World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2356

After a Shen Xiang move not, definite black clothed Evil Spirit position, attacks the second move immediately, was still teleport in the past the fast thorn sword!

However, these time was still shunted, the enemy has not counter-attacked, but has been moving aside! On your present strength, but also is insufficient kills me, do not waste strength, although you can use space power, but you also understood that a superficial knowledge, moves Law of Space slightly!” Black clothed Evil Spirit said: However I, at this time practice in Law of Space, you and I differed am too far!” In Shen Xiang heart dark startled, but has not actually displayed, said with a sneer: Why can you run? You are glad to look that very much these fellows were killed by me?” Black clothed Evil Spirit said: I want to chat with you alone, as for that several dogs, died died, they in my eyes were not anything! Actually you, are much more important than them! Since you can be self-taught, grasps our strength, I can not count the past animosity, making you join us, becomes our member, later listened to me to order that's alright!” Shen Xiang understood, this black clothed Evil Spirit actually settled on him, wants to win over him, this makes in his heart think funny, he will not join Evil Spirit Clan this type to destroy the Heavenly Dao influence! What's wrong? Don't you plan to join us? So long as our plans can succeed, when the time comes you can obtain more formidable strength!” Black clothed Evil Spirit said. „Is strength strong and what kind of? Do not be restrained you, let alone your actions, are my most envious hatred! Do not think that I do not know your plans, I must do now, destroys your plans.” Shen Xiang coldly said. Plan of Evil Spirit Clan, must control the principle of entire Heavenly Dao, making the innumerable lives that Heavenly Dao breeds their energies, helping them obtain more formidable strength! Shen Xiang will not handle this matter! Is very strange, who are you? Heavenly Dao Spiritual God died, moreover his same party members were cut to kill by us completely, is impossible to wander about destitute here! Moreover you likely are not his partner, the matter that you know are not many.” Black clothed Evil Spirit said: You, although is not willing to join us, but I actually very favor you, therefore I must subdue you today in any event, makes you be my slave forcefully.”

Shen Xiang said with a sneer: You must have that ability to be good, you think really I am so weak? The fellow like you have much dies in my hand, they common features, think oneself infallible!” Black clothed Evil Spirit said while loudly laughing: You in my eyes are also humanity that thinks oneself infallible very much! Is my slave, I will not treat unjustly your!” Then, black clothed Evil Spirit suddenly vanish from sight, Shen Xiang has used Dao Heart Eye, does not have catch to his trace, simultaneously his also teleport leaves same place, in order to avoid came the surprise attack by opposite party teleport! In his teleport suddenly, strength suddenly hits on him, must tear such his body likely, he in teleport, dropped from space passage! He has encountered the attack in teleport later teleport unexpectedly, strength enters teleport passage that he opens, enters at the extremely quick speed inside attacks him, this is occurred in a short time. Said, your strength was too weak, if joins us, becomes my slave, I ensure you can become quickly more formidable, even exceeds me, especially in the space strength above utilization.” Black clothed Evil Spirit said. Has a dream!” Shen Xiang has realized that he in this black clothed Evil Spirit space domain, opposite party space strength truly be more formidable than him, therefore he truly is inferior to this black clothed Evil Spirit in the space using the aspect. But this is because he, when cultivates Godhead, most Godhead are Life Murdering Godhead, space Godhead are quite few! He thought that if own space Godhead has over a hundred, definitely will not compare the opposite party to be weak! After Shen Xiang ponders, knows that own space Godhead are not many, therefore puts together space power definitely not to put together the opposite party, therefore he must use strongest flame strength to cope with this black clothed Evil Spirit.

Black clothed Evil Spirit is also because is inferior to itself from the Shen Xiang's space power utilization, therefore obtains Shen Xiang him be weaker than conclusions, therefore he underestimates Shen Xiang at this time! In addition Shen Xiang's humanity, but he practice in Law of Space, therefore he thinks that Shen Xiang is unable to win him. Gives you again an opportunity, I do not want to waste the time with you now, if you obediently comply to be my slave, I guaranteed after you, can cross very much moistens, otherwise I cut to kill you here.” Black clothed Evil Spirit said. Slave your Sir! Your such fellow, gives me, when the slave I cannot have a liking for you!” Shen Xiang shouted, he has put out Divine Mirror of Six Paths. You die!” Black clothed Evil Spirit suddenly vanished, he has used the anti- strength stealth, simultaneously uses oneself formidable space strength to carry on teleport. Shen Xiang also immediately stimulates to movement Divine Mirror of Six Paths, making Divine Mirror of Six Paths release one to seal soul killing formation! Ah! black clothed Evil Spirit appears in the Shen Xiang body side instance, suddenly yells, Shen Xiang sealing soul killing formation that releases from Divine Mirror of Six Paths opened. This seals soul killing formation to be able suddenly to erupt very strong strength, can the soul of seal enemy instantaneous, will carry on to the soul of enemy in that instantaneously attacks crazily, but also has the flash! Regarding Shen Xiang, the flash defeated the opposite party on enough him! The instance of black clothed Evil Spirit pitiful yell, soul was hit hard, is distracted, in this flash, Shen Xiang's Nine Firmaments Divine Sword fire Qi is steaming, all Godhead and skeletons of his within the body are shivering, gushes out intermittent wild Divine Power, attacks on Nine Firmaments Divine Sword! Kills!” Shen Xiang rave, the Nine Firmaments Divine Sword thorn to the opposite party forehead simultaneously, he uses the both eyes of skeleton also to project two golden light, Meteor God Energy through the specificity of his eyes skeleton, enters black clothed Evil Spirit Divine sea, sees only black clothed Evil Spirit that black Divine sea is similar to by two huge meteors is hit!

Shen Xiang extracts Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, hastily teleport retreat, black clothed Evil Spirit is covering the forehead pitiful yell again and again, the body braves red Qi mist, neighing at the same time, was cursing Shen Xiang unceasingly. I must tear into shreds you!” Black clothed Evil Spirit suddenly turns into red fog, the appearance is very fierce, roared angrily is firing into Shen Xiang. Comes in!” Shen Xiang reveals World Creation God Furnace immediately, becomes World Creation God Furnace hole very greatly, making this black clothed Evil Spirit enter in World Creation God Furnace. At this time, all around that white space also vanish from sight, Shen Xiang appeared in the instance of that lake! Black clothed Evil Spirit has not died, he was stranded by Shen Xiang in World Creation God Furnace! You are in luck, falls in my this Dan God hand! Therefore you felt relieved, your space power not as such you died to disappear, I impolite accepting.” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile, then hid to a cave, used Heaven Refining Technique, separated his fearful space strength from this black clothed Evil Spirit within the body.