World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2360

Shen Xiang has not thought to be able like this. This middle age was broken a palm a moment ago, should know his Nine Firmaments Divine Sword strength, unexpectedly also hits with the arm! Nine Firmaments Divine Sword chops after the blue light on middle-aged guy arm, Shen Xiang only thought that own Nine Firmaments Divine Sword like must twist, by one very strange and somewhat soft strength melting! „It is not good!” Shen Xiang hastily extracts Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, unexpectedly is very difficult to take, by a suction holding. Spatial separation!” Shen Xiang covers on space power Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, lets the spatial separation of Nine Firmaments Divine Sword, this makes Nine Firmaments Divine Sword. Nine Firmaments Divine Sword already curving a point, this made in the Shen Xiang heart surprised all, opposite party strength was strange and fearful! In a moment ago, Shen Xiang also saw this middle-aged guy behind old man to probably get rid, but actually does not know why stopped! Elder, how?” That middle-aged guy asked. I cannot move!” The old man whole face is panic-stricken: Curses strength, some people have gotten down the curse to me, this should be the most common deciding body incantation!” Saw this old man unable to move, Shen Xiang knows that was Xu Youqing fight, at this time he also once more got rid, he put out Divine Mirror of Six Paths, making Divine Mirror of Six Paths increase, then with mirror surface racket to that middle-aged guy. The middle-aged guy does not know that the fearfulness of Divine Mirror of Six Paths, his fist overflows that strange blue light, a fist bang on mirror surface! Sees only Divine Mirror of Six Paths to shake, emits that blue light, hits on the body of this middle-aged guy! strength emission!” Middle-aged guy startled shouted, hastily controls strength that emits. At this moment, Shen Xiang controls Divine Mirror of Six Paths inside killing formation, releases a red ray.

Red sword Purgatory! red light that killing formation sends out turns into one red long sword, blotting out the sky covers that middle-aged guy, as well as his behind that crowd of Undead God Clan. After red light, is a white light dodges from Divine Mirror of Six Paths, said that the spoken parts light lasing comes out, afterward is colorful crazy lightning explosion hits, the strong flame gushes out...... The Shen Xiang long-term usage several formidable killing formation, have covered completely opposite party all people! Quick...... Walks quickly!” That middle-aged man could not resist, he has not thought that Shen Xiang's Divine Mirror of Six Paths unexpectedly is so fierce, these killing formation that releases, has not seen including him, but also is so fearful. Youqing, anchorage he!” Shen Xiang said to Xu Youqing. Good!” Xu Youqing uses to decide body incantation quickly, decides in the air that middle-aged guy, moreover other Undead God Clan were already hit the leaning body scale wound by several killing formation, from airborne falls. Now only then that middle-aged guy and old man also float in the air, their also whole body is the wound! Shen Xiang can display Divine Mirror of Six Paths strength now, a moment ago that continual several, let in his heart dark crisp. This is my domain, is you courts death, may no wonder I!” A Shen Xiang sword wields, cuts down this middle age, afterward puts out World Creation God Furnace, burns this that old man. These Undead God Clan must turn on that seal, is archenemy who they face, will not keep the hand absolutely!

Passed finally, this group of people are not too strong!” Shen Xiang descends the ground, shouted the one breath, said with a smile to empty Xu Youqing: Does attractively!” Xu Youqing is also only the use quite simple deciding body incantation, this deciding body incantation does not have what lethality, but can actually play very major subsidiarity, she also knows that the opposite party is not very strong, so long as she can play subsidiarity that's alright, cuts to kill the enemy to leave Shen Xiang. If uses the formidable ruinous curse, will lose many, that uses in view of the formidable enemy. Now also remaining one has approved, now they on a day star, the quantity are also many, they should know both dies soon with two batch that they come.” Wu Zhi said. What did they make on that day star?” Shen Xiang asked. Massacres above everywhere, they are one crowd of Evil Devil!” Wu Zhi sighed: „The above strongest influence was destroyed completely by them!” Good, now we in the past, did not need they to come!” Shen Xiang said: In what day of star?” azure flash day star!” Wu Zhi said. Youqing, we walk! I will come quickly back.” Shen Xiang said that coming here Undead God Clan to have three batch, had been destroyed completely two batch by him, remaining one batch still take on day star killing people as happily. Shen Xiang and Xu Youqing arrived at azure flash day star quickly, in the air look at the past, this was a very attractive azure day star, but many people in abundance flew from inside! Protects azure flash day star large formation to be ruined, now looks like, this beautiful azure stars, like are fill various disasters, the massive people are fleeing from calamity to leave. This big brother, is the following situation what kind of?” Shen Xiang blocks a middle age, asked.

terrible, suddenly came one crowd of Evil Devil very much, looked that the person is not feeling well kills, moreover makes some influences help them kill people, if not obedient, will be suffered by them lethal, you quickly return! Teleportation Formation was destroyed by them, to prevent more people flees, the words that you get down, can very danger(ous).” That middle age said that hurriedly left. This crowd of Undead God Clan make this matter to come, making Shen Xiang very angry unexpectedly, Xu Youqing knew in Hidden Jade Ring, was saying must suffer this crowd of Evil Devil with the fierce curse! Shen Xiang teleport arrives at the ground, arrives in a city, here turned into stretch of ruins, he arrives, was discovering that one group of strength good people, are pursuing one group of people to shout hits to shout " kill ". This group of people are not Undead God Clan, but was forced everywhere the influence of murder by Undead God Clan, but looked that this group of people kill Qi Energy, the whole body is the blood, should be entered evilly! Burns the heart to curse, slowly died!” Xu Youqing locks this group of people in Hidden Jade Ring, then displays her curse strength. Shen Xiang also wants born, has not thought that Xu Youqing gets rid let alone, sees only the person who that crowd severe carries on to kill with a smile, suddenly falls to the ground to call out pitifully, they are covering the chest, the painful rave of going all out, obviously they at this time uncomfortable. Shen Xiang walks, holds a person, alines displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, from this person of memory where knows that batch of Undead God Clan. This group of fellows, turned into Hell this day star!” All around Shen Xiang looks at corpse everywhere, sighs deeply, then approached direction teleport in the past. azure flash Tianshan, this is one is sending out the intense azure glow mountain, is azure flash gate is, is azure flash day star strongest sect, but is occupied by that batch of Undead God Clan now! In above, the evil source of this day star!” Shen Xiang teleport, arrived at a platform on mountain, this is huge plaza, at this time is having many people to gather round, watches the bloody ratio in plaza to fight.