World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2355

Shen Xiang arrives at outside, immediately uses Dao Heart Eye, seeing three red shades to leap up to Wu Zhi, he displays to transfer the technique immediately, transfers Wu Zhi! Wu Zhi hear of Shen Xiang had said Evil Spirit Clan anti- strength, after using this strength, can by own stealth, others be hard to see. Therefore he is also clear to face any danger(ous), but he can through the intuition, cut off an arm of elder. Must a bit faster solve these fellows, really has not thought that they understood unexpectedly uses this strength!” After Shen Xiang Wu Zhi transfers to, to Wu Zhi sound transmission, afterward teleport to that cuts off by the elder of arm. Although the elder in that Dan God institute was broken an arm, but looks like has not actually encountered the severe wound, he still very flexible firing into Wu Zhi. This elder also saw Shen Xiang, therefore he immediately changes the direction, toward Shen Xiang rush over, when his rush over, Shen Xiang uses anti- strength to let own stealth. With the Shen Xiang expectation is the same, this elder sees him also to understand that uses this move, therefore has gawked staring, when he one, Shen Xiang teleport in the past, wielded a sword to cleave in two this elder! Bang! After Shen Xiang cutting down, a Cloudy Fire Spirit palm hits, extinguishes the corpse bang. Elder Wu, descends the mountain to support them quickly!” Shen Xiang to Wu Zhi sound transmission, Wu Zhi also immediately leaves the summit, rushes to under the mountain. If before, they can definitely be victorious, but these peak God Emperor understood that now that anti- strength, Dai Donggong they will be definitely strenuous at this time! The elders of here also two peak God Emperor ranks, they see Wu Zhi to catch up to descend the mountain, wants to pursue the past time, Shen Xiang hastily comes, has attacked to these two peak God Emperor. After diverting their attention, Wu Zhi vanish from sight, has also jumped down Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, that peak God Emperor is holding Divine Weapon at this time, attacks to Shen Xiang. space imprisonment!

Shen Xiang uses formidable space power, prohibits the space that these two elders are, letting them only to move in a very small space! Causes elder suddenly that these two clash to hit on wall that in space strength forms, is unable to go forward. Shen Xiang depended on the past immediately, a sword divided horizontally, truncated the next two heads! Your also this skill!” Shen Xiang receives World Creation God Furnace burning down their corpses. The disciple here sees several strongest elders to be cut to kill, that is the peak God Emperor strength, but is actually similar to kills chicken such relaxed solution, they definitely are unable to deal, at this time in abundance flies from Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, was worried that can encounter extinguishes kills. After Shen Xiang solves on this several elders, immediately descends the mountain. Arrives at the following time, Shen Xiang saw his here disciple they to hit with Purple Yuan Sect, Huang Jintian and Dai Donggong on their several had the wound, was because is unable to see the enemy, was plotted to create. The Shen Xiang's skeleton compared with these peak God Emperor many nine, therefore he be more formidable than time them, in addition his fearful Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, if these peak God Emperor by his near body, did not have the means of livelihood mostly! Shen Xiang gets down time has displayed anti- strength, got up by own stealth, such one, the enemy is unable to see him! Three, it seems like they hide many strength!” Shen Xiang uses Dao Heart Eye, has locked, teleport at the same time has wielded Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, he appears, can chop to cut immediately. Throws! The strong sword eats delicacies to resound together, an elder by Shen Xiang deducting both sides, the body was also poured into fearful flame, after cleaving in two, the flame on flaming burns, was fired the ash by the World Creation God Furnace flame! After other two elders see, in heart panic-stricken, that was cut the elder who kills to be attacked by suddenly a moment ago, moreover attacks their people not to appear, explained that person also understands anti- strength, lets own stealth.

Shen Xiang while these two elder float in the air time, teleport in the past, after a sword divided, teleport to the side of another elder. The elder responded, just wanted to fly to run away, but actually the suddenly whole body cannot move, the space that he is at had been prohibited by Shen Xiang! Death!” Shen Xiang recognizes this is the Purple Yuan Sect elder, a sword detachment maliciously, brings was roaring the flame, long sword detachment time, was similar to a giant hot fan, covered this elder, the lid pressed, the crush burnt the ashes. Such quickly died three peak God Emperor, after these disciples see, was scared! peak God Emperor has been unattainable regarding them, but dies now is quick, then kills their people definitely more fearful. Here gives you!” Shen Xiang throws down these words, leaves on hastily teleport. In a moment ago, him saw distant place to have one red, that very obviously is Evil Spirit Clan strength, Evil Spirit Clan looks in the distant place a moment ago! Before he searched for the memory of that elder, knew that had Evil Spirit Clan to teach their anti- strength, made them learn Invisibility Technique! But that saw a moment ago red, may pass to Evil Spirit of these elders anti- strength very much! The opposite party can feel that probably he comes, therefore runs also quickly! „The strength of this fellow is not weak, but why can he run? Is he brings in me intentionally? I must be careful that a point is good!” Shen Xiang starts to be vigilant that at this time he is also the stealth, the opposite party definitely cannot see him, but opposite party, since is Evil Spirit Clan, then can definitely induce to him in the nearby. Also is really intentionally brings in me!” Because Shen Xiang has several times to approach, but that Evil Spirit actually suddenly teleport on running up to front.

Thus it can be seen, this Evil Spirit can also grasp greatly strengthened space strength, this made Shen Xiang more vigilant! Unknowingly, Shen Xiang arrives on a lake on chase this Evil Spirit, when he enters this lake shortly , the following lake water starts to seethe, ascends intermittent white Qi mist. Shen Xiang was covered immediately by white Qi mist. This lake has the issue!” After Shen Xiang discovers, only sees a white light to explode to dodge, afterward his all around Qi mist on vanish from sight. At this time, he in a white space! Really cheats!” The Shen Xiang egg decides actually, he is confident to his strength, therefore he did not fear that was stranded in this place. Front presented black-robed man, he only reveals two eyes, but can actually see this from the look is a vital person, his look is very sharp and ice-cold, is bringing hostility. Who you are, our Divine Power may not have to teach to your this humanity, but you actually understand the use.” That black-robed man icy asking. Shen Xiang with his many idle talk, this is not own enemy, moreover is powerful, his teleport past at the same time punctures a sword, but was actually avoided by opposite party teleport! This black clothed Evil Spirit use space strength is also very wise . Moreover the strength is very strong.