World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2361
Arrives at Star Law God Territory three batch of Undead God Clan, now remaining one has only approved, is most one batch. Although they know that other two batch were destroyed completely, but they still seek pleasure here at this time. This batch also and front two batch equally arrogant, Heavenly Dao God Realm inside Undead God Clan one morality moral character!” In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart. On among azure flash Tianshan plaza, compared with fighting the person on stage hits very vigorously, is life and death that but has several old man to maintain barrier in the nearby. Shen Xiang looked at all around, discovered that near plaza has several tall tower, in the tall tower balcony some people sit in eats the thing, while watches below fight, looks then knows that these people are Undead God Clan. These fellows are very strong!” Shen Xiang can see clearly above these Undead God Clan, can feel the aura that on them lends, unexpectedly has three to surmount the boundary of peak God Emperor, no wonder they now are also indifferent to other two batch of Undead God Clan extinguished matters. They think that their strength be much more formidable than that two batch, but now they have not wanted to tidy up, had the mood to go evidently again. Shen Xiang is calculating at this time secretly, how must cope with here Undead God Clan, when he ponders, on tall tower suddenly flies a man. This man wears the magnificent lavender clothes, that White Jade face is very pretty, facial expression proudly, to person a feeling of keeping aloof. This fellow also breaks through peak God Emperor, looks like that young!” In Shen Xiang heart dark startled: „Does he want to do? Comes to me?” This man can quick fly, but he actually intentionally very slow glide comes, Shen Xiang at this time also on the alert, preventing this male suddenly to get rid to him. Compared with fighting on stage dozen very intensely, but that Undead God Clan male suddenly arrives above, broke the ratio of two to fight! On your such Aunt Grandma, hurries dead, hit too ugly!” This arrogant man drinks one coldly, waves to make two ray of light glow, strikes on two men who the ratio fought a moment ago. Bang!

Two explosives also resound, two strength good guys like this were killed, this makes the people who surrounds swallow the saliva, they worried that they will have such bitter experience! I am make you compare to fight, does not visit you to play the monkey! Calls attractively me, otherwise the fate is the same with them, if hits attractively, I guaranteed after you, can obtain well.” The man said. Shen Xiang turns from his devour memory is looking, knew that the status of this man is unusual, in Heavenly Dao God Realm Undead God Clan, is a total Patriarch son, the strength is also very formidable. Sent out two batch, but this youngest son must come to play actually, therefore came, moreover leads a group of friends to come, no wonder other two batch were destroyed completely, they still look at humanity that loves to talk about here to fight, they come to here played. This Patriarch son named Sun Cauldron, in Heavenly Dao God Realm is also a little fame young expert, likes showing off. Then who comes up?” Sun Cauldron looked at the crowd, at this time his complexion is somewhat cloudy, because nobody listens to his words. No one wants to come up, hits is not good is at death's door, but they do not have the means that who made their strengths too weak, hits Evil Devil that this batch of suddenly braved! Shen Xiang thinks that then said: How can be attractive?” Heard the Shen Xiang's sound, the people to look at the past immediately, was far away from him in abundance, unexpectedly dares such question not awfully! Shen Xiang thinks somewhat funnily, before these people, is in the azure flash Tianshan outstanding disciples, usually is domineering and tyrannical, now actually does not dare to put the fart. Sun Cauldron knitting the brows head, to Shen Xiang coldly said: You come up!” The people affirmed that Shen Xiang came up the guarantee dead!

Shen Xiang walked, moreover a face is fearless, looks like courageous! Makes you come up you to come up! You do not fear me, wants to fight with me?” Sun Cauldron asked that sees facial expression that Shen Xiang that did not fear, in his heart was somewhat angry. He thought that these small and weak humanity should fear he feared is right, if some people do not fear him, he will think one were despised! At this time his friends in abundance fly from other tall tower, arrives at the ratio to fight by stage. Grandson cauldron, you reveal two to us now, having a look at anything to call to play attractively!” Tender and beautiful female chuckle said. Right, we see to look at not satisfying very much, you direct them actually, making them hit attractively!” Grasps this leaf of man to say with a smile. These are Sun Cauldron the friends, afterward also several men shouted that making the grandson cauldron reveal two. I think actually, but here fellow was too weak, let alone reveals two, half I do not use, they died.” The grandson cauldron he he smiles: You , if not believe that can come up to try!” Saying, a tender and beautiful female was jumping to the ratio fights the stage, beautiful eyes is taking a fast look around the crowd, she called a robust man. This looks like quite strong!” This tender and beautiful female has chosen one also insufficiently, continues to call several, looks like quite strong. How I teach you to hit now attractively.” Tender and beautiful female giggle smiles: You attack!” Shen Xiang stands in the nearby at this time, one side Sun Cauldron also falls back on, with a laugh looks.

Hasn't come up quickly? Do you want dead?” Sun Cauldron sees that several guys not to come up, then loudly shouted. These guys in azure flash Tianshan also can only rush over, which know that they just stepped forward several steps, that tender and beautiful female does not know that has made anything, but has wielded several white hands gently, heart unexpectedly that chest suddenly split open of these guys, they thump thump jump all flew. Broken!” Tender and beautiful female giggle smiles tenderly, sees only these hearts to break to pieces completely, splashes intermittent blood fog, looks at the audiences persons head skin to tingle with numbness. Attractive, attractive!” Sun Cauldron claps to laugh immediately, other Undead God Clan noble juniors also applaud to applaud. brat, you know that now how to hit is attractive?” Sun Cauldron looks to Shen Xiang. Does not know that I thought does not have the aesthetic sense!” Shen Xiang said directly: Actually this miss well, but the chest is slightly small, the buttocks insufficiently curl upwards, on cheek! If you thought that these tattered hearts are also called attractively, was saying also the heart that the cheek of this miss and these break to pieces is equally attractive?” Sun Cauldron was shocked, that tender and beautiful female is also shocked, their this batch of Undead God Clan have also tarried, the disciples in these azure flash Tianshan are similar to the stone carvings, they never know when own azure flash Tianshan has such No. 1 person, unexpectedly so not awfully. This miss, you thought that I did say right?” Shen Xiang is looking at that tender and beautiful female, said with a smile.