World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2353

Jiu Canghai eats up one grain hastily, after efficacy melts, he immediately can feel that with is the same, can lengthen own life essence that Shen Xiang said! Soon, Jiu Canghai looked like becomes young, dynamic middle-aged person! Really useful, you are really the progress are amazingly quick in Pill Dao!” Jiu Canghai said with a smile, the smiling face was very bright, had very big difference with before. Afterward Shen Xiang and Jiu Canghai said had the matter about Star Law God Territory, making Jiu Canghai know here crisis! Naturally, if erupts, that will quickly not spread to this Great Heaven Star comes. Jiu Canghai upon learning this, the feeling again and again, he thinks before peak God Emperor was the end, has not thought that also has Heavenly Dao Realm above, he always thought that strength did not have the limit! Shen Xiang also thought so that afterward he also told Jiu Canghai to practice the second Divine sea direction. And makes Jiu Canghai teach to Nine Heavens Sect other people. After Great Heaven Star continues is old, Shen Xiang returns to Eternal Heaven Star, this Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is the knot in his heart, if the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains control in the hand, he will not worry about. Before Shen Xiang, eats up nine bone Divine Pill that 500 skeleton Divine Fruit refine, has practiced the ninth skeleton, second Divine sea also appeared, is he very familiar Tai Chi Yin and Yang Diagram, what was not quite same as former some, originally five beast image, but now six! Left Heavenly Qilin float in the air! „The my second Divine sea practice do not congeal Godhead to come, but must help these six Heavenly Dao divine beast concentrate the skeleton!” Second Divine sea that Shen Xiang after seeing oneself is familiar with, on obvious feeling. If others' second Divine sea, needs to practice hundred Godhead to be good! But Shen Xiang this needs to practice ten skeletons to each beast image separately, when the time comes he can step into Heavenly Dao Realm, concentrates Dao Body! After Shen Xiang returns to the Blue Clouds City mountain village, Wu Zhi in a hurry seeks for him.

Dean, the important matter is not good!” Wu Zhi looks dignified, very anxious saying: Undead God Clan came!” „Did Undead God Clan come?” Shen Xiang one wants to understand that also somewhat was happy. Before Wu Zhi had said that their this Star Law God Territory four big God Clan are only the branches, had in other places, and was more formidable! The Yue'er paternal grandmother has succeeded to relate the Undead God Clan biggest tribal group now, therefore Wu Zhi will say that Undead God Clan came! What's wrong? Isn't this good matter?” The Shen Xiang doubts said. „It is not the good matter!” The Wu Zhi congealing eyebrow said: „After this Undead God Clan came, has not sought for us immediately, but is seizes other day of stars, is the use very cruel method, a direct attack day star, and dominates above!” Has this matter? When occurred?” Shen Xiang is also very surprised, he thinks carefully, does not think anything: This is also very normal, after all before Undead God Clan, was killed by these days star Big Shot, they are helping you take revenge!” No! If they only extinguished kill these influence Big Shot, but they massacred at a promiscuous manner, moreover they have not extinguished completely kill these influences, but controlled these influences, has to acknowledge that they had very formidable strength.” Wu Zhi said. Shen Xiang hearing this, thought that does not suit very much, this just arrived here Undead God Clan, probably knows very well with him is not quite same. Elder Wu, how do you see?” Shen Xiang asked. Wu Zhi has many clone, therefore he can know matter that quickly various Great Heaven Star have. They, although is also Undead God Clan, but with us is not, I told Patriarch, making her contact with this group of fellows is more careful.” Wu Zhi said: „Our was stationed for a long time four big God Clan to be separated from Chief Tribe in Star Law God Territory to be very long! Chief Tribe likely had the accident, but we actually do not know!”

Elder Wu, was your meaning Chief Tribe goes bad?” Shen Xiang frowned. Has this possibility, defers to their present working styles, can only describe with the cruel two characters! Our Undead God Clan should not be this.” The Wu Zhi complexion is serious: It seems like this Star Law God Territory is less peaceful.” Goes to invite Elder Dai, my Master and Senior Master they, we were the time must take Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains!” Shen Xiang said: This Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains must during we control, if this came from Chief Tribe Undead God Clan to be venomous, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains was controlled by them, will cause the disaster ahead of time!” Now Shen Xiang saw own second Divine sea, the strength was fearful, surmounts the boundary of peak God Emperor, he thought that must deal with the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains above fellow, should not any major problem. Dai Donggong and Huang Jintian they arrived quickly! Wanted fight?” Huang Jintian happily said with a smile, but after he hears the Wu Zhi words, could not smile. Undead God Clan that came from Chief Tribe finally, but is actually not such that they imagine! Our Undead God Clan is always not such fellow, did they slaughter innocents on a day star really?” Huang Jintian knits the brows saying that he puts out Heaven's Divination God Record, turns above is looking for anything. Yes, they have killed many people, ruins two profound level stars very much, the person who dying is countless.” Wu Zhi said: What are you looking for? Do the gods record above have the record?” Huang Jintian had not replied, but is earnest glancing through, after the moment, he heaved a deep sigh: „The fellow who Chief Tribe comes is not the good thing!” „Are you so why definite? What above the gods did record said?” Huang Yantian pursues hastily asks.

Chief Tribe in any Heavenly Dao God Realm, initially they had seal Heavenly Dao Hell passage!” Huang Jintian said: If they have a mind to reinforce, they had already gotten rid, but they actually helplessly look that here exterminated the clan!” The Wu Zhi whole body trembles, shakes the head hastily, he cannot believe that this is real! Master, you meant that Heavenly Dao God Realm above Undead God Clan also does want to disrupt the entire Heavenly Dao order?” Shen Xiang is also very surprised. Should! Why does not know as for me that in brief definitely has their reasons, will let them and Evil Spirit Clan colludes! However, regardless of they are in any reason, I will not let off them, even if they are our ancestors!” The Huang Jintian sound trembles, is enduring the enormous anger, their Star Law God Territory Undead God Clan exterminated the clan, this is the blood sea deep enmity. Undead God Clan that Chief Tribe comes is Shen Xiang their hope, but disappoints them now, not only will not help them defuse the Star Law God Territory crisis, even must oppose with them! Now in any event must defend Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, so long as the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains following seal were not destroyed, we can win the time to be formidable.” Wu Zhi said: Dean, when fight?” You call the disciple, tomorrow morning fight!” Shen Xiang said that he and several elders have been ready.