World Defying Dan God - Volume 24 - Chapter 2363

After Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant hears the Shen Xiang's words, silent moment.

Shen Xiang had not urged that his clear Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant definitely is also facing such difficult problem. On Heavenly Dao God Realm had Evil Spirit Clan and Undead God Clan, moreover they also joined up! If they all arrive at Star Law God Territory, I do not have any means.” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant said: Their is powerful, is not I can shake.” Shen Xiang obtains such reply, is quite disappointed, but can also understand! He knows Evil Spirit Clan from these Undead God Clan memories their strength, otherwise they will not persecute to death Heavenly Dao Spiritual God. Means have! But somewhat indulges in fantasy, but that was the means that I can think of only.” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant suddenly said. „Is Senior, what means?” Shen Xiang asked hastily, because Heavenly Dao God Realm above Undead God Clan and Evil Spirit Clan must come quickly. Destroys Law of Time, making the time return to the Primal Chaos wild time, that time experts as common as the clouds, Evil Spirit Clan and Undead God Clan, even if very formidable, but they facing other tribal groups, does not dare to be rampant.” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant said. This...... I am not quite clear, if destroys Law of Time, did the time flows backwards, our time vanish?” Shen Xiang knits the brows saying that he is not truly clear. No, if you before destroying Law of Time, links this time and Primal Chaos wild time line, this time will cover then the Primal Chaos wild time, two time coexist!” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant said: Destroys the Law of Time goal, is unable to reverse for Undead God Clan and Evil Spirit Clan.” Did not have Law of Time, how when the time comes will the world operate?” Shen Xiang now some are not clear. You do not need to be worried, principle that Heavenly Dao creates, once were destroyed, will start over from the beginning! The difficulty that now you face how found the Law of Time source, how to establish contacts the time of two time, making two time fuse.” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant said.

„If there is achieved, we were safe?” Shen Xiang also asked that although now not any clue, but he certainly in this direction diligently. On Heavenly Dao God Realm had many tribal groups, but their suddenly vanished, only remaining Evil Spirit Clan and Undead God Clan, you know why this is?” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant said. Why?” Before Shen Xiang, in the memory of searching for also knows this strange matter, but why actually does not know. Because they return to the Primal Chaos wild time...... That time various clans are powerful, they also know that now cannot prevent Undead God Clan and Evil Spirit Clan, therefore can only such do!” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant said: Just they have the time Spiritual God help, therefore they are quite easy to achieve.” Why they did not defer to you saying that established contacts these two time?” Shen Xiang asked: Such did not have these many terrible business!” Because they gave up this time, did not report any hope to this time, therefore they returned, will found a new time, in the development, they the mistake that avoided this time having.” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant said: Therefore their present development time line is different from us, our is the gotten rid time.” Some Shen Xiang headaches, he did not know about this profound Law of Time after all that only what he can understand, on Heavenly Dao God Realm other clans ran back the powerful calm and steady time to go in the past, whatever then present this time destroys. Time Spiritual God? Let this buddy help our, how also leads us?” Shen Xiang asked. Time Spiritual God died, but he in the past time rebirth!” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant said: Therefore you must find Law of Time to be very difficult.” Shen Xiang flexure scratching the head, this truly very much has a headache.

If I make two time connect, their side can blame me?” The Shen Xiang forced smile said. Does not need to be worried that this is their mess, but they actually walk away, pays no attention to our lives! Governs Heavenly Dao, but so is irresponsible, spelled does not dare to spell such walks!” Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant is very angry at this time, she also got rid, for many years she has governed this Heavenly Dao Hell, separates so for many years with own son, but actually ends up to turn out so is out. Good, I will find way to find Law of Time, will then link wildly with Primal Chaos, covers...... Shen Xiang not to know to be able this time to succeed, after all he now also not too yes. He currently also has a concept! Returns to Primal Chaos to be wild that time, Shen Xiang thinks also to think excited, listens to the Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant words, knows that time life under stable Heavenly Dao principle revolution, is formidable. He shuts off with the relation of Earth Suppressing Divine Elephant, then makes Dai Donggong come in him to bring! „Does Dean, what have to harvest?” Dai Donggong asked hastily. Had, waits to say again!” Shen Xiang their several called Wu Zhi, the matter that Wu Zhi their these Undead God Clan knew were quite many, therefore Shen Xiang also hopes that they can know some clues. Elder Wu, you know that can induce to existence of Law of Time? And destroys him!” Shen Xiang asked.

What?” Wu Zhi had a scare: Do not protect Heavenly Dao? Now how can also destroy Heavenly Dao?” My this is to preserve Star Law God Territory these people! You saw Undead God Clan that Heavenly Dao comes to be evil! Heavenly Dao Hell inside Evil Spirit was more fearful.” Shen Xiang said: I planned that links this time and antique Primal Chaos wild time!” Wu Zhi and Dai Donggong they frowned, is thinking this matter complexity. Huang Jintian said: This means are good, but how the issue is fuses together...... Heavenly Dao God Realm to develop two time now, making Evil Spirit Clan so, was the past years has neglected, if covered the past, will really have the interest.” Various Heavenly Dao God Realm clans, returned, they do not want dead, does not have the place to hide, can only such do!” Shen Xiang said: They return counter to change history, will not affect now, because they counter change, has created a new direction, will form a new future, if we do not go back, perhaps that side soon, will have us!” Right, therefore we must go back, I do not think that other time have me!” Huang Jintian said with a smile. This group of fellows, throw down us not to do! They run back to hide, simultaneously revises own mistake, but the mistake makes us undertake, cannot make them relaxed, we must cover this time in the past, making them continue to undertake own mistake.” Huang Yantian said. Good, therefore when the time comes we must ruin Law of Time, keeping them from hiding.” Shen Xiang said.