World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2357

Shen Xiang is not worried about Dai Donggong now they, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains that side threatening had been solved by him, he has also inquired Wu Zhi with pass on message jade talisman, now they are tidying up the battlefield, has taken Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains completely!

He does not have to go back immediately, his impatient must refine space power of that black clothed Evil Spirit within the body! Since he had not met space power to be fiercer than him, but a moment ago that black clothed Evil Spirit actually compared with his many, therefore he also hopes one have such formidable space power! Black clothed Evil Spirit in World Creation God Furnace, after feeling the Shen Xiang's flame, in heart panic-stricken at the same time, was deliberately considering secretly this is any thing, unexpectedly can surround him, moreover can release that fierce flame, must fire the ash him likely such. Shen Xiang may not give up him now fires the ash, on him has formidable space power! In Heaven Refining Technique has the method, can strip independent strength specially, at this time Shen Xiang uses this method to burn to build up black clothed Evil Spirit. „Is bastard, you doing? How I felt that space power of my within the body was being separated!” The black clothed Evil Spirit pitiful yell said. You have not died!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: I want same to have this degree of space power with you, therefore I must eat up your space power refined into grain of pill!” Bastard, you stops quickly, if you such do, you will die like a dog.” Black clothed Evil Spirit big angrily said. You of dying like a dog! You such destroy Heavenly Dao, therefore has now died like a dog, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang said with a smile, strengthens the fire intensity, black clothed Evil Spirit even/including Hua could not say at this time, pitiful yell. Black clothed Evil Spirit has called more than two double-hour, stops, at this time he was also built up to melt by Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang separates two formidable strength to come from him, one is anti- strength, another is space power! These two strength are very abundant, especially space power! Does not know after I obtain these two strength, will have anything to change!” Shen Xiang is being concise strength that these two shares leave, if refines pill, the quality will also promote many.

Shen Xiang can also absorb it now, but he will not do, such will lose many strength! He has used two days of time, separately refines two grains of pill these two strength, he will first swallow pill who grain of anti- strength will refine, quick will build up, will fuse own body! At this time his anti- strength strengthened were more! Before black clothed Evil Spirit, can discover he who stealth, may is because anti- strength is very strong, where can therefore induce to other stealth Evil Spirit. Therefore Shen Xiang thought after one, does not use Dao Heart Eye, can result in the induction to obtain these stealth Evil Spirit! Afterward, he swallows pill who that grain of space power refines, after eating up, this space power disperses in his first Divine sea, enters on his space Godhead! In Shen Xiang's second Divine sea does not practice space Godhead, therefore he introduces in this strength first Divine sea! Although first Divine sea inside space Godhead are not many, but can actually absorb this vast space power, caused inside space Godhead upgrading.My space power has promoted, I use the space induction domain words, can cover very broadly! Shen Xiang closed the eye, Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains appeared in his mind, he was away from Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains is very far at this time. In addition, he carries on the space shuttle time, the place that can go to is farther, he thought that he wants teleport to go to the Great Heaven Star words, quick can go, did not carry on repeatedly teleport like the former need. Regarding Shen Xiang, this is very big promotion, because he to practice Life Murdering Godhead duplicates divine medicine, will therefore neglect space Godhead, is very difficult the promotion the leeway, because of that black clothed Evil Spirit, makes his space power promote now all of a sudden. Dean, you come back quickly, we had danger(ous)!” Wu Zhi suddenly subpoenaed to Shen Xiang, after Shen Xiang put out the pass on message jade symbol received this message, immediately teleport to the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains top.

He arrived here, above sees Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains top except for Wu Zhi they, another group of people! This group of people are the young people, but that leads, the facial expression is rampant, is also stepping on a disciple in his! This disciple Shen Xiang knew that is their mountain village! But in side, Dai Donggong and Huang Jintian their face whiten, understood at a glance that by the internal injury, has been hit by at present this group of people! The Shen Xiang use space transfers the technique, was stepped on the disciple of head move that his complexion becomes ice-cold is also cloudy. Who are you?” Shen Xiang cold voice asked. The young man of that lead sees the person who oneself foot steps on unexpectedly move, slightly one startled, secret angry, he will regard as a provocation. This Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains was our, although you hit laboriously, but you quickly got the hell out! We do not want the waste strength on you.” Saying of male gentle and reserved that leads, he grows, although handsome, but has actually been short of some male characters, his words are rampant, pour also make the person somewhat fear him. Dean, they are Undead God Clan! Chief Tribe that came from Heavenly Dao, they must seize this Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains!” Wu Zhi gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: They, as soon as appears, injures us, their strength are fearful, gets rid quickly!” Shen Xiang has not thought that these Undead God Clan come that quickly, but he actually did not fear! What should get lost is you! But I will not make you get lost happily, person who you have injured our, but also is stepping on the head of my disciple, therefore I must injure your several, but must step on several your head.” Shen Xiang said that the disciple was being stepped on the head maliciously, was insulted enormously. Shen Xiang as Dean, his disciple was such insulted, quite in insulting him, he must ask for! „Haven't I misunderstood? Such fellow said the so crazy words to come unexpectedly!” The man shows the surprised facial expression, looked at behind that group of people.

Only hears his behind person to send out one to laugh! Young Master, you should be able only to take down he in ten moves!” Ten moves? A move disliked, a Young Master finger can kill this idiot.” Young Master, kills him quickly! If you thought that he does not match you to get rid, calls to give us to come fight, we ensure cannot make him die happily.” Shen Xiang laughs: „Did your this flock of dogs call that happily? Should not be will call of pleasant to hear, your Young Master will bestow you excrement!” Young Master, is about to extinguish him!” Kills him quickly, unexpectedly insulted us!” That Young Master facial expression also becomes gloomy and cold gets up, Shen Xiang provokes again and again he, lets in his heart is very angry, no person dares in front of him to be so rampant.