World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2359

After Shen Xiang knows these matters, there is a guard direction, now, only then the Undead God Clan person who came from Heavenly Dao God Realm, that Evil Spirit Clan still copes with Human Race on Heavenly Dao God Realm! It seems like on Heavenly Dao God Realm was the places of origin of all lives, has all kinds of tribal groups, the strength was formidable, to that Young Master, but was a Undead God Clan small tribe leader's son, so was fierce!” What Shen Xiang is quite curious, other tribal group why did suddenly vanish? Undead God Clan does not know that this matter, Evil Spirit Clan is not probably clear. But has Heavenly Dao Sacred Land asylum Human Race actually also, this definitely has any reason! Undead God Clan only came three batch, one batch have seized a day star, one batch were extinguished by me kill, other one revises the preparation to day star fight, but they should know that now came here that batch to be destroyed completely, they will come quickly.” Shen Xiang was too not worried actually, if Xu Youqing arrives, has the Xu Youqing help, he will be more relaxed, if that Dragon Qilin can come to be better! Now the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains seal is very frail, receives the destruction is very easy to be broken, therefore Shen Xiang must defend here now, even if unable to reinforce the seal, he cannot make the seal be destroyed quickly, he must lengthen some time, making them refine the fast promotion strength Divine Pill! So long as they have Heavenly Dao Realm expert, does not need to be worried from Heavenly Dao God Realm these powerful enemies! Several days passed by, for serveral days Shen Xiang was helping the disciples therapy, Huang Jintian and Dai Donggong were injured, person who obviously Heavenly Dao God Realm comes strong, they are Star Law God Territory top expert. Xu Youqing and Wu Zhi came from Great Heaven Star, Shen Xiang has not seen Ren Xin this Dragon Qilin, in the heart is somewhat disappointed. „Is enemy very formidable?” Xu Youqing also knew many matters, therefore after she sees Shen Xiang, asked directly.

Um, but at present I and you can cope with them, possibly somewhat will be strenuous! Youqing, was laborious!” Shen Xiang to her lightly smiled, has stroked her beautiful hair. All right, I now am also progressive, happen to can try!” Xu Youqing smiles to the Shen Xiang show face, she also had some days in Hundred Flowers Village, knew that many Shen Xiang's matters, knew about Shen Xiang. Afterward, Shen Xiang has the matter that he knows about Heavenly Dao God Realm, told Wu Zhi and Xu Youqing, before he they had said with Dai Donggong. What Xu Youqing use is the strength of curse, she gets rid is also silent, once her curse, the consequence were serious, now she has hundred Godhead . Moreover the skeleton quick practice has also filled, in this Star Law God Territory is quite formidable. Naturally, Xu Youqing is because cultivates second Divine sea to have such strength, if before her such, simply does not have strength! Wu Zhi also secretly guessed correctly that the Xu Youqing strength, he has not thought side a Shen Xiang woman, unexpectedly is so formidable, be more fearful than their these elders, he really cannot look. Xu Youqing just arrived at slightly quite a while, one crowd of person suddenly appears in the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains summit, if not for there is a large formation protection, they already flushed! Youqing, is best to prepare, waits to listen to me to tell that gets rid.” Shen Xiang said to Xu Youqing that then sky over teleport arrives, appears before that group of people. Who you are!” Shen Xiang knows that the opposite party was any background, but he must disguise to ask, he wants to have a look at the opposite party to know that was his fight extinguishes kills that Young Master. Who are you? Withdraws large formation quickly, otherwise our bang broke, this mountain is our!” The opposite party has dozens people, what is head is a middle-aged guy, in the middle-aged guy behind also old man that makes the person be afraid, understood at a glance that is formidable.

I am Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains Dean! Why you said that this mountain is your?” Shen Xiang light asking. Your words were too many! No matter I you are here Dean, I only know that this mountain had a liking for by me, is my, I asked again your one time, do you remove large formation.” The sound of that middle age becomes very ice-cold, is threatening. Does not remove!” Shen Xiang replied. This middle age no longer rubbish, sword suddenly punctures, does not have the indication, such suddenly pricked the Shen Xiang's throat! Shen Xiang early has the protection, the instance that the opposite party attacks, he has used Cloud Mist Heaven Imitation, was turned into Qi mist by own throat place, the long sword, although penetrates, but is actually not able to become the injury to other party! Opposite party thinks one pierced the Shen Xiang's throat, but thought that some are not right, when he discovers, Shen Xiang's Nine Firmaments Divine Sword appeared! Shen Xiang leaves the speed of sword is very quick, chops to the wrist|skill of opposite party! The middle-aged guy does not have to think an own sword pierced the throat of enemy, but has not actually caused anything to injure to the enemy, when he is startled, the enemy has actually counterattacked! Ah! middle-aged guy suddenly cries, his wrist|skill was divided by Shen Xiang, his Divine Sword and palm fall, Shen Xiang displays to transfer the technique, moving to World Creation God Furnace. The middle-aged guy behind person of is also very accidental, their leaders had cut off the palm unexpectedly!

Death you!” Middle-aged roared, another hand laid out a palm, the use shook blue Qi Aura, entire earth suddenly trembled crazily. That Qi Aura, starts the wild astral wind, the earth is lifted thick one immediately, the soils and trees all over the sky is dancing in the air, blows to all directions. Shen Xiang secret heart startled, this middle age cut off a palm, unexpectedly also such indifferent getting rid, releases that blue Divine Power, does not know that is the strength of any principle, in brief implication strength makes Shen Xiang feel the heart startled! Although seems like wild astral wind strength, but is actually the sharp thorn that Divine Power condense becomes, very fearful! After Shen Xiang teleport avoids, has a lingering fear, he thought that if were stabbed, definitely meets the severe wound, that is condense very powerful Divine Power sharp thorn, the speed of but puncturing slow a point, the opposite party does not know that he grasped so fierce space power! That middle-aged anger got rid a moment ago, strength results in the space not to be unstable on the shake, if before, Shen Xiang will definitely not use teleport, but was now different, after his devour that black clothed Evil Spirit space strength, even if facing this unstable space, he can also carry on teleport steadily! Youqing, copes with that old man!” Shen Xiang suddenly to Xu Youqing sound transmission, he felt that middle-aged man behind old man condense of very fearful strength. Xu Youqing had already been ready, hears Shen Xiang's sound transmission, she displays the strength of her curse immediately! Shen Xiang teleport to the body side of that middle age, a lightning sword detachment, the arm blue light of that middle age dodged once more, has hit, unexpectedly directly with arm collision Shen Xiang's Nine Firmaments Divine Sword!