World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2347

Fang Zitian previous and Shen Xiang battle time, has not expected the Shen Xiang's eye also to release very strong attack, this time he has guarded, he believes that he will not be used the similar trick severe wound by Shen Xiang again. „Don't you use weapon? Naturally, words that you use, is only the waste, in front of purple day Divine Blade, your Divine Weapon is the waste residue.” Fang Zitian wields purple day Divine Blade in fight, saying of whole face proud look. Shen Xiang naturally must use, but he does not come out to show off fierce Divine Weapon like opposite party brightly! Starts!” This is Xu Dazhong shouts. After starting, Fang Zitian goes forward immediately, one is slashing to Shen Xiang, chops several hundred blades instantaneously, covers completely Shen Xiang, seals up Shen Xiang all escape routes. However, purple day Divine Blade chops to chop on Shen Xiang, actually sends out dāng dāng dāng the resounding, as if the blade chops on the steel and iron, unexpectedly is unable to divide Shen Xiang! In the Fang Zitian heart startles greatly, he does not know that Shen Xiang this time body is firm, the surface has strange strength likely, can resist his purple day Divine Blade! Those present, may be the experienced people, at this time they similarly are also surprised, Shen Xiang's body unexpectedly is so fearful! Actually Shen Xiang has used diamond Heaven Imitation in Heaven Imitation Divine Ability, can become by own body is similar to the diamond stars is generally firm! I do not believe!” Fang Zitian immediately comes up, this time he pours into very vigorous strength to enter purple day Divine Blade, making purple day Divine Blade erupt dazzling purple light. Snort!” Shen Xiang suddenly gets rid, in the hand cold light dodges, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword appeared. He and Nine Firmaments Divine Sword have achieved person sword to unite, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword is close as flesh and blood with him, he transmits on own formidable strength Nine Firmaments Divine Sword instantaneously, is dividing the purple day Divine Blade detachment that cuts to that.

A resounding that bites, purple day Divine Blade moved the Nine Firmaments Divine Sword instance, unexpectedly separates! When the tool bit was separated strength shakes to fly, hits on barrier! After purple day Divine Blade of purple glow sparkle cut off, Purple Qi continually wells up from inside, is only suddenly, this becomes Divine Blade of half gloomy, is similar to the scrap iron is ordinary. This...... This not real!” Fang Zitian body violently shake, he was unable to believe that this so formidable Divine Weapon, unexpectedly one did not have the sword tip broken sword to cut off by the opposite party. Before Fang Zitian, examines the great strength of purple day Divine Blade with many methods, otherwise before him, is not self-confident! Not is only Fang Zitian, Xu Dazhong was shocked, his behind several old man deeply have inhaled cold air, because before them, has experienced the fearfulness of purple day Divine Blade, but is actually divided now by a sword. Compared with Divine Weapon, you will only die quickly!” Shen Xiang in the Fang Zitian absent-minded instance, teleport was a sword, Fang Zitian had not responded in the past that the head was cut to fall by Shen Xiang. Fang Zitian that brings various complex facial expressions heads to fall to the ground instantaneous, the Shen Xiang palm emits one group of flame, is similar to is burning meteorite impact in the past! Bang! The after head of Fang Zitian this group of flame hit, turns into a piece of bright spark deafening sound to exit! Xu Dazhong deeply inspires, he thought that he and behind that several old man did not need to get rid, a Shen Xiang person can solve here matter completely, because was he, was impossible to kill Fang Zitian that with ease! But Fang Zitian Xu Dazhong cultivates, therefore the Xu Dazhong Fang Zitian strength is clear, even if he gets rid personally, in Fang Zitian has in the purple day Divine Blade situation, if he wants to defeat the opposite party is also very difficult.

First kills this brat!” That Third Elder shouted: You tie down Xu Dazhong!” During the speeches, that Third Elder rushes ahead with several old man, wants encircling kills Shen Xiang! Xu Dazhong behind six old man also leave same place, suddenly arrives at side Shen Xiang, the body erupts very powerful aura, causes person who these rush ahead, cannot help but fearful and apprehensive, they have not thought that side Xu Dazhong also has such formidable peak God Emperor unexpectedly. Has all killed, does not remain!” Xu Dazhong shouted, oneself also put out Divine Sword, fires into the enemy, slaughters. He already wants to kill these to betray his person, constrains that long anger, now finally has been divulged, is only several instances, had been killed several by him. Old thing, how you cut to kill Undead God Clan to trade life essence, now cannot die!” Shen Xiang empty-handed presses firmly between the fingers a sword that Third Elder punctures, both eyes projects two red light, infiltrates in opposite party Divine sea. Ah! Third Elder called out pitifully, his Divine sea was attacked by Shen Xiang's. I must have a look but actually, is who pulls strings your!” A Shen Xiang sword chops the head of this Third Elder, then presses firmly between the fingers this head to use Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searches for mind inside memory. Really, he found that mysterious old man related memory quickly! Influence Big Shot that this crowd soon passes away, because of instigatation of that mysterious old man, the dark fall into a trap stroke extinguishes Undead God Clan kills. Among same side massacres mutually...... Xu Dazhong you die like a dog......” four elders to call out pitifully again and again, on him had made into covered with blood by that several formidable peak God Emperor. Snort, I am cleaning up the gateway!” After Xu Dazhong here solution, jumps over is dividing to the throats of four elders, has cut his head.

Person who in a minute, they bring completely was extinguished kills, this small plaza everywhere is the blood! „Before fortunately these, cloth good barrier, otherwise my small pavilion must be ruined.” Xu Dazhong said with a smile, their this crowd of peak God Emperor great war may be extraordinary, if continued again, that barrier is unable to maintain, Purple Yuan Sect can by the crew cut most. This group of fellows also are really weak!” The corpse of Shen Xiang to tread, makes bunch of flame unceasingly, sees his these flame, Xu Dazhong and that several old man backs sends coolly, hastily is far away from Shen Xiang, that type of flame is fearful. Was not they were too weak, was you are too strong! If not for you kill Third Elder , the conclusion was so quick.” Xu Dazhong said. „Were you have surmounted the boundary of peak God Emperor?” old man asked. This...... Did not say!” Shen Xiang do not talk clearly, after all he concentrates now eighth Godhead. Now can take Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, does not blow away the above two fellows, I on some worries.” Xu Dazhong said: Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is quite formidable, after all also has the Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard above, in addition Great Elder and Second Elder belt past person, be fiercer than that two people with no mind of his own.” Xu Dazhong does not know the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains matter, therefore he thought that can try, but Shen Xiang actually shakes the head saying: Now was unable to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains fight, to want when we have the absolute strength can attack!”