World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2350
Shen Xiang does not have what means now, will therefore say according to Xu Youqing attempts! He thought that Xu Youqing said is also quite reasonable, skeleton Divine Fruit is very special divine medicine, although is King-Grade, but is frail, must with very gentle strength be able to guarantee that was not destroyed. In Heaven Refining Technique various methods combine, can be the new method, therefore Shen Xiang also requires the time in seeking. Had, building up of water and fire!” Lies down in Shen Xiang of ground fiercely jumps, appears very excited. „Is building up of water and fire what kind of?” Xu Youqing hears Shen Xiang to yell that asked hastily. Temporarily has not known that I give a try first!” After Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, he has not put skeleton Divine Fruit toward World Creation God Furnace. But is the strength of release massive Divine sea pours into World Creation God Furnace, he has not urged round of World Creation God Furnace to multiply the flame! After he has continued half double-hour like this, loses into skeleton Divine Fruit to enter World Creation God Furnace! In World Creation God Furnace full is the liquid, these are Shen Xiang with the water that Divine Power concentrates, moreover is the quite icy cold water. The skeleton Divine Fruit immersion after these water inside, he releases the flame, then through the accurate control, making the water of inside Divine Power maintain at certain temperature! Such one, not only can achieve the heat, but will not fire to skeleton Divine Fruit directly, can be at a very temperate condition. After several double-hour, Shen Xiang pleasantly surprised saying: Possible, skeleton Divine Fruit because of by this thermal energy extrusion, was started to be built up, melts in the water!” He refined a moment ago, tells Xu Youqing the process that the water and fire built up, Xu Youqing has not thought that own nonsense, gave the Shen Xiang that big inspiration unexpectedly.

„After black skeleton Divine Fruit was built up, unexpectedly turns into the white, the water of these limpid Divine Power were dyed white!” Shen Xiang said that he did not fear skeleton Divine Fruit is not very pure, because the water of his Divine Power itself is very pure. After skeleton Divine Fruit was built up, but turns into the solution, showing quality has not achieved King-Grade, but this Divine Fruit interior implication very unusual strength, can be easy to congeal the skeleton! After skeleton Divine Fruit has was built up the sign, shortly after entire skeleton Divine Fruit melted, the water of limpid Divine Power turns into the silver-white color at this time! So long as fuses to compress completely these water, should be able to congeal a grain of pill to come!” Shen Xiang strengthens the flame immediately, slowly burns to build up World Creation God Furnace inside solution. Under his skilled burning builds up, water gradually turns into the silver-white light fog, forms very big one group of cyclones in pill furnace. Should be able to congeal several grains, but concentrates a grain well, the quality will be higher!” Shen Xiang is very excited at this time, skeleton Divine Fruit that because this is hard to refine, must be attacked and captured by him finally. World Creation God Furnace inside Qi ball collects together, by Shen Xiang with a Divine Sense extrusion, had been formed one group of solutions, releases the silver-white dazzling ray! These step was easy!” Shen Xiang at this time with refining other Divine Pill is the same, start to condense pill. He is compressing this group of solutions unceasingly, what making him not think, although this group of solutions are very small, but after compressing, unexpectedly became very firm, the words that in other words, continued, can refine crystal Divine Pill. Is only a that frail fruit, turns into crystal Divine Pill after the refinement, it seems like that the quality will promote many compared with actually.” The Shen Xiang heart said. First time eats skeleton Divine Fruit time, so long as eats one to concentrate a skeleton, if wants through eating skeleton Divine Fruit concentrates the second time, that must eat 500, third 1000...... Adds 500 each time! Concentrates eight skeletons is the limit, the ninth skeleton is unable to congeal.

This is Ge Long tells Shen Xiang's! Shen Xiang thought that if a skeleton Divine Fruit refined into pill, the upgrading, has not needed to eat that many skeleton Divine Fruit, if he is smooth, after he thought that , so long as eats skeleton Divine Fruit refined into Divine Pill, can very smooth concentrates eight skeletons! Can let very fast training expert of a number of eight skeletons. Naturally, his final goal is through skeleton Divine Fruit refined into pill, eats the ninth skeleton! Has succeeded, is crystal Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang hastily puts out that grain of silver-white pill pellet from pill furnace. What Divine Pill did this call to be good? Skeleton Divine Pill had, cannot call this name again.” Shen Xiang looks here Divine Pill, then said with a smile: Youqing, you give a name, this is because your inspiration I refine.” „Do I name?” Xu Youqing came out from Hidden Jade Ring, received that grain of Divine Pill carefully to look that she was pressed the willow eyebrows to think, said: Is called nine bone Divine Pill, I believe that this Divine Pill can certainly to congeal the ninth skeleton!” Good, is called nine bone Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang nodded: Youqing, I remember that your Divine Soul has five skeletons!” Um, how? Do you want to try pill with me?” Xu Youqing said with a smile. Also only then you were quite appropriate!” Shen Xiang puts out skeleton Divine Fruit to give her: You give a try, your Divine Soul eats up this skeleton Divine Fruit to concentrate sixth Godhead, if can concentrate sixth Godhead, that again eats up this grain of nine bone Divine Pill!” Xu Youqing somewhat is also excited, can eat Divine Pill that Shen Xiang just founded, after all she is first eats nine bone Divine Pill people! Xu Youqing attempts hastily, after she was eaten up skeleton Divine Fruit by her Divine Soul, said: Should not do 1-2 days of!” Shen Xiang nodded, he also took advantage that now has refined several grains of nine bone Divine Pill.

A day passed by, Xu Youqing runs from Hidden Jade Ring, happy saying with a smile: This skeleton Divine Fruit was also useful to my Divine Soul, making my Divine Soul concentrate the sixth skeleton!” Then makes your Divine Soul eat up nine bone Divine Pill now, if grain of insufficient, again eats one grain!” Shen Xiang said: Was right, after your Divine Soul eats up skeleton Divine Fruit, rests very soundly?” Um, after falling asleep, my this main body is unable to make her get up!” Xu Youqing nodded: „After she woke up, congealed the sixth skeleton!” I first do not integrate Divine Soul, first eats these nine bone Divine Pill, look can concentrate seventh Godhead to come.” Xu Youqing said that can help Shen Xiang try pill, she is also very happy. Shen Xiang kisses her, then makes her start. After Xu Youqing enters Hidden Jade Ring, Shen Xiang also eat up grain of nine bone Divine Pill, after he eats up, does not have what response. Really does not have the use!” Shen Xiang has not felt efficacy sending out, he waited for two double-hour, a response does not have. My Divine Soul has fallen asleep, should be successful!” Xu Youqing pleasantly surprised shouted. Oh? Shen Xiang said with a smile: Congealed the seventh skeleton to say successfully again!” Shen Xiang planned that refines grain of nine bone Divine Pill with 500 skeleton Divine Fruit, he thought that perhaps this will have the effect!