World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2358

Is quite fierce except for that Young Master, other people were not placed in the eye by him! You may know where I do come from? Said small and weak humanity of boastful talk, do not think that we had the semblance of humanity, thought that I and you were generally small and weak!” That Young Master walked going forward, sound gloomy and cold: I was disinclined fight, you knelt down to beg for mercy!” Kneels down to beg for mercy? After Shen Xiang hears, cannot help but laughs wildly: Why you rob this place, makes us kneel begs for mercy, what should kneel begs for mercy is you, my present is happy, could let put your horse, making you get lost with ease, the opportunity that otherwise you get lost does not have.” Since you want dead, I help you!” This Young Master suddenly dodges, fires into Shen Xiang at the extremely quick speed, looked that in the distant place is similar to a lightning horizontally chops to Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang just strengthened space power, the opposite party is quick, was inferior that his intention is quick! He sees the opposite party to attack, intention moves, the person disappeared, although that Young Master is similar to the lightning is ordinary, but he has actually hit spatially! Ha! Shen Xiang shouts one, suddenly appears in that Young Master body side, the arm is similar to chops to divide to cut, is bringing Meteor God Energy, moreover sends out dragon roar, very fearful! That Young Master felt strength that Shen Xiang suddenly erupts is fearful, in heart at the same time with amazement, wants to avoid fast, how the Shen Xiang's speed too to be really quick, he responded the time , the shoulder sinks, by Shen Xiang's blade dividing in maliciously! kā chā! Very rampant Young Master, arm unexpectedly directly was broken a moment ago also out with the meat palm by Shen Xiang! Should say that was attacked formidable strength ripping open when by Shen Xiang! Ah! that Young Master called out pitifully. pā!

Shen Xiang is pulling out maliciously to his face palm of the hand, blows out bang crack, that handsome face pulled out crookedly after at the same time, Shen Xiang fast backhands a palm of the hand to hit, about the face had been hit dozens palms of the hand by Shen Xiang instantaneously, the whole piece face is horrible to look, could not see that is a face! Makes you rampant, but also steps on my person!” Shen Xiang takes down this Young Master, steps in the cheeks of this Young Master, said with a sneer: Also thinks you strongly, but ants, dies!” Shen Xiang thigh Meteor God Energy attacks, with the intense flame, the people can see Shen Xiang to step on thigh suddenly on that Young Master face to emit flame! Roar! The flame follows Meteor God Energy to attack, sends out crazy fierce howling, the fire sprays turbulently! Bang! Deafening sound at the same time, the hot wave is steaming, covers the body of that Young Master, Meteor God Energy tears into shreds his body, the fierce flame burns down the ash the fragment! Young Master!” Youth panic-stricken exclaiming. Although this group of young men are angry, but actually does not dare to clash, their Young Master is so formidable is cut to kill by the opposite party, let alone is they! „To walk?” Shen Xiang space domain turns, displays space imprisonment, imprisons completely these youth, afterward uses the space to cut, cuts the fragment the space that their they are at completely, making their fleshly body also into the fragment. Your this group of son-of-a-bitches, since is loyal and devoted to your Young Master, I make you accompany him!” Shen Xiang teleport arrives airborne, makes the Cloudy Fire Spirit palm, such as mountain-like depresses, raises a hot wave, covers in which this group of young men, they called out pitifully not to send, turned into the ash!

Shen Xiang this time strength, they are afraid including Wu Zhi, they have not thought that Shen Xiang so was unexpectedly fearful, that Young Master surmounted existence of peak God Emperor a moment ago in their eyes, but maliciously was actually stepped on by Shen Xiang in the under foot, explained that the Shen Xiang's strength be more formidable than that Young Master. The Shen Xiang complexion is dignified, said: It seems like they came, moreover really changed, is completely different from Elder Wu your this Undead God Clan!” Wu Zhi sighed: Does not know that exactly what happened, they want to destroy that seal unexpectedly!” Now everybody therapy, large formation opening of Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains.” Shen Xiang said that Heavenly Dao God Realm above Undead God Clan came . Moreover the overall strength is very strong. Was cut Young Master that killed definitely to have very high status by him a moment ago, therefore Undead God Clan will then send out more formidable coming! Then we must cling to tenaciously Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, they will definitely send out a more formidable person to come!” Shen Xiang said: Elder Wu, is your wound what kind of?” Anything has not obstructed greatly!” Wu Zhi said. Then you go to Great Heaven Star, goes to Hundred Flowers Village, making Xu Youqing come, if can relate obtains Great Heaven Star Dragon Qilin, having a look at him to come.” Shen Xiang said. My this goes!” The Wu Zhi nod said that he also listens to Shen Xiang to mention the Dragon Qilin matter, now his hastily hurries to Great Heaven Star. In Great Heaven Star, the person who can help are not many, had the Xu Youqing this breakthrough peak God Emperor curse succuba and Ren Xin this Dragon Qilin, although above many peak God Emperor, what faced Heavenly Dao God Realm to come was too weak. Shen Xiang when extinguished a moment ago kills that group of men, takes away Divine Soul of their several people, in these Divine Soul has the memory, he uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse to search to remember from inside now that he wants to understand has the matter about Heavenly Dao God Realm, why he must ravel above Undead God Clan to turn into this. The matter that Young Master knows are definitely most, but a moment ago Shen Xiang, when extinguishes kills him not to keep the hand, therefore the Divine sea soul and fleshly body instantaneously were destroyed.

Shen Xiang through the memory in that several Divine Soul searching, had known something, making him feel very accidental! On Heavenly Dao God Realm also has Undead God Clan, moreover besides Undead God Clan, many other tribal groups, has including humanity, the life that basically naturally breeds, exists on Heavenly Dao God Realm, moreover they are this kind of life most formidable existence. Just, on Heavenly Dao God Realm does not know the accident sentiment of now, had three tribal groups, one was Undead God Clan, was Human Race and Red Spirit Clan! So-called Red Spirit Clan, is Evil Spirit Clan, mainly depends upon the hemophagia to live! Heavenly Dao God Realm above Human Race is not very strong, strength medium, but Undead God Clan and Red Spirit Clan strength is very strong. Especially Red Spirit Clan, is formidable, because they have to restrain other God Clan strength, will therefore encounter the penalty of Heavenly Dao Spiritual God, large quantities of Red Spirit Clan were infiltrated in Heavenly Dao Hell. Because Heavenly Dao Spiritual God is Human Race, Heavenly Dao Sacred Land that therefore Human Race is at has the formidable strength asylum, therefore after other tribal groups vanish mystically, Human Race actually can also exist! Undead God Clan and Red Spirit Clan unite, want counter to change the principle of Heavenly Dao, making the world of according to Heavenly Dao principle revolution be controlled by them in the hand! In recent years, because Undead God Clan walks very nearly with Red Spirit Clan, therefore Undead God Clan by the evil corrosion of Red Spirit Clan, Undead God Clan changed!