World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2362

Sun Cauldron is angry, unexpectedly some people so dare to bicker with him, moreover displays one's eloquence brings toward the pit in him. Grandson cauldron, allows me to come told, they were called attractively!” That tender and beautiful female is also angry, the woman most hated others saying that her stature was not good, moreover face to face the surface of that many people were saying. Now the people can feel the anger of that tender and beautiful female, does not know that what strength that is, unexpectedly makes people so frightened. Sun Cauldron advances Shen Xiang compared with fighting in stage, at this time here has several corpses, as well as everywhere breaks to pieces the heart, very bloody, but Shen Xiang very calm standing in the middle! Comes!” Tender and beautiful female coldly snorted and said. Shen Xiang has not flown to leap up, moreover step by step walks, when he treads first, Xu Youqing has displayed the strength of curse! The tender and beautiful female wants to attack Shen Xiang's, but why actually does not know is unable revolution within the body Divine sea strength, but she has not said that but is attempting unceasingly. When she has tried several times, Shen Xiang arrived at her front, Sun Cauldron is smiling to look at this time that he thinks the tender and beautiful female makes Shen Xiang walk intentionally, then personally kills Shen Xiang, this compares to have ornamental. Shen Xiang walked, tender and beautiful female still did not have fight, in her heart startled greatly, just wants to speak, has not actually thought that the throat was stopped up by anything, afterward the body became icy cold. Suddenly, the tender and beautiful female turned into the ice sculpture! This is the strength of Xu Youqing use curse creates, this tender and beautiful female is also only the boundary of peak God Emperor, Xu Youqing copes with her is quite easy. Sees this tender and beautiful female to turn into the ice sculpture, Sun Cauldron thought that some do not suit, because this tender and beautiful female has been always useless this move! At this moment, a Shen Xiang fist pounds, blows out Meteor God Energy, the bang hits on turning into the ice sculpture! The ice sculpture breaks to pieces immediately, turns into ice crystal to scatter a piece by piece, under the illumination of sunlight, this piece of ice crystal sparkles to shine, looks like is very when the time comes attractive. This is attractiveness in my heart, thanked the coordination!” Shen Xiang indifferently said.

Looked at the clear ice crystal of that shunt, Sun Cauldron has been tarrying, he also at that time felt the life aura of tender and beautiful female completely to disappear! You...... Your unexpectedly has killed her!” The grandson cauldron roars, body murderous aura wells up crazily, he fires into Shen Xiang immediately, but actually anchored in Shen Xiang reluctantly. This is not you wants attractive?” Shen Xiang smiles lightly. Sun Cauldron cannot move at this time, he does not know that own body what's the matter, suddenly was assigned by strange strength. Curse......” grandson Dingda startled: Who you are!” Relax, I will make you die attractively!” The Shen Xiang voice falls, a fist hits, hits on the bridge of the nose of grandson cauldron, shakes an explosive, the entire martial arts contest stage was broken by Qi Energy of that fist. Sun Cauldron was decided in the ground, is unable to move, at this time was hit De'ao to get down the nose by a Shen Xiang fist, he has not flown! „......” Grandson cauldron pain must bellow, he wants to cover the blood crazy class nose with the hand, but actually both hands actually do not listen to direct. pā! Shen Xiang another palm of the hand collects, was a strength impact of wild shake in the past, Sun Cauldron the face bone do not break, half face distorted. pā! Shen Xiang to grandson cauldron another face was being a palm of the hand, Sun Cauldron at this time changed beyond all recognition, unceasingly ** yelling. Several other quite strong Undead God Clan men want to come up, but they are actually not able to move, with deciding the body incantation assigns by Xu Youqing! Hurry up, I simultaneously use to decide the body to curse for many people, strength continues shortly.” Xu Youqing was urging Shen Xiang.

Has a look at you, this was attractive enough! I have promised you, will make you die attractively!” Shen Xiang puts out a mirror to place in front of the grandson cauldron. After Sun Cauldron sees the later that handsome face is horrible to look, is mad spouts a blood, splashes on the mirror, making him look like fiercer. I will not let off your......” You did not have that opportunity!” Shen Xiang puts out World Creation God Furnace, pours into vast Divine Power, making the World Creation God Furnace interior raging fire steaming, then covers on the grandson cauldron, received the grandson cauldron. In a moment ago, Sun Cauldron sent out the sad and shrill pitiful yell, the cry also reverberates in all around, making the persons head skin tingle with numbness! Shen Xiang teleport to several other Undead God Clan side, sends in them World Creation God Furnace afterward, burns them with the flame directly! Undead God Clan several strongest has destroyed completely, Shen Xiang emits space domain, covers the entire azure flash Tianshan, searches for other Undead God Clan! Regarding these Undead God Clan Shen Xiang pities, they have not created slightly here have slaughtered, he on the road saw. If Undead God Clan does not destroy their souls, they can also the rebirth, therefore Shen Xiang received them World Creation God Furnace, burns down fleshly body and Divine Soul! Soon, Undead God Clan that came from Heavenly Dao God Realm, was extinguished by Shen Xiang completely has killed, azure flash day star does not need to be controlled by these Evil Devil at this time again, can restore in those days like that but has experienced the person of this disaster, recalled that will be afraid! Shen Xiang returned to Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains, at this time the Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains above construction was also fixed by the disciples, can finally the peaceful period of time. Does not know that their time will come again, in brief they will come next time again time, definitely will strengthen.” Shen Xiang said. Then can be what to do good now? Undead God Clan and Evil Spirit Clan on that anything Heavenly Dao God Realm are very definitely strong.” Wu Zhi said.

Temporarily how I do not know should, but I think carefully! Elder Dai, leading me to go to by that seal.” Shen Xiang said. Ten Thousand Ancient Mountains following seal, now also only then Dai Donggong has the means to go. Dai Donggong brings Shen Xiang to come to the stone chamber of seal, Shen Xiang looks at the seal, said: If I can after the Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant communication.” Now Shen Xiang is also very vacant, does not know how must deal with the matter that then has. Dai Donggong leaves the stone chamber, lets a Shen Xiang person here. Shen Xiang sits by the seal, then concentrates the spirit on oneself second Divine sea inside Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, he wants to borrow this way, communicates with Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant. „Are you previous time let humanity that I and Ren Xin relate?” suddenly broadcasts the sound, sounds likely is gentle old Grandma. „, Is Senior the Ren Xin mother?” In Shen Xiang heart one happy, asked hastily, this might is Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant. Good, you by seal? I felt that now you so approach me!” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant asked. Can contact with Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, had the means that Shen Xiang already many issues must ask her. Right, I by seal! I just repelled three batch Zitian Dao God Undead God Clan, but they will also come, the younger generation does not know that then should not know what to do.” Shen Xiang said.