World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2343
Shen Xiang wants to go to world of Nine Heaven, goes back skeleton Divine Fruit this type of thing belt, making the above person promote the skeleton to be quicker, has not thought that they that quickly became peak God Emperor! Now Shen Xiang also only misses one step, because of his practice way, causing him in this last step to be hard to step! However once steps, he can obtain very formidable strength! Naturally, if according to the normalcy, he had to surmount peak God Emperor strength now, after all he had 16 skeletons and hundred Godhead, strength absolutely far ultra peak God Emperor! Lian Fei sees Shen Xiang such to ask, hee happily said with a smile: What's wrong? Haven't you congealed ninth Godhead?” This did not have, these step is very difficult! How do you promote to be so quick?” Shen Xiang asked. Time formation, coordinates Qilian Life Slaughtering Technique again, we can practice that quickly, Qilian senses some methods to come from Life Slaughtering Technique! However, this only suits female to practice.” Lian Fei said with a smile: You mix also well here, has a such big place!” Lian Fei they just did not come here, they came here also one month, these days they also understood that had the matter about Star Law God Territory much. Where I mix well!” Shen Xiang said with a smile, he was Dan God, so long as he also understood alchemy, where he can mix enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water. This but actually is also! What good place arrangement has here to us?” The Lian Fei coquettish look is narrowing the eyes slightly, looks at the Shen Xiang mind to ripple. This you could rest assured that I early had the arrangement!” Shen Xiang called Feng Wu. Sees a Feng Wu such valiant female to arrive, Lian Fei secret tenderly snorted, will be mixing Shen Xiang to where, will be well a womanizer. Feng Wu, later you with their together, making them be familiar with this Star Law God Territory!” Shen Xiang said.

Before Shen Xiang also and Feng Wu has mentioned the Hundred Flowers Village matter, now these come from the world of Nine Heaven female definitely are Hundred Flowers Village, the Feng Wu principle nodded immediately, then polite they were showing the smile to Lian Fei. Dean, your previous time lets the place that I find, is the arrangement gives Hundred Flowers Village?” Feng Wu asked. Is, but now not!” Shen Xiang suddenly frowned: This Eternal Heaven Star is unsafe, but does not need to be worried that I had found a very safe place.” About the Great Heaven Star matter, Shen Xiang already told Huang Jintian their these elders. Master Senior Master, you, if has free time, relates Ge Long, then takes Lian Fei they to go to that Great Heaven Star to choose the appropriate place! You are Undead God Clan, Lian Fei and Jin'er are also, Undead God Clan migrated to Great Heaven Star on now, you should go back to have a look.” Shen Xiang said. Good, the matter is not suitable late, starts to go now. Not only perhaps when the time comes Hundred Flowers Village, links Nine Heavens Sect also to come.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: Best is four divine beast of that side also comes, when the time comes lived it up!” Star Law God Territory four divine beast died, but world of Nine Heaven four divine beast experience the multiple life and death, but also stable adolescence gets up now, if they came, that will be actually lively! Ge Long momentarily can relate on, now can start off.” Huang Yantian said. Lian Fei, you together go with them, first chooses the place, constructs Teleportation Formation, then migrates.” Shen Xiang said. Um, when the time comes also can always see your this little rascal, too does not see you for a long time, I do not think comfortably.” Lian Fei chuckle said. This Lian Fei sexually harasses Shen Xiang in the presence of everyone, caused the people cannot help but to smile, Shen Xiang wants to punish actually very well this spirit, unexpectedly such teased him!

Huang Jintian they led Lian Fei several females to walk, Shen Xiang was just about to return to secret room alchemy, met Wu Zhi on the road. Dean, your father-in-law has news to transmit.” Wu Zhi to Shen Xiang sound transmission, Shen Xiang married the Xu Youqing matter, he also told Wu Zhi, because Wu Zhi had many clone, even if did not say that Wu Zhi will also know. Now is Wu Zhi is responsible for contact between him and Xu Dazhong! What important matter does Oh? have?” Shen Xiang knits the brows to ask. Has, he said is very anxious, making you go to Purple Yuan Sect immediately!” Wu Zhi said. Good, I go now!” Shen Xiang nodded, then left Blue Clouds City. After several transmissions, he arrives at outside the purple Yuan mountain range finally, he turns into the same day appearance, puts out at the same time purple jade token, relaxed entry Purple Yuan Sect. As soon as he enters Purple Yuan Sect, felt that some are not right, he stared by anything probably is being same! It seems like this Purple Yuan Sect truly what happened, some people that pays attention to me unexpectedly!” Shen Xiang perceived some people in secret is staring at him, so long as has not made to injure his matter, he is not serious. He arrives at the Xu Dazhong housing that garret, he sees Xu Dazhong time, Xu Dazhong is walking back and forth in the hall, like was being puzzled by any matter. Father, how?” Xu Youqing comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, hastily inquired.

„Not good matter! Fang Zitian this dirty little boy, has not married you successfully, he has revolted unexpectedly, does not know that two old turtle has made anything, the fellows who my several under most can hit betrayed me.” Xu Dazhong angrily said: I am good to them so, they such walked unexpectedly, moreover looks at this situation, perhaps prepares to me do to turn.” Xu Dazhong treats people truly well, has the hearsay in this Purple Yuan Heaven Star, but unexpectedly some people betray him now, moreover that many, definitely were the opposite party has used any method, or starts out very rich treatment. Father-in-law, no rush, I!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: They betray you are not any misdemeanor, what person at least can see them is, always compares behind you holds knife.” Words said well, but they must join up to turn me dry, does not know that two old ghost takes a drug, unexpectedly such does in haste wants to expel me, isn't convinced Purple Yuan Sect by my this baby brat control?” Xu Dazhong more said more is mad, what is most important was he is betrayed by that many people. That has been he for many years carefully cultivated, moreover since continuously he trusts these people, now goes ahead. In this Purple Yuan Sect also two factions is right, is that two people with no mind of his own, is they do?” Shen Xiang asked. Is they! I have thought they are people with no mind of his own, now knows that they are the corner shovels, digs the corner specially! Make me feel what is quite comfortable, that side Purple Yuan Villa was also dug!” Xu Dazhong said.