World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2341

After Lu Lianyin hear, pleasantly surprised, said with a smile: This place is really good, we also stayed here many years, already wants to trade one well, but had not found appropriately.” Dragon God Clan they are also very bored on that Great Heaven Star, although Undead God Clan has ten to come individual, words that but can pass, Dragon God Clan will be will be very happy. Paternal grandmother, you had a look first in the past, if thought that then relates Stars and Moon God Clan and cat clan, led the past them, like this after me, went to that place to see you.” Yue'er said with a smile: That place may greatly.” Good!” Lu Lianyin said that she can take responsibility these matters. Senior, Undead God Clan on this person?” Shen Xiang asked in a low voice. Naturally is not, some young people outside, altogether also had more than 100.” Lu Lianyin sighed sadly: Sooner or later one day, we will ask.” Under the Shen Xiang arrangement, Ge Long and Lu Lianyin have met, for safety, Ge Long also makes Dragon God Clan several formidable elders send out, helping Undead God Clan to complete the migration. In such a safe place, Lu Lianyin does not need to be with trepidation all day, because she is in Undead God Clan is strongest, she usually always does not dare to leave the tribal group, now she can finally the go it alone. Yue'er can also see own paternal grandmother again, this makes her very relieved, she can keep on Great Heaven Star, but she decides with Shen Xiang, she thought that she somewhat could not leave Shen Xiang. Lu Lianyin now is also Undead God Clan Patriarch, at this time she just and Dragon God Clan long was discussing, moreover called Shen Xiang.

Regarding Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that seal, Undead God Clan knows quite many. Can have sufficient preparation for the present, Lu Lianyin planned that understood oneself the matter that told Dragon God Clan long with Shen Xiang, because she had known that Shen Xiang moved in Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, moreover prepared to seize Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains. „Before our Undead God Clan predecessor Patriarch dies, told my matter not to be many, I also know that was passage to Heavenly Dao Hell, Heavenly Dao Hell was the Heavenly Dao Spiritual God construction, was closed into inside thing is very fearful Evil Devil, how as, me unclear! In brief, these things in Heavenly Dao Hell, the strength will be weakened, Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant can suppress them.” Lu Lianyin said. If they do run?” Shen Xiang asked. „The words that runs, ten Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant take them not to have the means!” Lu Lianyin said: Before that Ren Xin said that Heavenly Dao died, is actually not this.” Oh? Shen Xiang said: I also thought that Heavenly Dao impossible to be destroyed completely!” Has the possibility! Heavenly Dao is a principle, does not know as for me who how born that this principle is maintaining the revolutions of various strength, for example very common Five Elements attribute strength, as well as the space time wait / etc., these base in the Heavenly Dao principle to revolve.” Lu Lianyin was saying, releases lightning, release flame. Shen Xiang nodded: If grasps the principle, can make itself utilize freely to these strength.” Lu Lianyin said: Good! You think, all strength that if the Heavenly Dao destruction, we currently use are not we are familiar, will be the life that our Heavenly Dao will breed will also dissipate, because we will base on under the Heavenly Dao principle born.” Then, Heavenly Dao, if destroys, we will perish?” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that the facial expression becomes dignified.

Um! However Heavenly Dao does not destroy easily, this is very difficult matter, but can actually control Heavenly Dao, changes Heavenly Dao! At present what died is Heavenly Dao Spiritual God, how as to die, I was unknown! Also, place is called Heavenly Dao, there is the place that various principle Spiritual God live, for example Spiritual God and time Spiritual God fire, earth core life in that place.” Lu Lianyin continues saying: These Spiritual God strengths are formidable, have them to protect various Heavenly Dao principles, will not be easy to be changed.” so that's how it is, said now we need to pay attention was the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains following seal? Who is in scheme these!” In the Shen Xiang mind reappears that mysterious old man, is this old man wisp of Divine Soul, has almost confused Ren Xin. „It is not clear, we also want to know that our Undead God Clan exterminated the clan, may is this secret evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator causes.” Lu Lianyin angry saying. Shen Xiang also knew that now about the Heavenly Dao matter, the function is not very big, but can let he clearer this time situation. Undead God Clan has settled is good because of here, Lu Lianyin also will leave after a period of time this Great Heaven Star, goes to and some Stars and Moon God Clan also cat clans discussed that she must gather together four big God Clan, discussed how should deal with this matter. Shen Xiang is returns to the Eternal Heaven Star mountain village, he must grasp the time practice now! Including the Ren Xin this transcendence peak God Emperor fellow, is hard the thing that deals with under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains to run, let alone present he. Youqing, now how do you practice to progress?” Shen Xiang asked that Xu Youqing can also practice second Divine sea, this was only the issue of time. If smooth, I in one year should be able to practice second Divine sea!” Xu Youqing said: I confident!”

Um, what Divine Pill then you do need to assist now?” Shen Xiang also asked that Xu Youqing is his woman, he to his woman always cannot stingy. Temporarily has not needed! If the success cultivates second Divine sea, possibly needs to be many! My present skeleton has not practiced fully.” Xu Youqing said: When the time comes I not only need to practice second Divine sea Godhead to 100, but must the skeleton practice of skeleton and fleshly body of Divine Soul to nine.” Good, you practice second Divine sea first, when the time comes you do not need to worry that skeleton Divine Pill anything, I will only help you solve.” Shen Xiang said that Xu Youqing in Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring, knew many matters. Shen Xiang puts out Ren Xin to his Heavenly Qilin Divine Soul, in his skeleton also misses this Divine Soul, but another Godhead only needed to practice to live to kill Divine Soul that's alright together. Fuses Heavenly Qilin Divine Soul to be relaxed, Shen Xiang used day to complete! Instance of fusion, that skeleton also suddenly vanish from sight of his forehead. Went to second Divine sea?” In Shen Xiang heart one startled, his forehead had two skeletons, that integrated five beast Divine Soul skeleton suddenly vanish from sight, he also can only such guess. Now the forehead skeleton only needs to practice kills Divine Soul lost, as my this Divine sea real world essence that's alright.” Shen Xiang in the secret room, has put out World Creation God Furnace, starts to refine Highest quality Yin-Yang nine counter god Dan God pill. The practice lives to kill Divine Soul, eats this Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill should better!