World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2345
Shen Xiang had considered, decided that uses to dash the law to try trial system Heaven Jade God Melon! Because he lacks Heaven Jade God Melon now, he a short time cannot duplicate that many. But if after the use dashes the law, he can enhance the quality, but can also strengthen the effect, but will have very big risk, will not pay attention to be defeated slightly. Shen Xiang has set firm resolve, now he is similar to that group the White Jade common putty group is divided into five groups, pure strength that simultaneously revolution within the body Godhead and skeleton concentrate, is divided into five groups, waits for him to with these five strength promote that five medicine putty groups dashes violently. After being ready, Shen Xiang fierce took a deep breath, stuffy snort|hum, sees only pill furnace inside five jade groups in the short distance, at extremely quick speed and crazy fierce might impact on a point! Bang! World Creation God Furnace also shivers, erupts a dull thumping sound, Shen Xiang needs to control with Divine Sense from beginning to end, but in the instance of dashing, formidable strength that erupts affects his Divine Sense, shakes along his Divine Sense to his Divine sea, causing his suddenly to be dizzy. Fortunately!” Shen Xiang quickly restores, controls in pill furnace many [gold/metal] white stones, seems like gold and jade such that breaks to pieces! His mother, turned into the stone, if fused, definitely was the quality best Yujing!” Shen Xiang exclaims. At this time these fragment need to fuse, synthesizes a whole, the quality completely will promote! Naturally, these fragment, if takes to eat, can have the good effect! But Shen Xiang pursues the perfect person, therefore he must result in builds up. Must fuse these fragments is also the unusual headache matter, Shen Xiang controls World Creation God Furnace, releases the formidable flame, refines the energy that inside fragment contains almost, achieves balanced, this can fuse. Has the help of World Creation God Furnace, Shen Xiang completes these step quite to be also relaxed, quite a while about handled! Now he starts to fuse completely these fragment, melts a big gold and jade bead, used the half-day time! At this time the upgrading of gold and jade medicine group.

Here can divide 20 grains!” After Shen Xiang calculates, then using the Heaven Refining Technique method, attacks 20 young Yuzhu this gold and jade medicine group. Recompression built up to succeed!” 20 young Yuzhu is quite big, if the recompression gets down, the quality will be improved much. These step is also quite difficult, because needs to suppress 20! This has used he two days of! Finally succeeded!” Shen Xiang takes out 20 grains of Jinyu color small pill pellet from World Creation God Furnace, looks like very beautiful, looks like very attractive Yuzhu. 20 grains! Lays eggs does not have that many!” Xu Youqing calls out in alarm said that she also runs from Hidden Jade Ring, carefully looks Heaven-Grade Divine Pill that Shen Xiang just refined. Yue'er also flies from inside, she was the first time sees just to draw a charge the steaming hot Heaven-Grade Divine Pill! Hehe, I am fierce!” Saying with a smile of Shen Xiang haughty. Fierce!” Xu Youqing was also very happy that have that formidable man, she kisses the Shen Xiang's lip. Yue'er sees Shen Xiang and kiss of Xu Youqing fervor, knows that they matter that prepares to handle to feel ashamed, her hastily enters Hidden Jade Ring! Really, Shen Xiang and Xu Youqing the absorbed wadding has entangled together, the duplicate rain turns said that ramble merry...... ......

Shen Xiang comes out from the secret room, arrives in the living room in Xu Dazhong that garret, sees six old man to sit here, these old man are old whole face to wrinkle, the mouth shrank, understood at a glance that the oil lamp is completely dry, momentarily will pass away. Shen Xiang has to admire Xu Dazhong, unexpectedly can please come out peak God Emperor that these soon pass away. little rascal, you came out finally, your Divine Pill? Hurry up, not a bit faster, they momentarily here belch fart.” Xu Dazhong very anxious gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang also thought so that these old man whole bodies are passing death Qi, skin does not have life Qi/angry, that Jing Jing (quietly) is wrinkling the eye is also gloomy, momentarily will die, although they once had formidable strength, but at this time is also old man of last years of life. Shen Xiang hastily puts out Divine Pill that he just refined, smells that gang of pill to be fragrant, these six old man suddenly opened an eye. What Divine Pill is this?” old man asked that his body old must unable to speak, therefore he congealed with Divine Power the sound wave inquiry, the sound was very loud and clear. This is...... Natural life Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang said: You eat up quickly!” Shen Xiang has given Xu Dazhong several grains, making Xu Dazhong distribute the past! Quick, these six old man have eaten up natural life Divine Pill, they close one's eyes to build up to melt the efficacy at this time! In the Xu Dazhong heart is very disturbed, he worried that these Divine Pill are useless, but he is very surprised, because after these old man eat up Shen Xiang's natural life Divine Pill, in building up in process, their skin unexpectedly fast production huge change! Shen Xiang and Xu Dazhong can see they were withered are wrinkling completely the face gradually to become directly ruddy fair, is similar to baby is like that delicate, soon, these six old man on red light over the face, they are the crane sends vigorous and healthy old man of young face at this time.

They are bent the waist humpbacked, the figure is slim, but turned into vigorous and healthy old men now, but they have not built up the efficacy completely! Good brat, you to be good!” In Xu Dazhong heart excited incomparable, is pinching Shen Xiang's vigorously, to Shen Xiang sound transmission: „To have many several daughters to reward you really!” Best not to let Youqing know this matter!” Shen Xiang sound transmission said with a smile. Xu Dazhong and Shen Xiang waited for more than double-hour, these six old man have opened the eye on suddenly, two are sending out the none remaining, although they have white-haired, but their whole body is passing the exuberant vitality, with compared to have the difference of heaven and earth a moment ago. Six Senior, at this time how do you feel?” Shen Xiang asked hastily, on this day long-lived Divine Pill was also only he first time refines, he did not know the drug efficacy fiercely. Is good, I felt that I can also live again in 5000! On this day long-lived Divine Pill is really mysterious, not only can grow our life essence, but also makes our fleshly body restore to most peak condition!” That old man very excited saying. Other old man are also so, although they are peak God Emperor, but looks at the Shen Xiang's time at this time, casts the vision of respect, wishes one could to kneel to thank Shen Xiang to the opportunity that they regenerate! Thanked!” A old man excited color, feels grateful Shen Xiang wear a look of hastily, other old man also expressed gratitude. Naturally, they also know after one, must make anything, before Xu Dazhong had said with them, for them is not considered as that any difficult matter, the total ratio waits for death.