World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2346

Afterward Shen Xiang and these old man chatted, knew that they were Big Shot of some influences, because was just too old, therefore the hidden world got up, sought the breakthrough, this was a slim chance of survival that they went on living! Has the middle-and-small influence in Purple Yuan Heaven Star, these influences are quite easy born this peak God Emperor, Xu Dazhong also know some, before these old man live in seclusion, but also the comparison has the spirit time, Xu Dazhong on asks them to seek for advice many issues frequently. Therefore for many years had the relation, is the friend. Now they eat up natural life Divine Pill, almost restored to past that vigorous dragon and ferocious tiger, but they did not plan to go back their influence again, they were very clear, to continue to prolong the life, only then stayed here is best! Xu Dazhong hears some Outer Sect people to knock on a door, after he opens the door, a middle-aged running together of two syllables in rapid speech said. Dean, Fang Zitian came, moreover leads a troop person to come! Third Elder and four elders, threaten.” If before, Xu Dazhong will be definitely anxious, but he actually did not fear that now, these six peak God Emperor may be quite strong, although everybody is peak God Emperor, but also has the division of strong and weak! Already stepped into the peak God Emperor many years here several old man, the Divine Power aspect was built up very pure by them, in peak God Emperor, although is not strongest, but compared with many peak God Emperor stronger. Walks, we exit to be able they, I must have a look at these two people with no mind of his own but actually and one group of rebels can make any matter to come.” Xu Dazhong initially these people betrayed, he is mad almost to kill, if not for he thinks that also had Shen Xiang this good son-in-law, perhaps he already went all out. Old Senior, waits for probably to need you to get rid, was laborious!” Xu Dazhong said to that six old man. Might as well, we just restored, wants to have a look to compare with the past years was really whether young.” old man said with a smile. Xu Dazhong takes the lead, Shen Xiang and six old man walk. Outside Xu Dazhong that pavilion is quite spacious small plaza, as soon as they exit, saw on that small plaza to stand the person. Shen Xiang saw Fang Zitian, he stands in the forefront wickedly, Fang Zitian at this time is also staring at him, because of the same day Fang Zitian disastrous defeat in Shen Xiang, for him is the greatest shame, can marry Xu Youqing he not to care that he only cares about his prestige!

„Is your this does do?” Xu Dazhong coldly has swept this group of people, now he is sporty, he does not fear the opposite party. Does not have anything, we thought that you do not match to make Dean, therefore wants to ask you to let the position.” Speech unexpectedly is Fang Zitian. Oh? my where didn't match to make Dean?” Xu Dazhong said with a smile. Sees Xu Dazhong so to be calm at this time, some old man of Fang Zitian and his side also very have doubts, they are clear, side Xu Dazhong did not have no strength. Side Fang Zitian has two looks like very old old man, understood at a glance that multi- youngster may not live, Shen Xiang concluded immediately that these two old man should be Third Elder and four elders, is the person with no mind of his own in Xu Dazhong mouth. Dean needs very strong strength, this strength is not only has, but also needs the side to be able to support entire Purple Yuan Sect expert, you in Purple Yuan Sect do not have the prestige, Purple Yuan Sect expert not to listen your, if Purple Yuan Sect comes across the crisis, your condense strength does not have.” Fang Zitian said. Xu Dazhong said with a smile: Who said that I did call motionless expert? if wanted everywhere looked that is your here people are formidable, is my here person!” Depends on him?” Fang Zitian looks to Shen Xiang. What's wrong? Is he very disappointing? I remember that you were defeated by him!” Xu Dazhong said. He, if can win us, that also considers as finished but actually, but he should link me unable to win now.” Fang Zitian said with a sneer: On the same day I make a mistake, because I cannot use weapon, causing my overall strength to weaken, will defeat in his hand.” You can win him with weapon?” Xu Dazhong smiled.

I have formidable Divine Weapon, this is also part of my strength, he can also use weapon, but he must find formidable Divine Weapon to be good!” Fang Zitian was saying, then puts out a purple broadsword. Sees this broadsword, the complexion sudden change of Xu Dazhong, ten segregate heavily: No wonder you will hire oneself they, so that's how it is!” Saint-Grade Divine Weapon, purple day Divine Blade! This is Divine Weapon that Purple Yuan Heaven Star Divine Weapon Great Emperor used!” Xu Dazhong behind old man said. Generally speaking, King-Grade divine tool is quite unusual, but peak God Emperor has generally, again upward was Heaven-Grade divine tool, above Heaven-Grade was Saint-Grade, very rare, this Purple Yuan Heaven Star also only then such several! Has formidable divine tool, truly can promote very big strength, if there is this formidable Divine Weapon to be unuseful, then truly will weaken. Shen Xiang does not know one have the strange problem, sees this type of good thing, can he cannot bear want with Nine Firmaments Divine Sword to divide several, look chop, currently he has this intense impulsion. Xu Dazhong, if you pass to Fang Zitian position, we can make you leave Purple Yuan Heaven Star safely, if not willing, humph, humph, that also only then hit one greatly.” Third Elder syllables ending in vowels odd saying. Hits one not to need greatly but actually! Fang Zitian thinks one can become Dean, that is definitely confident to own strength, if we can accept his challenge, and defeats him, did you acknowledge my father-in-law's strength?” Shen Xiang stands, said. „Don't you fear death?” Fang Zitian said with a sneer: Also good, today we from have compared newly again, this time I decide however can cut you under the blade.” brat, allows me to come and he hits! This purple day Divine Blade is not good to cope!” Xu Dazhong holds on Shen Xiang, said. Father-in-law, believes me!” Shen Xiang smiled to him.

Xu Dazhong thinks that then nods saying: Then you carefully!” He thought that Shen Xiang can refine natural life Divine Pill, oneself definitely have very formidable strength, he truly does not need to be worried. „Are you cruel enough Xu Youqing to remain a widow?” Fang Zitian jokes: You do not need to be worried when the time comes I will look after well, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang complexion suddenly becomes ice-cold, if in view of him, but this involves his beloved person, this is he is also angriest. Now can start?” Shen Xiang sound ice-cold. Wait / Etc., made barrier well! After this, is my, I do not think that here turns into stretch of ruins.” Fang Zitian said. barrier quickly on the prepare, Shen Xiang and Fang Zitian entered in barrier! Fang Zitian is self-confident at this time, because he has formidable purple day Divine Blade in the hand, he thought that is his Master Xu Dazhong gets rid, he also in the same old way can hack to death Xu Dazhong.