World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2342

Shen Xiang has used for several months, duplicates many Highest quality Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill divine medicine, then has refined many Yin-Yang nine counter Divine Pill, after eating up, finally congealed 100 Godhead in own Divine sea. Now he does not know are one peak God Emperor, because he has congealed eight skeletons, although eight times, but makes him have 16 skeletons, although four are quite special, but still makes him have formidable strength. Must concentrate this ninth Godhead not to be easy, Shen Xiang eats up grain of Highest quality skeleton Divine Pill, but half double-hour built up to melt, this means that he needed running quality skeleton Divine Pill, he then also can only refine King-Grade. But refinement King-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, needs Six Paths Divine Cup to carry on the promotion quality, after the promotion of Highest quality to King-Grade, duplication massive divine medicine, this can the refinement of batch. If Meiyao their this alchemy squads were good because of this, I do not need to duplicate that laboriously.” Shen Xiang has used for one month, finally the Highest quality herbs accelerate ripening to King-Grade. But purple bead that duplication King-Grade herbs, needs are many, meanwhile must coordinate spirit seed and Six Paths Divine Cup use! If in Hundred Flowers Village, Shen Xiang does not use that laboriously, because Lu Qilian and that crowd understood that alchemy female, majority are to practice Life Murdering Godhead, they concentrate the purple bead speed Shen Xiang be quicker, moreover the quality also be better than Shen Xiang's. In addition Hundred Flowers Village inside many females understand this Life Slaughtering Technique, will have them to help to be quicker! Now Shen Xiang does not have other means that also can only patient concentrates purple bead! Has used for three months, he refines furnace King-Grade skeleton Divine Pill finally, a furnace can refine five grains, after he eats up one grain, unexpectedly used two time of double-hour to build up to melt, was away from six double-hour also by far. Is because my skeleton were too many?” Shen Xiang knits the brows, this means that he needs high level skeleton Divine Pill, Heaven-Grade! Before his seven skeletons time, is eats up skeleton Divine Pill to congeal the eighth skeleton, therefore he concentrates now ninth Godhead time, skeleton Divine Pill that needs needed very high rank, after all his each time congealing skeleton was the double skeleton.

Shen Xiang four grains of King-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, he has not planned to eat again, he ate up has wasted, he closed up carries on to duplicate divine medicine, after refining more than ten grains of King-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, he left the secret room. After going out, Shen Xiang called several elders. Your two grains!” Shen Xiang has given Wu Zhi, Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian two grains of King-Grade skeleton Divine Pill separately. Good, this is King-Grade skeleton Divine Pill! If the luck is good, I can depend upon these two grains of skeleton Divine Pill to step into the boundary of peak God Emperor.” Wu Zhi excited saying, if no King-Grade skeleton Divine Pill , can only eat Highest quality, that needs to be good. Shen Xiang gives Dai Donggong remaining several grains of skeleton Divine Pill, making Dai Donggong distribute to other preparations concentrates the disciple of ninth skeleton. Naturally, he also gives Huang Jintian their skeleton Divine Fruit, so long as concentrates the seventh skeleton, can eat up skeleton Divine Fruit to congeal the eighth skeleton, then eats King-Grade skeleton Divine Pill, can attack the boundary of peak. Shen Xiang quite envies them, because King-Grade skeleton Divine Pill is not small to their functions, but is not good on him. I will again then refine to be many some Divine Pill to you, then I must close up very long a period of time.” Shen Xiang said. Now he must speed up their formidable progress, this is easier to take Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, therefore they need many peak God Emperor rank expert! Yue'er these days with Shen Xiang, especially and Shen Xiang cultivates in time formation, she is the progress is also amazingly quick, now also prepares to attack the ninth skeleton, quick can become peak God Emperor. Closed up more than half a year, Shen Xiang has refined a number of Divine Pill, he will have given Dai Donggong, he planned how must close up to study to refine skeleton Divine Fruit, but he thinks that suddenly had the idea of world of Nine Heaven.

In Shen Xiang walks when looks for Huang Jintian on their road, Huang Jintian unexpectedly also in a hurry looks for him. little rascal, that little girl looked for you!” Huang Jintian said. Which little girl? little girl that I know are many!” Although Shen Xiang such asked that but also thinks that who he cannot find out is looks for him. He in Star Law God Territory understanding little girl, only then Long Peijin has the possibility to look for him, but he thought that is unlikely, if Long Peijin will ask him definitely not to come, should be able to come with Ge Long. Who is?” Shen Xiang asked. Lian Fei!” Huang Jintian said: This little girl Heaven's Divination Technique uses well, to calculate us unexpectedly here!” „Did she come? She comes?” Shen Xiang pleasantly surprised saying: Leads me to see her quickly.” Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian go to a hall quickly, sees to wear Lian Fei small mouth sip of purple skirt the tea, the movement is very graceful, sits one similar charming female in her side with her, but this female is very shy, but she sees the Shen Xiang's time, actually shows the sweet smile. This is Lian Fei and her daughter Xiao Jin'er! But in other one side, the beautiful female who actually sits two tender Xiao Ling jades, they put on black skintight clothes, although their appearance does not look like, but figure and facial expression actually very likely is, looks like very callous, moreover is the shoulder-length short hair. These two petite females are Xiao Lizhi and Xiao Baifeng! Before Shen Xiang, repeatedly has mentioned with Xiao Baifeng, she and Xiao Lizhi look like very much, after Xiao Baifeng goes to Hundred Flowers Village, all day and Xiao Lizhi together. Has not thought really your unexpectedly came!” Shen Xiang grinning walks, Hidden Jade Ring inside Xu Youqing is very sensitive, inquired hastily this is the Shen Xiang's wife.

Shen Xiang has not replied her, Yue'er on chirp relationship of Shen Xiang and these females, the process that as well as how to know told Xu Youqing completely. Also very honest, had not been eaten by you unexpectedly.” Xu Youqing said with a smile. After Shen Xiang walks, Xiao Baifeng and Xiao Lizhi hastily stand, they respect to Shen Xiang. Big Brother Shen!” Xiao Jin'er politeness light shouted. Also only then Lian Fei still from attending to drinking tea, but she, when lowers the head to drink tea, that contained to bring endless charming beautiful eyes to look at Shen Xiang one gently, was transmitting the gentle cordiality, making in the Shen Xiang heart jump darkly, this Lian Fei always once for a while entices him, making him almost unable to dominate. Qilian they, including me now are hundred Godhead and nine skeletons, they were dull greasy in world of Nine Heaven, wants to come to transfer the extension, therefore makes me search to explore the way first!” Lian Fei puts down the teacup, the charming smile was saying. Is so quick? Do you achieve? Has used time formation?” Shen Xiang asked hastily.