World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2348

The Purple Yuan Sect matter had been solved by Shen Xiang, when he searched for the Third Elder memory a moment ago, learns about that mysterious old man the news. peak God Emperor that their these soon pass away, knows how to relate that mysterious old man, because after they cut kills Undead God Clan, the Undead God Clan corpse will take away to that old man withdraws strength! Shen Xiang also knows how must find that mysterious old man! Father-in-law, don't you have matter now?” Shen Xiang said: „If no, I went to be busy!” Did not have, sometimes I will look again your.” Xu Dazhong has patted the Shen Xiang's shoulder, said with a smile: Is busy your!” Shen Xiang must look for that mysterious old man now! Before he has seen this mysterious old man Divine Soul, that Divine Soul was killed by the Ren Xin being in a rage bang! However that mysterious old man Divine Soul should be many. Shen Xiang told Yue'er this matter, Yue'er is excited, said: Must find this bastard, is he kills Undead God Clan that many people!” If were his true body is good! Naturally, if Divine Soul, I will also try to use Grasping Soul Devil Curse to him, to know that are many some have the matter about Heavenly Dao Hell, which can only from his know.” Shen Xiang said. Um, now where does he hide?” Yue'er asked. On profound level stars, I looks for him now!” Shen Xiang leaves Purple Yuan Heaven Star immediately, through transmitting several rounds, arrives on Earth-rank Stars, flies from Earth-rank Stars again. That profound level stars do not have Teleportation Formation to arrive, can only go to nearest Earth-rank Stars, then from void flight in the past. Shen Xiang uses space power to transmit, therefore he goes to that profound level stars quickly!

Although here is the profound level stars, but here person may be many, but majority are the mortals, the air/Qi of Spiritual God is also thin. That mysterious old man will hide in this place, definitely has the goal. Shen Xiang arrived here, immediately goes into hiding own aura, and camouflages the mortal, goes to the mysterious old man hiding place. Quick, he arrives by a mansion, here this time is queuing, lining up is some capable youth, Shen Xiang according to that Third Elder memory, determined that mysterious old man lives in this. „Do you line up to do here?” Shen Xiang inquired that looks at the quite simple and honest youth. We must go to study the technique of flying apsaras with god master.” The youth said. Shen Xiang understands immediately that whose that mysterious old man is seeking for the seedling with him, but this for anything! This profound level stars above mortal also to the [say / way] of cultivate Spirit has very superficial understanding, many of them are unable to leave this stars. Naturally does not know the Outer Sect matter, occasionally will have some influences to pass by, has a look to have the rare good seedling while convenient. Shen Xiang to see that mysterious old man, starts to line up! After having arranged for quite a while, finally was one's turn him, the person who was responsible for examining was not that mysterious old man, was only a middle age! Shen Xiang sees this middle age, cannot help but secretly knits the brows, because this middle age has a he very familiar aura. Anti- strength!” In Shen Xiang heart surprisedly said. Has this strength has Evil Spirit Clan, but Evil Spirit Clan was eliminated by him, at this time he associated to Evil Spirit Clan is concerned with that mysterious old man, he suspected Evil Spirit Clan from other world, and restrained Heavenly Dao God Clan specially, therefore Dragon God Clan so will fear! „Do you name? Is very healthy!” That middle age selects in the Shen Xiang body coming up turning point with a stone, that stone occasionally slightly will shiver.

Shen Fei!” Shen Xiang said. Good, you passed, please walk toward that side!” That middle age has referred to his house room. Shen Xiang walked the past time, smelled very weak smell of blood, afterward he used Dao Heart Eye to look, sees only room inside blood red, before this situation, Starry Sky Blood Devil that he saw was similar! Starry Sky Blood Devil and Evil Spirit Clan, excel at devour formidable fleshly body, in the Shen Xiang heart one startled, in that room has very fearful fellow very much obviously, unceasing devour fleshly body good youth! Now Shen Xiang understood, that mysterious old man at is is not accepting the disciple, but is seeking for the fleshly body good youth, is used to feed any thing! This fellow is really virulent!” Although Shen Xiang knows that is having very fearful matter, but he walked, because he did not fear. He walks into that room time, only sees old man to sit on a palm chair, his white hair was been incarnadine by the blood . Moreover the mouthful is the blood. Sees this old man, in the Shen Xiang heart the great happiness, because this is that mysterious old man, is he instigates these influence Big Shot to extinguish kills Undead God Clan, Dragon Qilin Ren Xin was also misled by him! Young fellow, comes quickly, I can let the technique of your quick society flying apsaras.” This old man said with a smile, this time appearance is so fearful, white-haired is the withered blood sticks together. However, he actually installs very gently, installs to look like very much, if not for Shen Xiang already knows that perhaps his matter, will be deceived by him. After Shen Xiang walked, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword flashes before, his not saying anything further, has cut off the head of this old man with the quickest speed!

Is you!” After the head of mysterious old man was chopped next, unexpectedly has not bled, and was speaking. When Shen Xiang used strength a moment ago, he recognized from the aura, Shen Xiang is the same day awakens Dragon Qilin humanity. Shen Xiang holds the head of this old man, felt that the head is having strength to well up, his both eyes make two golden light immediately, enters in this old man Divine sea. In this old man Divine sea is blood red, Divine sea is blood-colored, the sky is filling the blood fog, but this does not hinder Shen Xiang to attack his Divine sea. old man pitiful yell again and again, angrily said: You and we resist, will not have the good result, you must know that Heavenly Dao life Old Man dies in our hands, our strength are not you can imagine.” I only know that you are not the good things, even if you are strong, I must resist you!” Shen Xiang attacked old man Divine sea to be similar, displayed Grasping Soul Devil Curse, started to search for his memory. This was also the old man true body, just his strength by the Heavenly Dao Spiritual God seal, he can only use very weak anti- strength, but the body was unceasingly senile, at this time depended upon evil technique to maintain. It seems like you know not many!” Shen Xiang has put out World Creation God Furnace. How can World Creation God Furnace in your hands?” This old man calls out in alarm. Goes in!” Shen Xiang throws into World Creation God Furnace the head of old man, incineration ashes. Then goes out of the room, is responsible for examining the middle-aged man who to cut that to kill, this is Evil Spirit Clan.