World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2351
Shen Xiang has used two days, refines grain of nine bone Divine Pill with ten skeleton Divine Fruit, the quality is high! Refines beforehand skeleton Divine Fruit is higher than! He does not know that this is equal to many skeleton Divine Fruit, he also needs Xu Youqing to attempt to know. After Xu Youqing Divine Soul eats up grain of nine bone Divine Pill, has congealed smoothly the seventh skeleton, now Shen Xiang makes her eat up Divine Pill that ten skeleton Divine Fruit refine. If congealed the eighth skeleton to be good successfully, I can infer the congealing skeleton to need many skeleton Divine Fruit probably to come alchemy.” Shen Xiang said. Xu Youqing continues to attempt, this short in several day, her Divine Soul concentrates continuously two skeletons, this made her very happy, at this time she was certainly glad to attempt, moreover her second Divine sea has practiced, two Divine sea fused gradually. When the time comes the skeleton of her Divine Soul and body can also use, she can surmount peak God Emperor strength! Shen Xiang starts to refine nine bone Divine Pill, this time he carries on the big attempt, is 500 skeleton Divine Fruit refined into grain of pill! He only wants to break through the present bottleneck with these nine bone Divine Pill now, was congealed the ninth skeleton by oneself! Refines pill 500 skeleton Divine Fruit together, requires very much time, after is 500, even if were one requires a lot of time! Has succeeded, my Divine Soul congealed successfully the eighth skeleton, was too quick, I was having a dream!” The Xu Youqing surprised sound conveys, Shen Xiang also satisfied nod of: Wants is this speed!” husband, you are really fierce!” Xu Youqing praised: Is really good with you!” That is natural!” Saying with a smile of Shen Xiang haughty: I am formidable for young woman, I have consumed many plans!”

Two months passed by, Shen Xiang refines grain of nine bone Divine Pill 500 skeleton Divine Fruit finally, although this grain of nine bone Divine Pill only then the shelled peanut is so big, but actually very heavy, if not for Shen Xiang thought that own strength is insufficient, he definitely will use to dash the law to dash, a promotion higher quality. pill who 500 skeleton Divine Fruit concentrate, about hundred jin (0.5 kg)!” Shen Xiang with is thinking over in the hand, hundred jin (0.5 kg) regarding him not anything. Can concentrate successfully the ninth skeleton? A bit faster gives a try!” Xu Youqing knows that Shen Xiang was been very long on this bottleneck by the card, if Shen Xiang can succeed, definitely becomes stronger. Shen Xiang was also impatient, his hastily eats up, the efficacy melts immediately, he only thought that suddenly is quite comfortable, has rested then! Sees Shen Xiang to fall asleep, Xu Youqing and Yue'er immediately cheer, because they know that Shen Xiang has succeeded, this will be eats up skeleton Divine Fruit or nine bone Divine Pill will congeal the indication of skeleton! Shen Xiang do not know one fall asleep, therefore does not know that outside time is passing...... ...... „Hasn't Dean gone out?” Feng Wu arrives at the mountain village, was inquiring Dai Donggong. Did not have, closed up one all year round is not long time! Before I closed up have over a thousand years for a long time.” Dai Donggong said with a smile: What urgent matter has to look for him?” Feng Wu continuously with Lian Fei they, at this time already past one year. At this time, entire Hundred Flowers Village and Nine Heavens Sect migrated to Great Heaven Star on, Feng Wu comes to here, naturally must tell Shen Xiang this good news. Was only his friend and wives migrates, I want to tell him this news!” Feng Wu said: Elder Dai, if he closes up, making him a bit faster go to Great Heaven Star.”

Does not have the issue! After a period of time I also want to go to Great Heaven Star to have a look, I listened to Wu Zhi they saying that world of Nine Heaven four big divine beast came, and Star Law God Territory four big divine beast were equally fierce!” Dai Donggong said with a smile. Feng Wu lightly smiled, the nod said: Elder Dai momentarily can go!” Now Feng Wu has also joined Hundred Flowers Village, she also knows that in Hundred Flowers Village there are many females and Shen Xiang's relationship is very good, which several she does not dare to ask the bottom to have is the Shen Xiang's wife, but knows that Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er and Long Xueyi are the Shen Xiang's wife, Dongfang Xinyue and Hua Xiangyue are Shen Xiang's small female slave. His she is not clear, this matter she is also embarrassed to ask. However she in Hundred Flowers Village, many females has asked her and Shen Xiang's relationship, thinks that she was eaten by Shen Xiang! Feng Wu just went out of the mountain village, actually sees a handsome white clothing female to smile to walk. Xueyi, how you came!” Feng Wu is very surprised, she knows that Xueyi is White Dragon, Dragon God Clan wanders about aimlessly everywhere is very danger(ous). „Can't I come? I did not fear that little rascal hasn't gone out?” Long Xueyi asked that in her behind also with Ge Long, was Ge Long leads her to come. But Ge Long very said: Is she is entangling me actually, making me bring her! I do not have the means that this ancestor may be fiercer than me, does not need to be worried her.” Did not have!” Feng Wu hastily walks, she may extremely be worried about Long Xueyi, initially Shen Xiang had said look for three lotus Divine Pill divine medicine, to help Long Xueyi detoxifies. I went back, she gave you.” Ge Long said that ran. Feng Wu, leading me to walk in this, the little rascal's influence is so long in this, definitely controls here very well, should very be safe.” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile.

Um!” Feng Wu smiled, is holding Long Xueyi's, leading her to walk on the street. All the way, Long Xueyi sees fruit that sets up a stall to grasp, moreover grasps is the larger part, Feng Wu is responsible for giving the divine yuan stone purchase, these fruit also very convenient. Xueyi, Big Brother Shen is he very really bad? Why you always call him little rascal!” Feng Wu asked with a smile. Sometimes this fellow went bad to bone, was sometimes overly cautious and prudent!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: He has not gone bad, otherwise you definitely were eaten including bone not to remain by him.” This! Is he many in Hundred Flowers Village inside woman? Always felt that relationship of he and these females are very good.” Feng Wu also asked. Because Long Xueyi looks like quite mischievous, moreover is also quite amiable, therefore she boldly asked that this matter, after all she is also very curious. „It is not many, majority are her relationship is good! Naturally, there are much is interesting to him, obtains his big kindness.” Long Xueyi said. She quite knew about Shen Xiang women. Long Xueyi puts out a snow white fruit, feelings Mei Mei bites one, which knows that this fruit suddenly was actually robbed, she is just about to act crazy, actually sees Shen Xiang to stand in front of her, smiles 2-3 is eating that fruit. little rascal, dares to snatch my thing to eat!” Long Xueyi thrashes Shen Xiang with a smile, kids around with Shen Xiang. Initially Shen Xiang just met the Long Xueyi's time, was snatched the thing to eat by Long Xueyi, Long Xueyi also recalled that in heart cannot help but sweet, she so was unknowingly long with the Shen Xiang understanding. Shen Xiang closes up, knew that Feng Wu has looked for him, behind Long Xueyi also came, therefore he immediately pursues.