World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2354
Wu Zhi also passes to this matter Great Heaven Star, making above four big God Clan understand this matter! Because Undead God Clan Chief Tribe on Heavenly Dao God Realm, then other three big God Clan perhaps also above, if they plan to disrupt the Heavenly Dao order, when the time comes other three big God Clan must make the choice. Now Wu Zhi has made the decision, is the Chief Tribe resistance, because their Undead God Clan sacrificed were too many! Other three big God Clan had not sacrificed anything, but do not compel to hide, therefore their hates are not that big, when the time comes perhaps with Heavenly Dao God Realm above Chief Tribe. Therefore Wu Zhi also told Shen Xiang, making him be vigilant other three big God Clan. Late at night, entire Blue Clouds City is peaceful, but Shen Xiang they gathered all disciples, under the massive skeleton Divine Pill help, the strengths of their these disciples has promoted, peak God Emperor also had two! We now were clear to the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains above trend, tomorrow you by Elder Dai will lead, listening to the arrangement of Elder Dai to attack, but we are responsible for killing Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains!” Wu Zhi said that because his clone are many, seeped very seriously to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains. On Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains strength under towel is not many, has the actually Dan God institute and Elder Courtyard, already a Purple Yuan Sect elder! Purple Yuan Sect majority of strength hides under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, the position I told Elder Dai.” Wu Zhi said. Everybody, certainly is when the time comes careful, we have many people to go, wants many people to live!” Shen Xiang said: I believed for serveral days, everybody diligently was promoting himself, although our people were not many, but our everyone was an elite, can assume sole responsibility for an important task Shen Xiang!” Our enemies, although are many, but they are the ineffective and worthless troops, we do not need to fear!” Shen Xiang said that these disciples are frequently and different divine beast fight with all might, at this time 1 : 00 fears does not have, instead somewhat is excited, they are so long here, finally can turn the fellow of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that crowd of keeping aloof dry. Day not bright, Shen Xiang utilizes oneself formidable space power, transmits all people to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains under neighbor, leads own squad in Dai Donggong and Huang Jintian Huang Yantian, Teng Yong and Jing Ze separately, nearness Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains under quietly Purple Yuan Sect sphere of influence.

Shen Xiang has not told Xu Dazhong, before Xu Dazhong had also said that if must to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains fight, not need to inform him, must complete was telling him! Is stationed in Purple Yuan Sect two formidable elders, is the Xu Dazhong powerful enemy, Xu Dazhong wishes one could them dead quickly! Elder Wu we walk!” Climbs mountains only then Shen Xiang and Wu Zhi come up, Dai Donggong must go, but has a Purple Yuan Sect elder in this below, needs Dai Donggong strength to be able to suppress. But Shen Xiang now 18 skeletons and hundred Godhead, add on second Divine sea again, he thought that own duel entire Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains does not have the issue! If not for under Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains has a seal, they do not need that carefully, a Shen Xiang person can solve! They do now, wants a bit faster to cut to be able these to threaten the seal safety peak God Emperor, but these peak God Emperor disperse in various places, therefore they also need to move separately. Shen Xiang and Wu Zhi teleport arrives at the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains summit, had many constructions here, Shen Xiang had come before one time, but to this was also not very ripe. However Wu Zhi has clone in this, already touched very familiar. Dean, my clone left Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, you and other can feel at ease fight.” Wu Zhi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. The Shen Xiang's first goal, is the Purple Yuan Sect elder, this elder is on this summit is also strongest! Does not need the Wu Zhi direction, he can induce to the aura of this elder. I passed first, you assassinate other peak God Emperor, best not to initiate any sound!” Shen Xiang said that teleport vanished.

Purple Yuan Sect that elder is practicing in secret room, Shen Xiang present space power was getting stronger and stronger, the penetrating power is very strong, even if that secret room has the heavily protection, can be penetrated by him with ease. After Shen Xiang comes, this elder realized immediately, the fierce opening eye, eyes dodged, whole person suddenly vanished! What?” Shen Xiang one startled, immediately releases Dao Heart Eye, quick sees one group of red shades to dodge toward him, he has not thought that this elder understood unexpectedly uses anti- strength, goes into hiding own body. This fellow what's the matter? Unexpectedly understood that uses this strength!” Shen Xiang can see the opposite party with Dao Heart Eye, therefore that elder chops to chop a blade comes the time, he also immediately uses anti- strength becomes by himself transparent. Who are you? Why kills me, did you renege on a promise?” This elder asked that seeing the opposite party to use with his same strength, his hastily asked. You once participated to extinguish kill Undead God Clan, this is the reason, you can feel at ease died!” Shen Xiang dodges, Nine Firmaments Divine Sword appears in the hand, a sword chops to this elder. The Shen Xiang's speed is quick, moreover that elder cannot see him, this secret room is also narrow, is unable to shunt, after Shen Xiang this sword chops, an arm was also cut. Shen Xiang has not thought that this elder responded consciousness is so good, unexpectedly made him evade a fatal sword, but fell an arm, but his following sword actually very accurate thorn to the throat of opposite party! Who you are!” The Purple Yuan Sect elder appears the circular, the throat full is the blood, Shen Xiang punctures the sword the time, pours into Meteor God Energy, broke the skeleton of opposite party within the body, opposite party fleshly body and Divine sea caused heavy losses.

You do not need to know, so long as you know that I came for Undead God Clan revenge that's alright!” A Shen Xiang palm racket to his head, at the same time that Grasping Soul Devil Curse revolves, this elder also called out pitifully, the soul was torn the general pain, making him unendurable. Shen Xiang is searching for the memory of this elder, because he understood that anti- strength, before he cut has killed the fellow not to understand! Damn, has not thought after that mysterious old man died, unexpectedly also has other fellows to exist!” Shen Xiang discovered from the memory of this elder that other Evil Spirit Clan Evil Spirit are moving, moreover these days is quite active, starts to contact some expert. Of bang! Outside spreads a boom! terrible!” Shen Xiang thought that the important matter is not good, if this elder understood that perhaps anti- strength, this Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains other peak God Emperor also understand. After going into hiding, is not Dai Donggong they can cope! Shen Xiang cuts to kill this elder fast, after throwing into World Creation God Furnace, immediately teleport leaves the secret room, arrives at outside time, sees the Wu Zhi corners of the mouth overflowing blood, falls on small plaza, but in the above also arm, that arm is not Wu Zhi, but is a Dan God institute elder!