World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2352

Shen Xiang sees Long Xueyi to come here, knows that the world of Nine Heaven people migrated to Great Heaven Star, this matter he let Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian has helped, progressed evidently very smoothly. Because Shen Xiang went out, Long Xueyi also immediately and Feng Wu returns to the mountain village, Long Xueyi mainly too misses Shen Xiang, will therefore entangle Ge Long to lead her to come to here. little rascal, Sister Meng'er they said that can refine to transmit from Great Heaven Star to here formation plate, but also requires some time to complete, they also will frequently come when the time comes to play.” Long Xueyi does not know danger(ous) of this Eternal Heaven Star hideaway. Um, I will look for Sister Qilian, we together pass now!” Shen Xiang has pinched the Long Xueyi's cheek. Afterward, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi kid around are leaving Eternal Heaven Star, goes to that Great Heaven Star. After arriving at Great Heaven Star, Shen Xiang arrives to establish with Long Xueyi and Feng Wu in Hundred Flowers Village that this lets! Shen Xiang has not looked for Lu Qilian immediately, but sees Xue Xianxian first they, seeing their strengths to have very big promotion, he was also relieved, they have been being busy refining the Teleportation Formation plate at this time, Shen Xiang also traces their small hands, or pinches their faces, then left. Shen Xiang arrives in the dwelling of that alchemy squad, after several females have played the period of time, with them discussed the matters in many alchemy aspects, he to alchemy taught the harvest of tople days completely to Feng Yujie, and has given some Feng Yujie herbs. Strolled in Hundred Flowers Village, Shen Xiang looked for Lu Qilian finally! He planned makes Xu Youqing come out, but Xu Youqing is practicing now, her Divine Soul inside skeleton also needs to congeal Divine Soul. Sister Qilian!” Shen Xiang enters the Lu Qilian secret room, then sweet shouted. Snort!” Saw Shen Xiang this facial expression, Lu Qilian to spit one gently.

Listened to your Master saying that because there are other reasons, therefore above cannot make us go, he has not told me! He was said by you are quite good.” Lu Qilian said that she had been hugged by Shen Xiang at this time, lies down in the Shen Xiang's bosom. Oh...... This Star Law God Territory is not very peaceful, does not know that you come here are the wrong decisions.” Shen Xiang sighed. If Star Law God Territory is not peaceful, then sooner or later also will affect world of Nine Heaven, we are unable to evade finally.” Lu Qilian supple sound track: „The issue is very evidently serious, can say with me?” Star Law God Territory Eternal Heaven Star has Heavenly Dao Hell passage, but under this Heavenly Dao Hell has very fearful thing, they can control the Heavenly Dao principle, once the Heavenly Dao principle were controlled by them, they will become very formidable strength, we may not be the matches.” Shen Xiang said. Has four big God Clan in Star Law God Territory, they specially reinforce this seal in the Star Law God Territory mission, now Undead God Clan had exterminated the clan, if in other words this seal becomes less crowded, is unable to reinforce, inside thing will sooner or later break through the seal to come out.” Lu Qilian is caressing the Shen Xiang's cheeks lightly, frowns to say slightly: That seal following thing strong? peak God Emperor opposite party they?” Shen Xiang shook the head: Their strength far ultra peak God Emperor, is above Heavenly Dao Realm! After surmounting peak God Emperor, steps into Heavenly Dao Realm, that need two Divine sea, practice to two hundred Godhead and 18 skeletons can step into this Heavenly Dao Realm.” Lu Qilian puts out together jade token, subpoenaed to Feng Yujie, this important matter, she also wanted to tell Feng Yujie to be good. Huishan brought Youlan to go to the Dragon God Clan study, suddenly did not come back.” Lu Qilian leaves the Shen Xiang's bosom, walks to open the door, then Feng Yujie comes. Feng Yujie is in charge of alchemy in Hundred Flowers Village, therefore there is an important matter, must result in makes her know, and discussed with her. Before Shen Xiang, looks for Feng Yujie time, for does not make Su Meiyao they be worried, therefore has not told them these matters, Feng Yujie does not know that now he tells Feng Yujie the crisis in Star Law God Territory again.

Practices second Divine sea? How can this practice?” Feng Yujie asked: „Were you practice? I always felt that you are very fierce!” I was practice, but my cultivation method inappropriate other people!” Shen Xiang said: You do not need to be worried that currently also has means! Is main practice together Divine Soul, that said that Divine Soul cultivates and me equally is formidable, then cultivates Divine sea, skeleton and Godhead on this Divine Soul.” Xu Youqing uses such practice way to congeal second Divine sea! Sister Feng, that skeleton Divine Fruit I have given you, you must duplicate to be many some come out, refines nine bone Divine Pill with this, can concentrate fast the skeleton.” Shen Xiang said. Knows!” Feng Yujie smiles: little rascal, you also very honest, arrives at this Star Law God Territory, unexpectedly has not been a womanizer!” Shen Xiang hollow laugh, then hugs Feng Yujie and Lu Qilian, both hands unexpectedly very deft is taking off their clothes! Feng Yujie and Lu Qilian blush immediately, they know that Shen Xiang must do. little rascal, you......” I want dead you!” Shen Xiang badly smiles, afterward changes with two female is intimate...... ...... Shen Xiang stayed for several days in Hundred Flowers Village, Xu Youqing has also closed up, afterward he Xu Youqing introduced they knew to Xue Xianxian, and made itself Xu Youqing practice the experience of second Divine sea to share.

Yue'er also comes out from Hidden Jade Ring at this time, looks Shui Bingyan to have played, she decided that must keep Hundred Flowers Village a period of time, temporarily not with Shen Xiang. After Shen Xiang leaves Hundred Flowers Village, goes to Nine Heavens Sect! He finds that Nine Heavens Sect is Gu Dongchen manages now, Jiu Canghai goes into seclusion, is only an elder, but he also followed, is mainly he does not want to keep world of Nine Heaven alone, now world of Nine Heaven very steadily is also developing. Shen Xiang also saw many past good friends in Nine Heavens Sect, after they have drunk to one's heart's content the most of the day, looks for Jiu Canghai. He sees Jiu Canghai time was frightened, has not thought of Jiu Canghai old that many, although middle age, but hair actually white many. I was also quick! However now can see the world that I found to become so formidable, I also died with no regrets.” Jiu Canghai sighed. Big brother Canghai, this is natural life Divine Pill that I refine, can lengthen life essence.” Shen Xiang puts out several grains of this natural life Divine Pill, gives Jiu Canghai. He had given Feng Yujie Heaven Jade God Melon before, making Feng Yujie they help to duplicate more, later will definitely have very big use. Really useful?” Jiu Canghai suddenly is somewhat excited, although he does not fear death, but if can go on living hopefully, he is certainly glad. Useful!” The Shen Xiang nod smiles: You gave a try know!”