has been Heavenly Dao keeps the order, but Heavenly Dao dies, the order starts the confusion, for example...... Undead God Clan that you said before was extinguished, in addition the later seal eradicates, in the Hell ghost thing runs.” Ren Xin said.