World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2340
Shen Xiang does not know that Heavenly Dao is what kind of existence, therefore he did not understand that Heavenly Dao died is any concept, but he thought that Heavenly Dao should not die, turned into strength, forever living in Six Paths. Senior, what then you then do have to plan?” Shen Xiang asked that the Ren Xin strength was so formidable, could be said as invincible existence in this Star Law God Territory. I must continue practice, my strength is insufficient! If some day, the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains following seal were broken, the thing when the time comes inside runs is fearful, depends on my present strength unable to deal!” Ren Xin said: You are also same, although you are God Clan, but after when the time comes that group of fellows come out, you are their priority targets.” The Dragon God Clan dragon feels the heart startled, including Ren Xin this fellow said one are very weak, then their this Dragon God Clan don't have the strength of resisting facing these things? Senior, some incident requested!” Shen Xiang suddenly said. What matter?” In the Ren Xin heart feels grateful Shen Xiang, making him know many matters, otherwise he is also kept in the dark now, the words that therefore he could add on, will definitely help. Shen Xiang to Ren Xin sound transmission, said: I am also short of together Heavenly Qilin Divine Soul now, does not know whether Senior does have the means to help me?” He cultivates the soul of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant time is quite difficult! Naturally, he must practice the soul of Heavenly Qilin is not cannot, but that requires a lot of time, if Ren Xin can help him, can make him omit many matters. After Ren Xin considers slightly, sees only his palm suddenly to congeal one group of red flame, bellows with his one, that group of flame turned into a grain of fiery red bead! Takes away!” Ren Xin gives Shen Xiang, is patting the Shen Xiang's shoulder: You are not very simple, hoping you to be able adolescence to my this Realm, humanity to practice your this situation not to be easy.” My certain meeting!” Shen Xiang smiled, receives that grain of fiery red bead, that is Heavenly Qilin Divine Soul, before Shen Xiang, has not arrived at this Ren Xin to comply that simply. Good!” Ren Xin said that changed to a flame to rush to the sky, vanish from sight.

Ren Xin also in this day star, but hides in earth core, can make him gain the abundant energy to draw the practice there fast. Smooth has solved this matter, but Shen Xiang and Dragon God Clan they cannot be happy, under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that seal makes them worry! Shen Xiang planned sets up own influence on Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, but looking back now, this is very danger(ous)! But the Dragon God Clan mission is to protect that seal, the seal becomes less crowded to join up the reinforcement with other God Clan, but Undead God Clan destroys completely that many, is hard to accomplish. Before the Wu Zhi belt came back the news, said that the people of other Undead God Clan branches have caught up, when the time comes will help to reinforce, but this was also only possible, because Wu Zhi did not determine when the time comes will come. In order to thank Shen Xiang long, Dragon God Clan makes Ge Long give Shen Xiang many that skeleton Divine Fruit, currently Shen Xiang altogether has 1000! Refines pill skeleton Divine Fruit is also a Shen Xiang's big target, but now is quite busy, does not have the time to take into consideration. Shen Xiang and Ge Long return to Star Law God Territory, at this time Yue'er proposed that wants Shen Xiang to lead her to seek for the Undead God Clan elder, seeks for her paternal grandmother. That place is quite secret, but there is words that I guide, you can find very much easily, when the time comes you go to be possible to want politely, so as to avoid causes the conflict.” Yue'er said. Undead God Clan be only scattered small part escapes the extermination of the clan the bad luck, now they hide. Under the direction of Yue'er, Shen Xiang has used for one entire moon/month found the place of Undead God Clan hideaway, unexpectedly in a very small death star, moreover this dead star in a disorderly way will also move, only then the path of Yue'er familiar stars migration, where can general figure out this stars to fly. On this stars, you first came up to have a look!” Yue'er said.

Shen Xiang descends on this small stars, here ray is very gloomy, the ground is the ice-cold crushed stone, life Qi/angry does not have, Undead God Clan is hiding in this place unexpectedly! I give a try to be able first to contact with my paternal grandmother!” Yue'er flies from Hidden Jade Ring, uses her means to go with her paternal grandmother to communicate. Soon, Shen Xiang felt that a weak aura, he is vigilant immediately. Is my paternal grandmother!” Yue'er hastily said to Shen Xiang. She just said that throws over the black robe, the whole face gentle grandma is appearing in front of Shen Xiang. Paternal grandmother!” The Yue'er excited tenderness shouted that has swooped, this grandma immediately was also hugging her, loved tenderly caressed the wool that she carried on the back lightly. The Yue'er paternal grandmother is Undead God Clan now the strongest elder, named Lu Lianyin, seems like a very vigorous and healthy grandma, the body full is the valiant air/Qi. Paternal grandmother, you were all right!” Yue'er is rubbing gently the face of Lu Lianyin, is worrying about asking. You were all right that's alright, did not need to be worried about the paternal grandmother.” Lu Lianyin saying with a laugh: Also can see that you are really good, my every other a period of time makes them use Heaven's Divination Technique to help you calculate that looked you were not, are worried dead I.” Yue'er happily said with a smile: I have the bloodlines of Undead God Clan, where has is so easy dead?” Lu Lianyin has pinched her small head, then looks to Shen Xiang, kind saying with a smile: „Are you Shen Xiang? I listen to Little Wu to mention you!”

Paternal grandmother, I can also come back am the Shen Xiang help, he may be good to me, moreover he is very fierce!” Saying of Yue'er tender dī dī, she does not hope that Undead God Clan has the prejudice to Shen Xiang. Um, the paternal grandmother knows! Walks, we change a place to speak.” Lu Lianyin is holding Yue'er, bringing Shen Xiang to arrive at this small stars the deep place. After Shen Xiang arrives following, discovered that this inside has more than ten individuals, is some old men! Undead God Clan unexpectedly only then a little person, looks that makes people feel to feel sad. Paternal grandmother, will have other Undead God Clan to come to here to help? I heard , if not reinforce that seal, inside thing runs, Star Law God Territory must be extinguished.” Yue'er said. I have also related, although they have the response, but is indefinite whether must come, they do not have very affirmative reply.” Lu Lianyin sighed: Now we also can only wait, said again, if our four big God Clan now appear in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, these fellows definitely will immediately come to hit with us.” Snort, the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains seal does not reinforce, makes inside thing run, punishes that group of fellows.” Yue'er tenderly snorted and said: We protected oneself that's alright!” Protects that seal is our mission, to is also only that group of fellows who we play a dirty trick, but in Star Law God Territory some innocent good people, initially also many people in secret helped us.” Lu Lianyin feels Yue'er, said. Senior, do you stay in this farm are not only then good, do have the consideration to change a place?” Shen Xiang said that then he makes Yue'er say that Great Heaven Star matter that Dragon God Clan is. Yue'er said that but also includes the Ren Xin matter.